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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-13

7-13. Gururian City Disturbance (2)


Satou's here. I had often went to a cat cafe, but after I became a working adult, the chance to visit zoo or aquarium remarkably decreased. Even though they're safe places for having a date.

The demon that has appeared in Gugurian city is of the same grade as the one from Muno city. The species is of the same Short Horn demon too, level 30, and it also has the same skills, [Strength], [Hard Body], [Transformation], [Flame Palm]; it has no magic skills. It's a demon totally suited to become a vanguard.

Nevertheless, I was certain that there was no demon before we entered this city. Or rather, I could affirm that there's no demon in the whole dukedom. It doesn't seem like the demon can teleport, so it's probably sent or summoned by someone.

I leave the horses and the wagon to Lulu and Nana, and we go to the street against the escaping crowds. When we're moving, I tell everyone that the one ahead is not a monster but a demon, its level, skills, and things to be careful during the fight.

Occasionally, there are people jumping on the air as if playing trampoline from the direction of the crowds. Even though the demon can't use magic, it doesn't seem to be weak. When the escaping people become scarce, the demon's figure can be seen.

The demon looks different than the one from Muno city, having bigger build, and six arms, it looks like a gorilla. The only common point between them is the red short horns, like their species' name implies.

Warriors who are fighting the demon are surrounding it. Several destroyed carriages from the battles are scattered around along with corpses among the heaps. It looks like there are survivors inside the carriage. Many holes are opened on the buildings that face the street. Near the demon, there's a soldier with heavy equipment and blue shell shield doing well against it with his shield. His level is 29, equaling the demon. I guess there's no need for back up with this?

And then as if betraying that thought, the demon swings its strong arms and blow some people to the air. Those people come flying here.

I quickly dash and catch one of them.
I release Cubes for the remaining two to cut their momentum. With this, at least they won't die. Endure it if you're a man.

I talk to the person I've caught.
Yes, the reason why we take action so conspicuously is because there's this girl near the demon.

"Please don't be so rash, Karina-sama."
"Eh, eh, Sa... no, Sir Pendragon."

Despite being confused when she knows that I'm the one who's received her, lady Karina calls my name. I know that she's faltering, but what kind of ritual she's doing by joining and separating her hands with stretched fingers in front of her breasts. Is she perhaps embarrassed?
Furthermore, while in my arms, she's muttering "To be hugged by someone other than father.", "He's unexpectedly strong.", or "The honeymoon is in the royal capital I wonder.", her monologue is running wild toward cryptic direction. It looks like she's not accustomed with physical contacts from the opposite sex.

"Princess carry is forbidden!"
"Nn, forbidden."

Arisa who's caught up kicks me from behind. I wonder if my butt have footprints imprinted?
Even though lady Karina has Raka's protection, she still has lost around 20% of her health, so I ask Arisa and Mia for the healing. And then, when I put lady Karina down, for some reason she holds my sleeves, and it seems the person herself doesn't understand why.

"Master, the front line has collapsed. I will assist them."

Liza declares so and heads to the battlefield. Pochi and Tama also charge toward Liza's direction after greeting Karina's breasts from both sides. What was that, I'm envious.

Since the demon is going to counter Liza's attack with triple punches, I intercept it by shooting Short Stun on every fists.

Liza's magic spear pierce the defenseless body of the demon that has lost its balance. She's activated magic edge of course. The attack only decreases 5% of the demon's health, but I think it's amazing when you compare it with the accumulated damage the demon has incurred.

Pochi and Tama who are late attack the bottom of the demon's knee simultaneously. The damage isn't even 1% of its health, but it seems to be painful since the demon raises a short scream and retaliates using its tail toward Pochi and Tama.
I throw someone's helmet that has fallen near my foot toward the demon's abdomen. It's so troublesome that I have to chant whenever I use magic since the peanut gallery is watching.
Since the helmet breaks the demon's posture, the tail attack loses its strength and Pochi and Tama become able to receive it by crossing their dagger, changing its course to the sky. The two make us of that vector well and take some distances away from the demon.

That reminds me, the heavy soldier from before is gone.

When I look below, the soldier has fallen near the demon's feet. The metal armor below his arms is greatly dented, blood is spewing out of his mouth.

"Pochi, Tama, take the heavy soldier to the safe zone when you have the chance!"

I throw Remote Stun on the Short Horn demon. During that gap, Pochi and Tama swiftly close-in and drag the heavy soldier to the peanut gallery.

"Before it was the intermediate class Great Hammer randomly shot, and just now it was advanced class Divine Hammer. He must be the [Black Gale]-dono who has his name comes out on the first preliminary round."
"No, [Black Gale] should have been a middle-aged man, he must the magic warrior, [Red Fighting Demon]."

The peanut gallery are making some irresponsible commentary. Who the heck are those people with Chuuni-like names. The peanut gallery are hiding in the building not too far away. I wouldn't have heard it if I didn't have the straining ear skill.

