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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.20_21_22


"Well then, Heles. Tell us about this dungeon boss."


Heles gave a lowdown on the dungeon boss, Queen Variant of Octocular Great Spiders. It was mostly the same as what Lecan heard from Jade, except for one missing tidbit.

"Oy. Explain about <Summon> too."

"Summon? Lecan-dono. What is this about?"

"It's a special ability of the Queen. To summon 10,000 Spotted Spiders."

"Haa? That's absurd. 10,000? It wouldn't even be a fight if it could do that. Just where did you hear such a jest?"

"From Jade himself."

"Jade-dono is a legendary adventurer who has conquered the lowest floor many times over since his youth. I don't think that person would tell a lie or speak erroneously."

"However, no one among the still living adventurers have ever seen it themselves. In other word, the Queen rarely ever uses that ability."

"Is that so? Perhaps it requires a specific condition to trigger."

"No one knows what."

"There is no point in mulling over things beyond our knowledge."

"That's right. However, just keep that fact in mind you guys. Now then, let's get down."



"Fufu. It's right at two of Princess Turtle. Same as ever I see."

Lecan's group got down the stairway.

It was an unusually long stairway.

And then they set foot on the lowest floor.


It was a part a desert.

Sands spread out as far as you can see.

Risen rocks surround the circumference, forming walls that extend high up into the ceilings, as if all the cramped floors so far were a lie.

There's something in the center of this desert.

Human's bare eyes can't see that far away.

However, Lecan's <Life Detection> caught it.

The existence of a mighty monster.

Lecan strongly treaded on sands, approaching that monster.

As he gets closer, its figure comes into view.

A girl is thrust out of a bed of rock thrust out of the sands.

Za, za, za the sounds of Lecan's boots hitting the sands, it's getting clearer as they get closer.

A repulsive yet beautiful form.

Its waist down is fused with the rock.

From its waist up was the form of an innocent little girl with nary a cloth.

Age-wise, it looks around five to six.

It's stretching both its arms out.

As if asking for help.

As if inviting in.

As if trying to hug its beloved.

As if clinging to its father like a spoiled child.

This something that resembles a child is holding out its arms.

Its eyes are shut tight like they've been sewn, its color remains a mystery.

It's a child-shape thing.

Allowed to be killed.

Lecan started running when he got within 100 steps.

Swinging <Sword of Agost> overhead.

An expression that finds delight in slaughter floated up.

He noticed something as he ran.

What he thought was sands turned out to be countless light brown pebbles behind the girl.

However, <Life Detection> tells him those are mere rocks. Not magic beasts.

As he was thinking that, he got in the range.

Lecan swung down his sword clad in a terrifying amount of destructive force.

The great sword cut apart the magic beast's head.

Sliced the throat.

Diced the chest.

Tore the belly.

Cutting deep into the rock the magic beast grew out of.

This is the true full extent of <Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s strength.

However, Lecan realized something.

The giant presence reflected in <Life Detection> hasn't been reduced at all.

The thing that got cut in two by Lecan's great sword opened its eyes wide.

Blue, blue, hellish dark eyes.

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Lecan knows about this kind of beings.

(Tch. Invulnerable trait huh.)

Among boss-class magic beasts in dungeons, there is a type that cannot be killed until you have fulfilled a certain condition. They're known as <Invulnerable Trait> among people.

Then what's the condition to make Dungeon Ninae Boss killable.

(Probably Morph.)

(Once it's Morphed back into its magic beast form.)

(This thing can be killed.)

Lecan pulled back his sword as he thought that.

The jewel cannot unleash its full power anymore. Not until another day has passed.


You can't blame Lecan for getting surprised.

There was only a lone blue dot displayed in Lecan's <Life Detection> up until a moment ago.

But now, there are countless blue dots emerging out behind the Queen.

The blue dots are spreading out like stains in Lecan's <Life Detection>, gradually filling up the half end of the floor.

It's a sea.

A blue sea.

A sea of magic beasts.

The once brown pebble-like objects started to wriggle around.

As Lecan turned around and ran as fas as he could, he shouted out loud.

"Run! 10,000 magic beasts are coming!"

Arios had been tailing Lecan all this while.

Falling quite a bit behind, Heles came running.

Eda was standing by behind her.

Arios made a sudden u-turn, creating cloud of dust.

Heles furiously reversed her course.

Eda also turned around and began running.

Lecan quickly ran past Heles and Eda, and still speeding up.

