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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 168

168 Guaranteed Development


We got surrounded in no time. By around a hundred of yep, by those who look exactly what you imagined.

"Gyagya gyagya gya!" "Gugya! Gugya!" "Gyao gyao gya!"

The place is completely filled with goblins. A few of them lunged at us.
Serena swiftly dealt with those. Cutting down the slashing goblins.
These goblins are armed. Dirty rusted short swords, worn out filthy leather shields, literal tree branches as clubs.
They work together in an imperfect coordination wielding such weapons.

"There is no mistake about it! These goblins are led by something!"

All the elves began shooting out spirit magic at the goblins. It's like I'm watching a musou game.
A horizontal slash with a sword sent five heads flying. A shot of spell would blow up tens of them and drag more behind.

"You bastard! What are you scheming coming to this place!? Dammit! This must be a trap you devised to kill me!"

I left the dumbass Zenan alone, and focused on the fact that the goblins disappeared when they got killed.

(The killed goblins vanished in bluish particles of lights... This pattern, could it be that!?)

Yep, all the goblins that gushed out of the cave seemingly unending have been leaving no body nothing behind as they died.
Vanishing without a trace while emitting lights like some sort of special effects in games.

"I might be overthinking it, but mind if I ask something?"

I haven't moved an inch. Because the elves decimated all approaching goblins.

"Have you noticed something, milord?"

The elves attentively cut down all the lunging small fry in a circle formation.
For some reason, Zenan has rushed headlong in the center of the mob by himself.

"These things are... dungeon-borne monsters, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are. Is there something wrong with that?"

(Dungeons, are you serious... Wish I never asked...)

I give up with this guaranteed development happening wherever I go in this world.
As I sighed, goblins finally stopped coming out of the cave. Total end number was around 300.
Despite that, the elves easily exterminated them all in just a few minutes.
And yet, I'm now convinced their strength comes from mana. I'm told the elves in the village have all spent their mana and are currently recuperating.
Had they not, they would have just chosen to just defeat the goblin king instead of going the trouble of moving the settlement.
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But that wasn't the issue here.
It's the deluge of dungeon monsters happening before my eyes and how so many of them rushed outside.
This is proof that the Goblin King must have moved toward declaring war.
I ask Serena to clear up some things that's bugging me with this revelation.

"First of all, how do dungeons get created?"

I mimicked a certain educational TV program MC.

"Nobody has ascertained the real reason yet, but there are several theories. It is said that when mana converges in nature due to some means or causes, it will crystallize. When this crystallization manifests inside nature-made caves or even human-made constructs, those get to be called dungeons."

"What happens once they turn into dungeons?"

"Hmph! You ignorant fool. How do you not know something so trivial? I see you're not thinking anything when you asked that."

Zenan started blabbering nonsense as he got back, I cut him off.

"No, I'm not talking to you."

"This crystallization known as Dungeon Core makes use of its dense mana to influence the terrain and building that houses it. This influence does not follow the law of nature, except one, that it cannot expand space beyond a certain point."

"Then there's no telling what's going on inside this cave huh."

"Well, considering the mouth size and how we are able to clearly see quite deep inside, I believe it's still a newly formed young dungeon. Overtime, the internal structure would get more complex after some years, but this particular one should be a straight path ahead."

"Could it be, you lot are planning to go in and exterminate the Goblin King?!"

"Man, you're slow on the uptake. A really hopeless dunce."

"Bastard! I'll separate that head of yours from your neck forever!"

GIIN! A sound of clashing metal resounded in the quiet forest. Coming from Zenan's and Serena's swords locking together.

"Serena! Retract your sword... I shan't tolerate any more insults! I'll chop his head off! And make him shut up forever!"

"I had left you alone as per order of milord... but how dare you raise your sword against our lord! I have enough of your extreme discourtesy! I'll personally put your head grovel on the ground to apologize. Right before I cut it off!"

The two went and started a deathmatch even though I still had some questions left.
The remaining five elves watched over the chain of event quietly but it appears they're of the same opinion as Serena. Thus they're not stopping her. Or rather, I'm sure they're all thinking of joining in and make Zenan grovel as well.

"Haa, what a bother... guess I gotta do it myself."

I took a sword out of magic bag and interrupted their quarrel.




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