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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.17


At the clinic, a <Non-consultation Day> sign was put up.

Jinga greeted them like usual, and guided the two to the break room that overlooks the garden. Norma was enjoying her tea there. Since there was another cup, Jinga must have been with her.

"Ah hey. Welcome, come on in. Did you just get back from the dungeon?"

"Yea. From Ninae."

"I'm just glad you're back in one piece. Is it just my imagination or has Eda grown bigger."

"She must be."

"How far did you go?"

"Got to floor 45."

"Oho. Wait, what, doesn't that mean you conquered the dungeon?"

"We did."

"Conquering Dungeon Ninae. And in so few days. I bet Eda was with you until the end too."

"This girl is a reliable member of our party. Especially once she learned how to remotely cast <Recovery>, our party potency doubled."

"Hold it right there. Remotely cast, <Recovery>, did I get that right?"

"By the end, she could even cast <Purification> remotely. From around 40 steps away."

Norma drank down her tea while shaking her head left and right to calm herself.

"I do not comprehend. My head can't catch up to the words coming out of your mouth. Say that again. You mean you can put <Recovery> on someone a few steps away from the caster right."

"Eda. Show her."


Eda opened the door and got into the hallway outside.


A soft green light wrapped Norma's whole body.

Norma closed her eyes pleasantly, entrusting herself to the light of healing soaking her body.

"Forget preliminary casting, she cast <Recovery> with zero lag time, and it reached me from so far away. No really, I feel like all the research I've done so far is disappearing before my eyes associating with you two."

"I've brought the tea. Please have a sit, Eda-san."

"Ah, thanks."

Eda and Jinga sat on the sofa, the four sipped warm tea.

"Eda. You've always been fast at casting <Recovery> but the speed you just showed me was abnormal. How are you able to cast so fast?"

"I mean, I couldn't make it in time if I didn't do it quick in the dungeon."

"What kind of training you have done that enables you casting <Recovery> remotely?"

"Eh? I mean, I learned how with <Sleep>, so like, I thought I could do that too with <Recovery>. And I did when I gave it a try."

"My head hurts. I wonder if I'm the only one thinking the conversation isn't established."

"Eda herself is answering you in earnest."

"I see, of course. Of course she is. Aaaaah. This is supposed to be a historic moment though! But too bad no one would believe it. They'd either ignore me with cold eyes or tell me to demonstrate it. But I can't expose Eda. Truly unfortunate."

"Here's your souvenir."
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"Eh? What's with the bag. Ah. Aren't these small red potions. So many of them. This is-"


"Yet you didn't have any for Jericho."

"Don't mention that."

"No! No! I can't accept such expensive stuff. Let me pay for them. Thankfully we've got spare cash right now thanks to you. We can only afford two or three at most though."

"Hm? Since the standard price of one small red potion is one big silver coin, it should go for half of that when adventurers sell one to a store right?"

"No no. That's only at a dungeon city, and only at stores or Adventurer Association right? Its price tag is double, multiple times that in non-dungeon cities."

"That's weird. You put up a quest sending a copper rank adventurer to go buy a small red potion at Dungeon Golbul alone. The quest fee was three 3 silver coins, so 10 silver coins should easily afford you one. How'd it double that."

"That's not how it works, Lecan. The demand for potions is never ending at any dungeon cities. And every dungeon cities prioritize the safety of adventurers. They'd spot an adventurer who doesn't dive in the dungeon and sanction the town that dispatches that adventurer."

Even if that's the case, nothing will stop dungeon-exploring adventurers from selling potions in other dungeonless towns, thought Lecan, but he immediately negated that thought.

(Those who delve in dungeons probably won't sell their red potions unless in dire straits.)

It's another thing if they could cast <Recovery> like Lecan, but red potions are literally those adventurers' life lines.

"Of course, you could sometimes get some on the cheap by chance. But most would immediately use it up, or resale it for profit. And most people know that they can sell one for big gold coins to people who need one, very rarely anyone would let it go for silver coins. When nobles or the rich is looking for one, red potions could fetch some truly exorbitant price."

"Really. At any rate, those potions are souvenirs for you. The stuff we learned from you can't compare to those. Please take it."

In reality, these ten red potions were bought at the guild. They didn't obtain even one small red potion during the expedition this time. Either way, since they didn't have enough potions in stock, they had gone to buy large red potions at the association along with the small ones for souvenirs. Though, Lecan actually asked for 30 red potions but the association could only afford to sell him ten.

"Are you sure then. Thank you Lecan. These potions will definitely see use."

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