Run, run, keep running.

There's no exit.

This is an oft-seen mechanic in dungeons at his former world, so this world has it as well.

In short, those who enter a dungeon boss's room cannot go out until after they have killed the boss, or died.

Lecan who had run to the spot where the entrance was took a wand out of <Storage>. A wand with a huge jewel attached to it, the wand Shira gave him.

"Don't let the spiders come close until I cast my spell!"

After shouting that out loud, Lecan shut his right eye and entered into a meditation.



O great mana.

Heed my calling, converge forth.

Lodge in my abdomen, form a whirlpool.

Pass through my right arm, dwell in the wand.

Spin the mana dwelling in the wand.

Keep spinning and wait for the confluence.

Now, come new mana, gush forth.

Gush and stay in focus point.

Congeal and raise your power.

Form a whirlpool and connect together.

Flow into the wand.




Accelerate my mana.

Tie together all prayers into one.

Put all destruction in my hand.

Inform me when the time comes.

The time for liberation.

For it cometh ere long.



The time has come.

O heavenward arrows that pulverize all that exists.

Heed my command, bore through the earth.

"<Crawling Flame (Gailvey)>!"

His right eye opened wide, Lecan commanded the wand to cast the spell.

Receiving Lecan's command, the wand unleashed an annihilating terror in the sky.

The dimly lit area of the dungeon was brimming with light, which turned into dreadful arrows of slaughter that rained down upon sands and earth.

Around Lecan, Eda is swinging her short sword, Arios his sword, and Heles her sword and shield to keep the small magic beasts away.

Light saturated a vast area, by the time it settled down, every Spotted Spiders except a few near Lecan had been exterminated.

Lecan's vision swayed.

Mana starvation.

Right at that moment, mana got supplemented in Lecan's body, quenching the starvation. Though his mana hadn't been fully replenished, it was enough to fight.

It's mana supplement from <Guardian Jewel of Zana>. So it works like this.

Cleaning up the remaining Spotted Spiders are nothing to these four.

Just when Arios cut down the last Spotted Spider, the Queen showed its true form.

A blue spider.

All spiders that spawn in this dungeon are either black, brown, light brown, red, or black.

There was no blue spider.

Lecan put away the wand and rushed out.

In order to kill the Queen Spider for sure this time.

While yelling out in anger and delight, he charged in with all of his life force behind.

His sword doesn't have <Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s full strength backing it.

Instead, Lecan's insatiable fighting spirit fuels <Sword of Agost>.

Right before Lecan reached it, the Queen Spider raised its body, waiting for its target while rhythmically moving its eight repulsive legs.

Lecan jumped high, and struck a heavy blow on the magic beast's head.

BAM, it sunk into the head. Lecan who landed on the sands let out a thrust at the magic beast's chest. However, its hardy shell stopped the blade.

Arios arrived and mowed down the magic beast's left legs.

It did some damage, but far from enough to cut the legs apart.

The Queen sprayed out white mist from its mouth.

Lecan readied his shield and recited a spell.


A gust of wind blew away the white mist.

Lecan unleashed a thrust from behind his shield.

It hit the same exact spot he hit earlier, piercing through the shell, penetrating the Queen's inside. However, it's shallow.

The Queen's blue eyes gleamed. It had cast some sort of magic.

Arios who had been focusing on the Queen turned toward Lecan.

Arios swung his sword at Lecan.

Lecan narrowly blocked that supersonic strike with his shield.

A moment later, Lecan kicked away Arios at his abdomen.


The magic beast swung down its eight legs on Lecan.

Lecan blocked the left legs strike with his shield while bending over.

Heles stopped the right legs.

Arios who had come out of <Charm> effect thanks to Eda's <Purification> shot mowed the magic beast's abdomen as he got up.

Right at that instance, the magic beast vanished.

Lecan could feel it.

As someone with aptitude for space magic and capable of casting several space magic spells, Lecan is able to detect ripples in space.

The Queen is manifesting behind him.

Lecan horizontally swung his shield at an empty space as he turned around.

The Queen that had just emerged out got beaten by a strike from Lecan's shield, sending it flying.

Even though it was floating mid-air, Lecan's strike far exceeded even his own expectations.

Heles's thrust out sword hit on a swelling on the Queen's abdomen. In other word, the spot where its heart was.

Heles's thrust has stabbed through the magic beast's heart.

The Queen stopped moving at once and fell down on the sandy earth.

The battle is over.

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