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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 159

159 Avalanche


Of course I asked the men about what they know in detail. These guys are apparently registered to Empire's mercenary guild so I got some info on the guild's internal as well.
I relayed all the intel we got to the princess. With this and the first message, her job should be easier.

"Alright, we should be about done now... or have you not had enough?"

I turned around and asked the elves. The men started trembling as they digested the meaning of 'not enough'.

"...We would have liked more, but we shall comply with milord's wish."

"Okay then, let them go. Good work guys. You're free now."

The men could barely stood up. Their expressions were a mix of relief, pain and agony. But that didn't last long.

"Milord, something's not right with the forest. I believe we should take shelter atop trees."

"Huh? Isn't it because of the magic tool? How do you stop this thing anyway?"

I fiddled with the magic tool we took but the situation had taken turn for the worse as it seemed.

More than a hundred magic beasts came rushing out of the forest.

"Milord, I shall enchant you with wind magic. Please jump up. Otherwise you would get swallowed in!"

I hurriedly jumped to a nearby tree. My body felt like it was floating as I got launched five meters above before slowly landing on a branch.
At the same time, the tremor below could even be felt here on the tree.

"Gyaa!" "No way! Gefaa!" "Damnitalllll!" Gubee!" "I ain't dying here! Bubee!"

Those death wails were from the men we just released. They unfortunately got ran over.
The magic beasts were all kinds, there were boars, rabbits, deer, wolves, bears, foxes, apes, birds, rats, snakes, even flying mantises, rhinoceros beetles, spiders, butterflies, fly, grasshoppers and ants.
They're all coming here from the same direction. But something's weird.
Every single one of them is rushing straight ahead while trampling the magic beasts in front of them. Without caring.
It's like a group running away in a panic.
I just saw something similar. Yep, at the ceremony venue when Chimera showed up.
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"Could this be caused by Chimera?"

I considered that, but apparently not. A figure came flying between trees from the opposite direction the magic beasts came. It's Chimera who was gone earlier.
It came to me and jumped on my shoulder before crying, 'Meoow'. It started grooming its face and relaxed there.

"Where'd you gone off to? Well whatever. Still they're heading straight to the empire, aren't they. Serena."

"Yes, milord. I had already contacted the princess as I had an inkling milord would like to."

"...It's cool that you're quick on the job."

'I'm honored', as Serena said that, the entire avalanche of magic beasts passed by and silence wrapped the area back.

"Now then, I'm definitely getting dragged in this... No wait, I guess I'm the one sticking my neck in this time?"

I could have left the men alone, but the elves wouldn't. So even if I had to this time, it's taken too much time and effort to still call it 'sticking my neck in'.
I would have just grabbed the magic tool and left if it were.

"Might be a good idea to find out the reason behind this... What do you think Serena?"

"The magic beasts came from the direction of our homeland. There might be something up."

"Well, then let's head there and see for ourselves. There's a newly built road and all here."

All the vegetation and rocks have been blown away by the rushing magic beasts, creating a road ahead.
The road is littered with dead trampled down magic beasts.

"Might as well strip out usable looking stuff along the way."

We jumped down the trees while being careful of any magic beasts lying in ambush.




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