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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 128

128 End Result


After enjoying a sip of wine, Goldeuro asked the trusted retainer by his side, Dagzas.

"How fare the dogs? The plan is to have those guys besiege the ceremony venue, do you recall."

"They have further expanded their organization using the magic orbs we sold them for cheap. I am understood that they were elated to have been called to arms by Goldeuro-sama."

"Hmph! Those guys are disposable. There's no place for such lot in this empire, soon to be mine. Dispose of them during the ceremony. Have you made preparations?"

"Sir. We have finished preparing for their incitement and elimination. Our soldiers will have a real 'mock battle' with the trash that shall thoroughly eradicate them."

"Excellent. Now that I possess the 'Mark', I did entertain the idea of wielding it to get rid of them, but my power is too good for those lowlifes."

Goldeuro stopped and sipped his wine again.

"In the end, they are nothing more than trash incapable of distinguishing between cheap and high class wine. That time I had to share table with them was agonizing."
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Goldeuro went and created a protege from a rising power in the slums in order to 'temporarily' bolsters a force he could control. A different force from Damo's syndicate at the commercial city.

First, he went and introduced himself without hiding his identity and offered them his help to conquer the 'Underside', exchanged wine to form a contract and sold them magic orbs for cheap as a goodwill.
For the sake of furthering his goal, Goldeuro won't shy away from bowing his head to those he ridicules without caring about their backgrounds.
He went and told them that they were all now brothers from this point onward as they drank together. The drunk leader took that without any shadow of doubt.

The reason he went for an emerging faction was because established factions already had their inner working figured out.
In contrast, rising power will continue to build up numbers where he can easily control.
With that goal in mind, the end result is simple. He only needs those peons to proliferate until the ceremony. He's just going crush them once he's got no more use of them.

"It's the only thing their worthless lives good for. Even selling them magic orbs is a waste."

"Given enough time, some might sniff their connection with Goldeuro-sama as well. It is a necessary expense to leave no stain behind."

"They're nothing more than wastrels incapable of accomplishing anything without external help. They should thank me for allowing them to see a good dream for once, short it may be. With their days numbered, I mind not throwing some wine and fish those good-for-nothing's way."

Goldeuro has always been good at keeping up an appearance since childhood, then after gradually amassing underside money over a long time all while ridiculing people behind their back, he now possesses an enormous power.
And his 'Secret Weapon' he funneled his private funds on has been completed in time.
He's never been in such a good mood as now.
Had the 'Secret Weapon' not finished in time, he would have to wait until another big event next year.
But it's all over now. With this power on his side, killing Alvart, making his father admit him and taking the emperor's throne will be made possible.

A 'Violence' so dreadful even annexing the neighboring kingdom should be within grasp.
That will leave his name in history as the greatest emperor to have ever walked in this world.
Greater than even the founding emperor.

But right in the midst of this conversation. The syndicate in question was on the verge of demolition, which they were none the wiser of.

They have already discusses the plan with this syndicate, they only need to wait until the x-day, nobody tasked with surveillance.
Easing up on surveillance just before the plan is set in motion sounds foolish.
However, he has let his guard down now that he's reached this point where nothing will make his plan fail. Elated by the completion of the secret weapon.
Goldeuro has thoroughly investigated the fact that there is nothing that can match his 'power' even in this vast empire.
'Losing battle' is 100% not in the equation. Thus this belief was relayed to his covert operatives.

The grim reaper's name is 'Coincidence', or perhaps 'Inevitability.'
Goldeuro could not sense the presence of the reaper's scythe hovering over his neck at this point.

Had he possessed the same 'Intuition' power as Reikana, he might have been able to infer the looming crisis.

But naturally Reikana isn't here, only Dagzas, Goldeuro's knight who's also convinced of his master's victory.

Goldeuro was never able to perceive the existence of 'Black', the one that will utterly demolish everything he has built on until the very climax.
Karma. Like footsteps of ruins gradually inching closer from the grudges of all the people he has stamped out.




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