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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 133

133 Bad Wake Up and Hardcore


I saw a dream. The so called lucid dream.
I had to follow up a huge blunder caused by a new recruit I was in charge of in my company.

"I'm not gonna add anything. You're well aware of what you did wrong aren't you? Just be sure to keep that in mind in the future."

Despite saying that, I was yelling, 'Give me back my time' in my head.
I had to do the clean up of a mess somebody else caused because ignoring it would put me in hot water.
People around us looked at me like I'm some animal exhibit. I was already famous as a 'Lazybone who always left work dead on clock' by that point.
I recalled the new recruit's words, 'I'm sorry' as he bowed.

"Now that you've bowed, your apologies are done. Time is ticking. Get a move on."

That may sound arrogant. But for the sake of making time for my hobby, I only do the 'minimum and most efficient' job, it's my ethos.
People around would diss me, 'Not cooperative', 'Indifference to other', 'Only think about himself'.

Those words don't work on me now. Since there's no game in this world. Nothing for me to get absorbed in.

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As I woke up in sorrow, I had spears pointed at me in all directions.
Still hazy, I confirmed myself having been surrounded. Soldiers wearing the same armor and helmet as the man who falsely accused me have formed a circle around me while I was asleep.

(Ah. My weakness would be stuff outside my cognizance huh.)

I calmly analyzed my own weak points in this situation.
I could enter 'Accelerated' state if I just put the slightest will when a needle even as much as pricked me. Resulting in nothing capable of standing up against me.
However, I'm powerless against 'attacks outside my awareness'. No more different than ordinary people.
Had I been stabbed while I was sleeping earlier, I would have died with no resistance.
I'm no 'master'. What's a 'Presence Detection', is that tasty? Would have been super handy if I had it.
But I don't, and that's that. This world is no game.
There's no way ordinary folks have that kind of ability. Suddenly 'awakening' or 'epiphany' to that or something, what are you a chuuni? Even cheats have their limits.
You can't just acquire that by training in a day. And as someone who lived an ordinary life in the village, I had no way to learn it.

As I was spacing out while getting back to my sense, someone asked me.

"Excuse us for disturbing your sleep. Do you mind if I ask some questions?"

A man with eyes so slit I almost blurted, 'Eh? Are those eyes open?' spoke.
Next to him is the man I ran away from earlier with his head cocked up.

"You've got nowhere to run now! Prepare yourself! No clue how you got away from me, but with all these knights here you got no chances!"

Ten people have surrounded me. And with the two men there. Twelve in total.

Honestly, it's no problem at all. I've got plenty of chances and ways to run. I mean now that I'm aware, this isn't even worth a worry. A cinch. The tip of my finger is enough to down them all.

But I don't plan to anymore. Since there's someone who looks like he can be reasoned with.

"Pardon my late introduction. I am Lervi, the vice knight commander. This big guy here is our commander, Goddel."

"Ah, and? Can you 'listen' to people? Or can't you?"

I'm not interested in their names. There's only one thing for me to say.

"I'm a guest of the princess, Reikana. Go ahead and confirm it. That's it. Nothing more nothing less."

"Sorry about this. Goddel didn't get the message. It was his day off. He ran into you this morning before he could get the memo. It was his job as a knight. Would be nice if you could let it slide."

"Aa? That man unilaterally accused me. Would have been nice if he could listen to me even a bit. But only words of no value came out of this commander guy. Same with his attitudes. Wires crossed or not, it was so bad I dunno if I could forget it. What do you have to say on that?"

I vented in anger because of the bad wake up.
But that was a bad move. A 'mistake'.

"He was appointed the position purely by 'Strength'. In reality, I'm the one running the knights' day-to-day operations. Therefore, I should be the one heeding your advice as well. Besides, this guy is just too stubborn."

"Cut all this crap and throw this guy in jail, we can take our time checking later! Quit bellyaching!"

"You hear the man. I did explain to him on our way here, but as you can see yourself."

I could feel my mental state getting whittled again.
Muscle-brained? Straightlaced? Obstinate? All of them fits and yet wrong. This guy is a 'dumbass'. A hardcore one at that.

(Nope... Just nope, can't deal with this...)

As I was thinking of running away, a windfall came.

"What is going on here?"

The princess' voice resounded in the garden.





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