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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 143

143 Ceremony Beginning


Despite all the evil ploy brewing for this ceremony, apparently there's no canceling it since it's important and all.
A fine weather today. I'd be lying if I didn't think, 'Won't they just cancel it~?'

(If they knew beforehand that an armed uprising is imminent, why didn't they just smash it in its infancy? Nothing to do with me though, I should keep my mouth shut.)

Even if it were cloudy, I guess wind spirit magic could just blow it away, or so a thought crossed my mind. I just gotta keep it for when it's needed. It's scary how that's probably feasible though.

Thus we walked in the hallways following after the princess.
Heading to the ceremony site. We've been told nothing.
Wearing hooded mantles looking like suspicious individuals yet we're given the pass because we're acting as the princess's personal bodyguards.
I was shocked as I arrived at the place.
It's a circular arena about as big as Tokyo Dome.
Apparently we're in a special seating area protruding farther than the audience seat.  
There's one chair here where Reikana sits down.

"My apologies. Please forgive me for not offering you a seat."

Of course there's no reason for her to apologize. I'm still her bodyguard. Were I sit here, somebody would shout 'Hey, the heck you're doing!'

"Don't worry 'bout it." I said before looking around the huge venue.
There are six similar areas like this each quite a distance apart. There are people in each of them.
Must be the guards. In the center of the open space is what seems the be a band. People playing all kinds of foreign looking and familiar looking musical instruments.

Besides the six special seating areas, there's one other seat that's higher than everybody else. Must be the emperor's.

"Second to the left from here is Goldeuro-niisama's seat. Please be prepared for when he makes his move."
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A man that seems to be Goldeuro wearing luxurious clothing is haughtily sitting cross legged while resting his chin on his hand. Grinning without trying to hide it.
I noticed that he only has one bodyguard.

(Looks like he's super confident. On that secret weapon of his.)

As I looked around, other royalties arrived at their seats.
All of them is wearing luxurious clothing. Looking obviously hard to move around in.

"My princess, is it all right for you to wear plain clothes? I mean look at those members of imperial family."

Flaunting their vanity must be important in this ceremony that's about to begin. Reikana's clothes are adorned with ornaments, but they're still on the plain side. At least compared to other royalties.
However, Reikana sighed before saying.

"They have no sense of crisis at all. The third, fourth and fifth are using this opportunity to grasp the right to throne, no, they're not thinking of anything. They don't know anything at all. Only that there is a ceremony to be held."

In other words, they're dumbasses who know nothing nor make any plan. Her sigh tells me that the only thing they know is to get pampered as royalties. You could say, incompetent.

The crown prince showed up wearing a sturdy armor and a sword. This is proof that he's in the know and has a sense of crisis. Crisp moves and prim and proper behavior. Despite wearing an armor, he carries himself in such a way it doesn't look out of place in this ceremony. In fact, he looks apt to be here. To the point that other royalties' attires look gaudy.
But there's no telling how alert he is.
If it's more than Reikana, then Goldeuro's coup d'etat should be quelled without much fuss.

Goldeuro's expression didn't change even after the crown prince entered his field of vision. His secret weapon must be so powerful that something like that isn't even worth batting an eye.

And since I'm the only one being pinned on to take care of that thing, I'm starting to get worried.

(Just how ridiculous that thing's gonna be anyway... Could I end up going all out for once? Wouldn't that turn into a painting from hell?)

I can't even imagine my 'power' losing. However, I dread how the end result would look like.
Worried that my 'power' would be excessive against the upcoming adversary.
I'm not drunk on this power. It's just a fact. Stemming from my inability to adjust its output even now.

(Would be nice if it could be beaten by hitting like I did to that bullf*ngo in my village. But what if it took more? How strong my strike should be to prevent a splatter scene?)

I've been frequently creating a scene that makes me hesitant to eat meat for a while afterward.
Eltros's subordinates, those Purple something spider monsters, that knight commander.
Despite thinking I should stop producing those scenes time and time again, I just can't grasp how to control this power well.

(I somehow know it's not really a 'power control', and yet it's definitely something to do with control of power...)

As I was pondering that contradiction, the common audience seats are getting filled with a crowd of people.
All of them wearing full dresses. They must be other nobles or their descendants at least.
What seems to be traders, administrative officials and other people of varying trades are here.
I know because Reikana told me a bit that professionals are gathered in this ceremony.

Once the seats got completely filled, the seemingly never ending buzzing rustle suddenly came to a halt.
Because the emperor made his entrance.
And then he said this.

"It is my joy to once again welcome the empire founding memorial day. I hereby vow to strive for a government that promotes continued well being of our citizens."

Thus a ceremony that would leave its mark in the empire's history began.





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