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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 3

Intermission: Pochi's Secret


Pochi will not forget.

That day, the day I'm given name.

"Princess, we have come to escort you back."

Two dogkin men who wear silver clothes are standing while being bathed in moonlight. The kind-looking long-haired man talked to me.

"I do not have any intention to leave this planet."
"However, princess!"
"Please wait, Dober. First, let's hear the princess."
"However, Shiva!"

The long-haired man stopped the red-haired man who was pressing on me.

"Please tell us your reason. Is this savage planet more important than your home planet?"
"I have important companions here. And also, for the sake of the child in my stomach, I cannot leave this planet."

She pats the stomach that looks inconspicuous while she's sitting on the chair.

"That can't be, the miko of the great Ra Anubis to do something like having a child with the savage creature!"
"I, is that true princess?"

I nod at the two who are panicking.

Pochi will not forget.

The taste of the first dried meat I eat. The happiness of grilled meat festival together with everyone.

Absolutely never forget.

"Are you going no matter what?"
"Yes, I'm not the miko of Ra Anubis but Pochi Pendragon nano desu."

Yes, this place is important, along with that person.
As long as there are these two holy magic swords that he has forged, I can't let something like demon lord to keep doing as it pleases.

"We're also going together okay?"
"One for all~?"

Karina and Tama stand in my way when I'm about to depart.
We exchange high fives just like we've done in the battlefield a long time ago.

Now, let's board the world tree ship that Mia has prepared and embark toward hell!

Liza, please watch over us from beyond the star. We will surely take on your opponent.

"Hou? I have died in it huh?"
"Au, don't look nodesu. Prohibited nano desu."

Liza saw the written story that I wrote together with Arisa nodesu.

"Even Pochi didn't want to have you died nodesu. But, but, Arisa is."
"Is that so, Pochi is laying the blame on Arisa huh."
"Au, au, I'm not nodesu, I'm not nodesu~"

When we were debating who was going to die, we did it inadvertently nodesu. I'm reflecting on it, so please forgive me nodesu.
I've prepared myself for the meat to disappear at the dinner tonight, but Liza properly puts it like usual nodesu.

Liza is gentle after all nodesu.

When the next story needs a killing, I'll have Arisa as the victim nodesu. Arisa will surely forgive me while laughing nodesu. She will right desu?

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