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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 141

141 The Known, and the Unknown


The intel came in just as the ceremony preparations were done.
All that left was to take up their positions. However, dark cloud loomed over the plan that had been going quite well.

"What is the meaning of this? Dagzas, have you got anything?"

"Sir, information blockade has been thorough. Even our moles have been 'removed'."

"Anything is fine. Doesn't matter how absurd it sounds. Spill it all out."

"...There was a trace of magic sphere meltdown."

Goldeuro put on a dubious look. But the next report drove it further.

"Both bases of operations came under attack simultaneously. And most of those who were captured had been 'buried'."

'Haa?' Goldeuro let that out involuntarily.
Even Dagzas giving the report was doing his best to suspend his disbelief.

"I loathe those who must be told twice before they understand my command. But, I shall grant you a chance this time. Dagzas, you are not joking around, are you?"

"Sir! This intel has been verified as valid. All member of the syndicate has been arrested, and we had dispatched our people to check on site. The one who saw that with their own eyes is one of our people. There is no mistaking it."

How could something like that be done? They tried to find clues from all the intel they had but it all hit a dead end.

"Inconceivable... even if those garbage have no more use, their numbers are convenient to assist gaining control. Who? Who dares get in my way now..."

Goldeuro tried to think up candidates, but he couldn't pinpoint one. They have no time to investigate it now either.
He's been acting in a way to avoid making enemies. Yet sometimes there's no way to avoid a bit of confrontations, but none would warrant such a drastic step as this.

"I cannot believe someone is capable of burying so many people at once considering the labor required. It can't have been human..."
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"Oy, what did you just say again?"

"Goldeuro-sama? Do you perhaps have an idea?"

Goldeuro folded his arms and ruminated.

"...Could it be, elves? Spirit magic? What is going on? Those folks are shut-in who never take a step out of their forest...? Why would they of all things attack our syndicate? A coincidence? But..."

"Elves!? Haven't they signed a 'nonaggression pact regardless of anything' with the imperial family!?"

"Directly that is. Even if it were elves, this was done indirectly and that syndicate had nothing to do with me on the surface. That would be their excuse. They got me good."

As Goldeuro clenched his fists in anger, Dagzas voiced out his doubts.

"Were it truly elves, what does us relate to them? And what is the meaning of 'burying' those people...?"

"I know not. Nothing makes sense. But very well. I have the power unstoppable by anything, the power to accomplish everything I so desire. If these elves show up to stand in my way, I shall destroy them. I'll show them despair beyond regret. Indeed, with this power, even rooting out those elves hiding deep inside the forest is but a simple matter."

"Should we attack the elves once my lord has obtained the emperor's throne?"

"It won't be a revenge for this, but we can't let them make a fool out of us can we? To hell with pacts. Those folks are nothing but fakers. There is no reason for us humans blessed by god to fear them."

"Truly my lord. They lived secretly in the forest only to suddenly get in my lord's way, what is that if not an attempt to ridicule you. It's their fault if they are exterminated."

"There's a slight change in our plan tomorrow. Make the adjustment Dagzas. Do we have numbers on our soldiers?"

"Sir. Their forces were only accounted as extras from the start, as such there is no need to make any adjustment, my lord."

The two were none the wiser.
How each elf is an army on their own. The details pertaining the pact.
A 'World Reformation'. And the man who did this had no idea about all that, he simply destroyed the syndicate because he couldn't 'look the other way'.

Even indirectly, the 'Black Clad' is involved now.
"Do not get in contact carrying greed, do not attempt to manipulate, do not approach with ill will. Failure to destroy me shall be the end of you. Know your own caliber."

The destruction of Damo's syndicate, emerging faction and knight commander duel.
They don't realize. Sounds of footsteps coming for their ruin, climaxing tomorrow.

They received report of Goddel's death that evening, but they didn't attempt to collect more information and just left it be.

"Either way, tomorrow will be the end. We should be wary indeed, but too late now. Once I am an emperor, these peons are trivial. Mere knight commanders are akin to garbage before my power. I suppose I should praise him for good service until now."

At this point, Goldeuro was drunk of his secret weapon, resulting in him taking lightly of any other form of power.
In fact, he was trembling in elation when he first got the 'mark' and saw 'that' in action.

The end results of those drunk with power, that thought never even crossed his mind.
He wouldn't even dream that tomorrow will be his judgment time.
Tomorrow is his zenith in life, as well as the day he falls of cliff.
The end of the line for Goldeuro, without any chance for him to look back.





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