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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 165

165 Accepting Favor


(Is this goblin... the same goblin I think? That classic one? And it's a King at that.)

"We understand that it is not our place to beseech you, milord. Firing an arrow without so much a word of gratitude. It's so shameful we can't contain our anger. Were milord to deem it unforgivable, we shan't complain if you wish to slaughter this shameful clan of ours."

"That's way too violent, I won't do anything like that okay. Or what, you think I'm some homicidal maniac?"

"If milord can find it in your heart to forgive us, you may do as you wish to us. Would you please save us?"

"...For now can you stand up? We'll talk after, okay? Also, let's have an early meal. Okay?"

I want to praise myself from staying calm at their sudden prostrating display. There's way too much pressure from the sight of six beauties prostrating themselves before you. The only reason I didn't get overwhelmed is because they usually treat me as their 'master'. I got used to it. I didn't want to get used to it.

"I get it, that's just how important homeland is. So sure I'll do it. Haa~ why do I always get dragged into mess like this?"

(No wait, I wasn't dragged this time, I got asked... pretty much stuck my neck in. I'm not cold blooded enough to just shove them aside because it's got nothing to do with me. Guess I gotta.)

The six elves swiftly prepared dinner. I indulged myself in mediation as I watched over them.

(I wanna go back home and play all the games too... the time inside me is frozen at that moment.)

I reminisced the time I frequently visited game center to enjoy some heated fights.
Even that moment was fleeting. I got called back to reality with dinner ready.
Past happiness is cruel and kind. The present reality is merciless to me.

(Ah, this is it, soaking myself in the past... without anyone interrupting like this.)

We talked over our plan for tomorrow during mealtime.
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"I'll deal with the Goblin King sure. Getting called bringer of calamity or whatever doesn't sit well with me. I'll show them I'm harmless by doing this."

"Not a shred of us believes in that accusation. You liberated us from slavery. Saved us. Milord is our savior, you will never bring upon a calamity with you. It's only right for us to serve your mighty strength."

(Ah... I can see 'The Grand Plan of Elf Homecoming and Parting' crumbling before my eyes...)

Their loyalty toward me is steadily rising for some reason even though I'm not doing anything. In fact, it doesn't seem to ever decrease. Heck it's even skyrocketing so quick I'm getting creeped out.

"So where's this King anyway? Let's just get it over with quickly."

(And once it was taken care of, I'm sure these girls can safely go back home. Then I can say good bye here.)

Inwardly, I haven't given up and devised up a way to get them back home. Despite fully realizing that it's a bad bet at the rate this is going.

"It's situated deeper in the forest from here. Apparently it has built its base inside a vast underground cave."

"Then let's start tomorrow. And get some rest today. We did run a lot today after all, gotta rest up."

"We shall be on the look out. Milord may rest easy. We shan't let anyone touch a single strand of your hair."

"Aah...? Are you implying the elves are planning a night raid? Just for one man? Aren't you exaggerating?"

I recalled the face of that Zenan elf who shot arrows twice at me, fully intended to hit.
Considering that, they might not be far off the mark so I complied.
Even with 'Acceleration', I can't activate it if I'm not aware. Getting attacked in my sleep will spell my death.
Being half asleep and be always ready to deal with an attack is too much to ask for from an ordinary man. Don't think I can learn it with practice either. Heck, I shouldn't have even needed something like that to begin with. I mean where is it even useful for if you live your life normally.

(...No wait? In the first place, my situation right now is... huh? It's not normal? How did it get to this point...)

What is normal even? My thought process was thrown into chaos and I fell into sleep before I realized.




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