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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 173

173 Plan Succeeding


Goblin King lost one of its eyes. But only for a brief moment. A white fume rose and then the wound got fully healed.

"Dammit! This thing can regenerate!? Is it even a goblin! No goblin should possess such power!"

Zenan was dumbfounded. But this King looks exactly like the goblins we just exterminated, only gigantic so there's no doubt it is a goblin.

"Moving onto second phase of our plan! Are you ready guys?"

I shouted this out loud to signify that there's no point in a frontal assault.

"Kardia, make the preparations! I shall match with you! The rest of you, diversion! Now!"

Once Serena shouted that, the elves all slashed at Goblin King at once. Unceasing despite the futility.
One would slash before dodging the goblin's counter and another would use that chance to counter back.
They all keep repeating that while covering for one another. These actions may seem like they're only wasting time.

However, not so. That's just how buying time works. Excluding actions just because they don't work would severely limit your options, propelling you toward the excuse to give up.
This whole farce is necessary for Kardia to gather up her mana, the elves are angling their assault so Goblin King would look away from her. A diversion tactic.

For what purpose? To seal its movement. We must create a moment where Goblin King stops moving and can't dodge.
Kardia is observing the target's movement range, power burst and destructive force while gathering just enough mana to deal with that.

Serena is waiting for Kardia's signal while occasionally helping with the assault, looking highly strung.

Even Zenan helped slashing at the Goblin King. He's not aiming for eyes again. The goblin is alert against attacks aimed at its face now.
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Four of the elves cast spirit magic together and stopped the goblin. Looks like they shot out 'Wall of Breeze' to affix goblin's limbs and body.
A moment after the goblin let out a quizzical voice, 'Gugaa?'

"Now!" walls of earth enclosed it. From the front, back, left and right, walls just big enough to hold the goblin king's huge body showed up. There's absolutely no gap on those walls. They're stuck tightly together.
A match sized fire was shot at the goblin inside. Just as the flame was about to hit the goblin, 'Here I go!' resounded in the cave and a lid of soil rose up from the ground to completely seal the goblin inside.

Goblin King has been imprisoned inside walls created through Kardia's earth spirit magic.
And the small fire that got locked inside together was a magic Serena cast with fire spirit.

I told her to make that fire flare up and use up all the oxygen inside. An inhabitant of this world, Serena doesn't seem to understand what oxygen is, but I managed to convey the nuances. Also told her to make the flame burn the goblin king down to its skull.

Yep, since goblins are living beings, they need to breathe. Thus, I expect it to die from lack of oxygen inside an enclosed space.
Even in this fantasy world, physics seem to work  like on Earth, so this should work. Or at least I hope so.
I thought up of this plan when Serena said that they were no match to Goblin King. This was my plan to escape, like 'Can't these elves do it themselves instead of relying on me every single time?'

(I mean if I did meddle in, they'd go all 'as expected of milord' or something again, I don't need any more loyalty, for real.)

But that was awfully naive of me, only later I realized I went and did it again. I didn't think ahead at this point.

Just when we were about to take a breather after the success of the plan, the walls started getting furiously beaten from the inside.
The goblin king inside must be trying to break free with its fists.

"I have made sure to create the thickest, strongest walls I could muster up. Please rest easy. I believe we can continue observing it."

Kardia reassured us.
Nevertheless I stayed alert.

Also, there's something else that needs to be done.
How to deal with the giant dungeon core.




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