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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 158

158 Vicious Beating


"Oy, those elves are heading straight at us!? The heck's going on? Did we get a dud?!"

"Tch! Who cares, mean just gotta take 'em out by force! Let's go!"

Those guys had no idea. The flaw of that magic tool. Nor how strong elves are.
It's quite simple. It has no effect on targets who are aware of the user's presence from the start.
This quartet never even noticed they were being tailed. As a result they ended up in a world of pain.

But there's only one reason this happens.
A very basic one. The inventor who made the magic tool never fully tested its effects.

He proudly announced and sold the magic tool to the 'Underside' once it showed only the result he wanted.
For the sake of money, he skipped all other procedures and went straight to the 'Underside'.
The fact that a formal examination would take time and the danger of weakening barrier could bring to the world resulting in his research getting frozen also contributed to this.
He had developed several other magic tools with similar functions before this. But he never got the permission to have them marketed due to the danger they would have on society.
Thus the inventor brought these tools to the 'Underside'. He made three of these tools. Capable of such drastic effects and even interfering with barriers. He knew full well there would be people who'd pay him a huge sum on the 'Underside'.
Sure enough, he drew the attention of capricious people wanting to enslave elves and quickly sold all three.

The first one went to Damo. It's currently stored in a rigidly locked warehouse under Eltros's supervision. The magic tool is worth a fortune.

The second one was successful bid in an auction by these mercenaries. The price ballooned so much these four had to gave up all they had to get one. And that brought them here.

And the last one was being kept by an Underside syndicate.
Because they noticed the true value of this magic tool. They also knew how Damo managed to take ownership of six elves. The syndicate was keeping it safe to start a business of elf hunting.
The second one was sold cheaply in an auction before they got hold of the intel on Damo.

They sold two of them right away because it was profitable. The fewer a rare item got, the more valuable it would be.
Luckily or unluckily, the head of syndicate who was planning to start this elf slaving venture was on cloud nine.
But as fate stood, what took place afterward was the total destruction of this syndicate through an extermination effort by the imperial forces.
The inventor was arrested as well. His charge was 'nothing'. He got 'buried' in the darkness. Along with his research on the magic tools.
Erasing everything that was there. This was done by the 'Dark Side' of the Empire, a political move. All for the sake of patching up all possible leaks on this matter.
That was how dangerous the emperor saw this incident was.

And now back at the forest.
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Four men whose faces are so swelled up you couldn't tell the original lie on the ground.

"Bugee... porgip me...."
"Zparr me~... Imma wass off from bafstuff..."
"Im' gonna tunn ober anew leff... plez...."
"Id' do anyzing you wand to pay my sin... sparr m'lifes ples..."

The four men are begging for their lives while gasping. The elves beat them down exclusively with their fists.
The elves had cooled down from their previously enraged state, and now are looking at the men like garbage.

"Ah~, you guys answer me, no lying okay. Do so and you can go home."

I approached the men while saying that.

"W-who the, heck..."

They got wary of me while still trembling at the elves.
I replied back nonchalantly, but that only added more terror to them.

"Err, I'm these elves'... How do I explain it? Boss?"

Seeing the elves knelt as I made my entrance, the men looked like they had their souls plucked out.




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