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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 162

162 Forewarning


Nature's call woke me up the next morning. Refreshed myself under a tree.
It was still before sunrise but I decided against going back to bed.
Coldness of early morning forest felt so good I did a light stretch.
The elves aren't showing any sign of getting up, unusually enough.

(I guess this just shows their relief? You could tell how prickly they were up until this point.)

Once they stepped inside this forest, they must have felt 'I'm finally home', blowing away their anxiety.
I did a set of radio calisthenics before taking out cooking utensils from magic bags and preparing our meal.

(Table, chairs, pots, ingredient, kitchen knife, and a cutting board...)

I learned to cook from my mother in the village, so I'm getting it done quickly here.
People in this world use magic to ignite fire. But as someone who doesn't have mana, I'm doing it the old fashioned way.

(I just gotta accelerate, rub some sticks together and poof would you look at that, magic, or not.)

Combining primitive method with acceleration makes the affair done in no time at all.
Once the water was boiling in the pot, Serena finally got up.

"Milord! Please don't concern yourself with such menial tasks!"

She hurriedly came over but it was pretty much done already.

"Eh don't worry about it. I feel like doing this once in a while. Ah, could you help cleaning up the cooking utensils and get tableware out?"

As Serena started helping, the five other elves got up.

"Punish these foolish bodies of ours for letting milord woke up before us."

Sheesh. These elves are still behaving like that around me even after coming this far. They wait for my word while kneeling with 'We've done goofed' faces.

"It doesn't bother me. Come now, let's get to eating."

I ignored the elves' behavior while putting bread, soup and salad on the table.

They took their seats like usual. But their faces were all gloomy. But I ignored that as well and worked on my meal.
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Once done, I go to brush my teeth. Apparently 'tooth decay' is a concept that doesn't exist to elves as well.
Couldn't help but think it's unfair. But since I've always done this since my previous life, I quickly let it go. Or not.

(Just when did this world give me this mutant germ anyway... gununu...)

As I added another list of reason to hit this world's deity, I tried my best to ignore the elves looking at me curiously.
We departed once we were done with our stuff.
The goal is to reach elven village today, or at least tomorrow.

"Sure you haven't forgotten anything? Then let's get going."

I ran matching Serena's pace ahead of me.
Naturally, I'm carrying the mats we stripped yesterday, including the pig's. A replacement for workout, but it really seems like this body of mine has finished its transformation into a 'monster'.

(I don't feel the weight at all... Running so effortlessly with this excessive luggage... What's gonna happen to my life from here on?)

Huge bundles wrapped with cloth connected with a tie are on my shoulders as I run, and yet it still feels like Serena is running a tad too slow to me.

(But that stuff I heard is true huh. I'm seeing lots of flowering plants already, lots of greens.)

Yesterday the path ahead was nothing but bare brown soil but it's now full of greenery. All kinds of magic beasts that were lying on the path had also been hidden inside the forest, no I suppose the correct term would be 'absorbed' by the forest. There's no stripping the mats now. Such is this forest's dreadfulness.
By day two, trees would likely push inward, eliminating this path entirely. Way too abnormal.
But that's also what's protecting the elven village. Foreign invaders, mostly 'humans', would definitely find this green barrier be a massive setback. Looks like this wall of nature is the reason why the six elves don't seem worried.
Otherwise they would have acted far more distressed seeing as that flock of monsters broke through this forest up to the empire.

Chimera who had flopped itself on top of my luggage before I realized cried out 'Meow' every once in a while.
I can't read what it's got in mind, but since it's following me with no sign of going back to nature, I'm not complaining.

"Guys, can you manage to raise the pace? I could if you do."

The elves turned to look at me in unison. Scary.

"Then we shall pick up the pace a bit more. It should allow us to arrive by evening even factoring afternoon break."

Thus we ran through the green path faster.

We covered quite a distance before getting to afternoon break. There, I was given a suggestion.

"Milord, I believe it might be a good idea to send a forewarning ahead of time. I am thinking of sending two of our scouts, would that be acceptable?"

"Aah, right, telling them in advance is a good idea. Yup, go ahead. Do your thing."

'Acknowledged', Serena bowed and the elves finished their meals quick, after which two of them ran out at high speed.
Looks like they had decided beforehand. These elves can communicate with wind spirit. They must have discussed it on our way here.

But I had forgotten one thing by this point. Just how many absurd 'False Charges' I have gone through so far.
This forewarning should let the village elves know what transpired since the six got kidnapped.
A clan that has severed their contact with 'Humans' must have complex feelings on me. The ones who kidnapped their kinds as well as saved them are 'human'.
In fact, it's easy to imagine that the majority would not think well of me.
'What a pain' paints the picture. But that's not the end of it, an even more bothersome 'false charge' would be thrown at me to which I was none the wiser of.



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