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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 142

142 Value of Intelligence


I may have decided to stay in my room, but I guess that'd be tough for the elves? Thus I ask Serena.

"Got any plan for today? Maybe you need to get something done?"

"We are but milord's limbs, eyes and ears, as well as mouth and nose. Use us as you see fit."

(Hm? I'm not gonna do anything in particular, so not like I could ask them to follow me along.)

I tried to think up something. What will be beneficial for these elves?

"Then how about you go collect intelligence in town. Elves don't leave the forest do they? Keep that up and you guys might get one-upped when the forest gets in danger, so why not create special forces that gather information to prevent that? And you Serena's group gonna be the first generation. I think wind spirit magic's gonna come in super handy for information control and deliveries."

I'm always careless. I should have known what would have happened if I suggested them this.
And yet I just couldn't stop speaking whatever on my mind. All while forgetting previous pain, really an idiot.

Sure enough, the elves opened their eyes wide. Staring at me with sparkling eyes.

"We've been truly humbled at milord's keen insight. To think you have devised such a way."

By the way, this world got no internet. As such, information is highly valued in this world. No cellphones either, so communication between distant individuals is even more valuable.
Frankly speaking, these elves' wind spirit magic worth more than gold in this civilization.

When I was working in my past life, looking into info about your partner company beforehand was simply a standard procedure. Then you come up with what to do in order to draw a contract with them.
At times, you make good impressions on the people in charge, other times you find out what the other party likes.

Without them, you're bound to fail. With them, your chance to succeed increases. A strategy you must take to win.
Failing that could result in defeat. All the more in this world since defeat can easily mean 'death'.
You can never have enough intel, even 100% is not enough. Knowledge alone is insufficient. You must take control of information flow.

I'm not one to talk so haughtily though. After all, I'm the one most not in the know about this world.
But I don't plan to delve deeper.
Since I'm dropping out of society soon. Thus, I only need to know what I need to know.
I'm already self-sufficient from stuff I learned in the village, I can live hunting in the forest. Alone by myself.

"We shall dive into every nook and cranny in this empire."
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After saying that, the elves jumped out of the veranda all together.

(Eh? Why don't they get out of the castle the normal route? I mean, we're on the third floor, aren't we? I mean... Ah man, too many things to retort.)

I lose if I mind. I stopped thinking further and started working out.

The elves came back by dinner time that day. Through the veranda, again.

(I lose if I quip here, don't I? Right?)

"Welcome back." then they were gonna report to me, which I said no to. Tomorrow is the last day I'm in this empire anyway. Besides the me now doesn't need intel.

The princess visited the room for dinner right afterward.

"Tomorrow will finally be the day. I have put my trust in you. Please save this empire from this crisis."

"That's a huge responsibility. How did that fall onto a commoner like me anyway... You're gonna dispatch your private army to deal with it aren't you, no need to rely on some random with unknown background, no?"

"Our forces are narrowly enough to hold Goldeuro-niisama's troops at bay. We still have not been able to identify this secret weapon. You're the only one we could rely on. Please I beg of you."

Reikana's attitude toward me has fear mixed in it ever since the duel yesterday.
I did think I overdid it, but too late now. Tomorrow is the terminus.

After meal, I thought.

(I got dragged into this situation the moment I arrived in this empire... Could this be all because of god's blessing? Nah, can't be, that's just absurd. Must be a 'predisposition' or something.)

A predisposition that brings in coincidences sounds just as comical, but I'm serious right now.
Cause and effect, spiraling karma. If I can't escape it, what was the starting point anyway?
Was it since I declined that 'blessing'? Or the moment I got kidnapped? Or perhaps the second I was born on earth.

Even entertaining this line of thinking is pointless. Nobody can give the answer, or perhaps there's none to begin with.

(Oh crap... If that's true, I'm gonna keep getting dragged in mess after mess even once this is over...)

'Tonight is the last time I can sleep in this super high class super fluffy bed', I forcefully changed the topic in my mind and fell into slumber.





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