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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 160

160 Forest of Abundance


Our pace is slow since we're stripping out usable mats along the way. But I'm pretty sure you could fool around for a while without a care in the world if you cash these out.
I sure am nonchalant when the elven homeland might be in a crisis right now.

(I ignored these mats on our the highway to the empire, yet a simple change of scenery changed my mind.)

Witnessing the prowess of elves is another reason as I don't believe such a strong group of people would be easily done in.
But I sure am cold-hearted. After all, the only reason I'm taking these elves back home is for my own sake. A very selfish one at that.

"Milord, our magic bags are nearing their capacity limit. What would you like to do?"

They stripped out so many magic beasts. No, the most surprising thing is how many magic beasts live in this forest. A forest that's 'Overly' abundant of life.
And there's elves who live deep in this forest. Just how in harmony they are with nature anyway. In this world where survival of the fittest reigns, they band together and manage to persist on, quite a shock.

"Keep stripping more mats. I'll carry those that don't fit in the bags myself."

"We cannot allow milord to do such a thing. We shall carry them."

"No, this is something I gotta do, there's no point if you girls shoulder them."

I continued talking to the elves who stopped and looked dumbfounded at my reply.
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"Let's keep going. Oh and keep it up with the mats stripping of course. Okay then, go."

The elves walked on despite looking perplexed.
The scene of me carrying stuff I took from mercenaries who assaulted Aryl is still fresh in my memory.
Even outside Accelerated state, my body is unusually strong. Unbelievably so. Yes, my body is 'abnormal' even not factoring Acceleration.
I'm reminded of a fact. Me being 'Blessless', 'Manaless'. And how that affects me. Super strength is probably one of those.
This is one of the 'Good Stuff'. But the rest is a mystery. How does the 'Bad Stuff' affect this body.
The one thing I know is my lack of mana. That in itself is no big deal now. But who knows if there are other harmful influences.
As a being that's very far apart from this world's humans, I can't stop worrying if I'm causing 'Distortions' or if those distort my body.
As a normal 'human' who can barely cope with the problems in front of me, there's no point in dwelling over this matter too much. I don't have enough info to form an answer. As an ordinary man, postponing is the only thing left to do.

Evening came as we walked thus we started to prepare for our camp.

"Milord, we are done preparing meal."

Today's menu is magic beast steak, fresh forest salad, and soup with potato-like ingredient. Quite a luxurious meal.
Goes to show how abundant this forest is. Even by simply turning my head around, I'm greeted with huge overgrowing flowers, trees and fruit. The word abundance isn't enough to express it.

(Welp, no wonder this forest supports so many lives. But the food chain must be quite intense as well.)

So I thought as I enjoyed the campfire meal.
That's it. And I didn't even notice that was all it took to raise a flag.
Even though I should have expected something would crop up here after all the events flooding right after I left my village.
'A forest this rich should have no issue taking one more life like me right?' That thought occupied my head.
This forest seems ideal if I want to live a quiet life.
Right after we were done with our meal, Chimera cried out, 'Meow'.

"Milord, it appears that a giant magic beast is currently heading our way."

The elves maxed out their wariness and formed a line in front of me.

"As it stands, this magic beast seems to have gone astray from its feeding ground due to the chaos caused by the magic beast rush earlier."

The raised flag quickly brought about new event. A fight is unavoidable.




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