Since the defensive position has exited the scene, I guess I should substitute for it.

"■▼■▲ ▲■▲■ ▲▲Shield."

The materialized magic shield stops the blow from the fist of the demon that has got up and came to attack. It's an unexpectedly prolonged punch. That's not a metaphor, the punch really elongates for five meters, so I have to pay attention.

If it's stretching again next time, I'll tie it up like in manga.

"Over here you gorilla!"

Using provocation skill, I rob the demon's attention to me. With this, it shouldn't change its aim even if Liza and the others attack to some extent.

"I will assist you! Sir Pendragon!"

Lady Karina is calling my name in loud voice as if she's advertising to the public. Please stop it.
She's sending glances at me frequently as if expecting me to call her name back, but I ignore it. She must not be spoiled.

Before she arrives at the demon, Arisa's and Mia's magic hit it first. Arisa's magic, Flash, burns the demon's eyes, Mia's attack, Mustard Mist, roasts the demon's lungs.
Mia, you'd roast my lungs too you know? I look at Mia with critical eyes, but she turns her head away.

"It's prohibited to look away in a battlefield desuwa."

Karina who's expressly came before me intercepts the demon's attack, and got blown away. Raka was shining before the attack hit her, and multiple small shield of lights was stacked defending her, that was probably why the damage was practically none.
I wonder if you could distill this automatic defense from Raka and mass produce it? I want to have everyone equipped with it by all mean.

Accompanied by dummy chanting, I invoke five Remote Arrows and launch them.
The demon's health is reduced by 30% in one go. That is from the attack of Remote Arrow from a distance. Since the demon is the type that specialize in physical attack and defense, its magic defense is probably weak.

"Arisa, please cover me with attack magic. Mia, please attack with water ball or water polo."

Arisa makes Light Dagger flies toward the demon, but it gets destroyed with just a swing from the demon's arm. The water ball that comes a bit late only makes the demon wets.

Oh? Isn't it weak to magic?

"Well now, junior class magic like Light Dagger won't be effective against a demon."
"But, the magic arrows just now worked right."
"That was either intermediate class Javelin or advanced class Multiple Javelin."
"No, it must not have been Multiple Javelin indeed, is it~?"

The peanut gallery are noisy since awhile ago. Ten men and women with matching uniforms have come into my view. I wonder if they're magician's apprentices?

As they've hoped, I chant dummy intermediate class ice magic spell and shoot [Freeze Water] to the demon. The aim is the places that's got wet from Mia's attack.
Liza attacks with her spear at that place in no time at all, and the demon's arm is successfully broken.

Pochi, Tama, and the revived lady Karina throw small barrel filled water, and with the fairy sword, I cut the small barrels that have come near the demon making it wet to the skin.
I could end this by slashing the demon with the fairy sword, but it would be too conspicuous with all these peanut gallery.

Alright, now I just have to freeze the demon, and have Liza knock it down to end this.

I wonder if the temperature drops too low for the frozen demon, the section that's received Liza's spear attack crumbles and scatters away. The fragments that have become small disappear with black smokes. Wagahai-kun left a corpse, but lower grade demon would disappear huh? The splitter also became black dust back then.

The lower part of its body remain as it is, but a magic core that shines dull light peeks through the remaining upper part. Liza casually collects it. I look at the place where my crisis perception is reacting, a small red horn has fallen on the ground.

I appraise that, it's an item called [Short Horn]. The explanation part is written in demon language. I could roughly read it after I raise the skill level to 5. Unlike with the humans' magic tools, the explanation is simple.

"Transform a creature with intelligence on-site into a demon." is written there. The reason why a demon had abruptly appeared inside the city was because of this item.

I check if there is any other [Short Horn] in this city just in case, but there's none.
I try to search for it in the entire territory, but it only returns freeze-like sound, so I search in turn while limiting the range. Since I can't search the inside the Item Box and Holding Bag (of other people), this is only for peace of mind, but it's better than not doing it.

I put the Short Horn into my storage, and begin the work of helping the injured people.

First, to the luxurious carriage. There are four survivors inside this carriage. There's a torn-off cart on top of the overturned carriage.
Since it'd be too conspicuous if I lift it, I blow the cart away with Short Stun.  I secretly hold the carriage's body so that it doesn't shake.

I get on the carriage's top and look inside. It seems that they're all unconscious. There are a boy and a girl with black hairs of around 10 years old, a smart-looking woman past her twenties wearing civil official clothes. And a 15 years old pink haired girl wearing a dress. Arisa's hair is also like that, but pink... is this a manga!

Even though the dress girl probably doesn't hear the retort inside my mind, she's waking up.

She seems to be still feeling hazy.

"Black hair? He, ro, sama?"

The girl only murmured so and fainted again.
This is my first encounter with the princess of the small Rumooku kingdom, Menea.

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