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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 172

172 Plan Starts


Inside the deepest room in the dungeon cave. A huge tornado is rampaging around all over this gym-sized space.
The goblins here are getting helplessly sucked and turned into heaps of garbage, its sucking power reminded me of Dy*on.
The trash cleaning went so well I could afford that silly thought.
Getting rid of insignificant trash mob in one fell swoop is just basic strategy.

I told the elves to first use wind spirit magic to take care of them.
My plan went well, with nowhere to run, this place is now full of dazzling lights.
Coming from the dying goblins. They got flung onto each other inside the tornado, random swords stabbing them, thrown hard onto the ceiling and wall.
In just a minute all the small fry have been dealt with. Having all the elves concentrate their mana into one powerful spell worked amazingly well.
Even Zenan was obedient for once. Not sure what got over him, but I'm not complaining so long he doesn't get in our way.

Now then, only the King remains. Would have been nice if that tornado did it in too, but not everything would go swimmingly it seems.
It had assumed a defensive squatting position and protected its face with crossed arms to endure through the tornado.
Still in that position, it inhaled so much air its body swelled up.

"Ah, crap. Guys, cover your ears! Now!"


A powerful tremor shook the entire cave. So powerful I thought my heart would stop beating there.
All the Goblin King did was roaring. An angry roar with so much power behind it.
Once it was over, Serena took the initiative. She had flame sword on. She must have gone through many similar battlefields before.
She swiftly got within melee range and slashed at the Goblin King's abdomen before immediately back stepping away.
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"That didn't feel right! Careful! Solidify our formation!"

Reacting to her shout, the Goblin King who was unharmed by the slash swung down its fist at Serena.

Boom! the hit caused another tremor. Serena dodged the fist at the last moment as it tore the tip of her hair.
It doesn't seem to have the speed, Serena easily dodged the attack before immediately slashing at the wide open arm.

However the slash didn't even leave a scratch. It's got a really tough skin.
Goblin King swung its arm in annoyance, but all it hit was empty space.
Serena had already anticipated that and jumped back.
Using this chance, the other elves went in. But none of their swords managed to so much as left a mark on Goblin King.
Thigh, upper arm, back, back of head, chest, they slashed at every spots with zero result.

"You lot! Move iiiiit! Uoooooooo!"

Zenan vigorously leaped up. Higher than the top of Goblin King's head. While holding his sword overhead.
The King's fist shot through the air just as Zenan was about to reach it.
But Zenan wasn't there. He had landed already.

"Got youu!"

HYUN, with the sound of cutting wind, his sword slashes at Goblin King's left eye.


"Only got an eye huh! But that should make things easier now!"

Apparently Zenan used wind spirit magic to control his body, affording him to instantly land. I see that manipulating wind is the basic to elven-style combat.
No wonder Serena's group moved so smoothly like they're flowing. They make sure they can immediately move after finishing an action where one's body usually stiffens for a moment.

Goblin King may have lost one of its eyes but of course that's not the end, its entire body is bulging up in anger.





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