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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.23_24


Everyone sank down on the sandy ground, completely wasted.

One part of the desert that was overflowing with magic beasts has regained its calmness, serene as if nothing happened.

Lecan suddenly noticed how there was no magic stone left behind.

(That many magic beasts and zero magic stones huh.)

Lecan is slightly disappointed.


"Talk later, drink this."

Lecan handed over medium red potions to everyone.

Their bodies are all full of bruises from their fight with the Spotted Spiders.

A red potion doesn't only heal wounds, it also restores your inner strength and stamina.

Lecan drank a medium red potion himself.

However it wasn't enough to heal his body, he regretted not taking a Large Red Potion instead.


Eda cast <Purification> on the three as well as herself.

His fatigue immediately disappeared, and an indescribable sense of euphoria soaked up his body.

Only those who have experienced it first hand could understand this comfort.

Everyone had an enraptured look on their face, no one said anything for a while.

"Lecan-san. What was that wide-area magic?"

"<Crawling Flame> magic."

"I can't believe a single man could exercise such a magic by himself. And here I had steeled myself to never get surprised by Lecan-san again."

"I heard you the first time."

"But to think 10,000 Spotted Spiders would really come out. Just what was the condition that triggered it anyway."

"Who knows."


"Arios-dono. Do you have an idea?"

"Perhaps it's when it received damage above a certain threshold in one hit."

Make sense.

That does sound plausible.

"But whew, I cannot wait to go back home and give <Saint Light of Paradise> a go."

"What's that?"

"<Saint Light of Paradise> is a magic tool used to measure life forces. The boost to life force you get in dungeons are far greater than what you get above ground. However, defeating only the same type of magic beast over and over will sharply lower the boost. Before we got here, we traversed through all the floors, beat many powerful magic beasts and even the Queen. I'm certain the boost we experience will be quite something."

"So there's a magic tool that measures life forces."

"Lecan-san. That's something only the Royal Knights can utilize."


"And there were 10,000 Spotted Spiders then. We defeated 10,000 magic beasts that spawn on the lowest floor. Ufufu."

"Hm? You get the boost to your life force even if you don't defeat them yourself?"

"Isn't that only natural. Otherwise, Recovery users who do not engage in a fight can't catch up with the rest of the team. Even shield warriors, they don't directly deal damage to magic beasts, but their life forces get boosted nonetheless."

Come to think of it, it was the same as his former world.

Recovery users and support mages would grow, their mana pools as well as their stamina would rise with each battle even if they don't directly participate. That's just how it works.

Meaning, Eda must have got her life force raised from all the battles so far. In other word, she won't die as easily now. That alone is worth taking her to this dungeon.

Lecan got up and began carving out the mats.

He struck the head, but it wouldn't fall off.

He put away <Sword of Agost> in <Storage>, and took a Solid Sacred Silver Sword.

Using that, he cut off the head.

Heles came by and started cutting off the legs.

Arios walked to the entrance, looked for something before finding it and putting that something on his neck.

It must be an anti-curse equipment.

Must have fallen off during the fight against Spotted Spiders.

Hence why he fell victim to Queen Spider's <Charm>.


Eight legs.

All of them are in a good condition.

And Venom Sac. They managed to miraculously procure it intact.

And most importantly, a giant magic stone.

It's such that even Lecan is not sure what to do with it.



"You take the venom sac."

"Eh? Yes. Thank you very much."


"What is it."

"You take the head and eight legs."


"All these together would be quite a sight. I'm sure it'd satisfy this master of yours and their audience."

"B-but. But I can't possibly take such valuable items."

"You've done enough to warrant them."


"Take pride."

Heles quietly nodded.

"Aa~aah. You made her cry again. Lecan is really a bad person."

"I am not crying. But yes, Lecan-dono is a bad person. No."

'He's sneaky', Heles's lips moved to wordlessly speak those words.

"I'll take the magic stone. Now then, we're going back outside."

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As they warped to the ground floor, and proceeded to the exit, the adventurers that were present there looked at Lecan's group in awe.

Since the Queen Spider's legs end up not being cut apart, Lecan is carrying those legs whole. A feat that can't be done by anyone other than Lecan.

Lights outside the dungeon were dazzling.

A great number of adventurers are crowding to see the new heroes that have conquered the dungeon with their own eyes.

Someone shouted among the tumult.

"Look! Those beautiful blue legs! It's the Queen's legs!"

"That man carrying Queen's legs. Ain't that <Wall Man>?"

"He is! That's the <Wall Man>! The dude who nabbed <Shield of Wolkan>."

"<Wall Man>"

"<Wall Man>"

"Nice goin', <Wall Man>!"

"It's the birth of a new hero. Glory to <Wall Man>!"

"<Wall Man>!"

"<Wall Man>!"

Lecan's group pushed their way through the crowd toward the Adventurer's Association.

They can't get through the entrance while carrying the eight legs.

Lecan lay them aside next to the entrance.

"Arios. Keep a look on these legs."


Together with Eda and Heles, Lecan went to the same counter they visited when they first got to this city.

The same old man as before is sitting on it.

The old man with an aura of a hard-bitten adventurer.

Lecan put the Queen's head on the counter.

"We beat the boss."

"Ya gone and did it eh. Congrats."

"Umu. Can you get us an extermination proof."

"That is fine. For party name, or personal name?"

"Personal name."

"Write down the recipient name on this paper."

"Got it. Heles."


"Write your name here."

"Eh? I believe only the leader has the right to have their name written on the extermination proof."

"Really. Then you be the leader. Write it quick."


Heles took a weird-shaped pen out of her breast pocket, wrote her name on the paper and presented it to Lecan.

This is what's written there.

<Heles Reinzats>

Lecan handed over the paper to the counter's old man.

"All right. Hang on a bit."

The old man went inside for a while before coming back.

"Here ya go."

He held out a paper scroll of quite a fine quality bundled by a decorative string.

"This is issued by the Association under town lord-sama's name. It's a legal official document no matter to which nobles at which town."

"Thanks for your time."

"By the way, dungeon conquerors are invited to the town lord's mansion. What's yer' inn."

Lecan spoke the name of the inn they were staying at this town.

"All right. The town lord's messenger will go there."

"Got it."

Lecan lifted the Queen's head and turned around.

"Ah, hold it. The mats"

"We'd like to rest now. Save it for later."

"O-oh yeah. We'll be waitin'."

Lecan left the association's building.

A not insignificant amount of people were waiting around the entrance.

They all cheered when they saw Lecan.

"<Wall Man>!"

"Nice! <Wall Man>."

Apparently the name <Wall Man> has been permanently stuck to Lecan in this town.


It was Jade who called out to him.

With a cart pulled by a horse next to him.

"Figured you'd need these so I got 'em prepared. Came rushing here the moment I heard about someone conquering the dungeon."

"You're giving us these cart and horse huh. I owe you one."

"It's the least I could do. Ah, and here."

Jade presented two bags.

"These are from <Jaira>. They also sent you their regards."

Lecan loaded the Queen legs on the cart, and directed the horse to the town's west gate.

With sounds of cheers sending them off.

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