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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 164

164 Conversation [Elder]


"If you are truly telling the truth, then us elves must not mingle with this man any further."

"But why!? Shouldn't we show our gratitude for his action of saving us!"

"You young 'uns don't know this, but it's the law. I personally would love nothing more than to thank him myself. After all, he made it possible for you all to come back here, long thought dead."

"Please tell us if you have a reason. Why mustn't we mingle with milord anymore?"

"To think that hardheaded Serena approves of this person as her lord. How many years have it been since my last surprise? Joking aside. It's a legend."

"Are you telling us to sever our connection with milord due to something as vague as a legend? All you need to do is to utter a word of gratitude, shouldn't it be the very first thing you do!? And yet you failed even that and Zenan even acted openly hostile!"

"That guy's arbitrary action is unpardonable. But it would have been a problem if I did thus and he ended up going inside. Neither would it be good if he got too close to the wall."

"What does that mean? Then shouldn't you at least bow and say your thanks as an elder?"

"What did I tell you again. No mingling. Me not coming out is the best concession I could make. Especially now."

"I am not convinced. What is the reason anyway? Why would you go that far, elder?"

"It was never taught to you girls. No, I suppose none of the younglings these days learned it. After all, there is no guarantee that would appear before us elves."

"You mean milord? What could be the reason? What did milord do?"

"Black is a color that must be avoided. You knew that as well, did you not?"

"Yes as elves, we were taught that black is a color to be avoided, but what of it? Milord's hair and eyes are certainly black. But do you think that is enough reason to?!"

"Well I  suppose there's no issue telling you now. This story is a legend witnessed first hand by our ancestral elves long in the past."

~~  ~~  ~~
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A long time ago, that person brings, or perhaps creates with him calamities and spreads them around.
Black eyes and hair. Trials and tribulations visit wherever they go, as well as salvation.
That person was there when our village came under attack by flocks of magic beasts.
Waves upon waves of magic beast lay before him, while only silence remained behind.
This dreadful power that subdues all calls upon ruins easily.
And how easily it is for this power to crush even this ruins.
Touch you must not, approach you must not.
Hide yourself until it passes, or else you shall get swallowed in chaos.

~~  ~~  ~~

"So yes, it is very vague. Nevertheless it is the 'Truth'."

"That's it? You think that's enough reason to shoot an arrow at our lord? Far from it!"

"Back then, one of ours went out to research human legends under falsified identity. The conclusion they took after long years of research was 'Never get in contact'. But as this person has saved you girls, this warning is pointless now. And that is why we must avoid further contact."

"That is no reason at all. We cannot allow milord to wait for us any longer. We have absolutely no reason to comply with such an embellishment. I regret having coming back here. I do not wish to stay with such a shameful clan. The six of us shall leave this place today."

"Some of the elves who are aware of this legend are making a ruckus saying that he is the reason for the current magic beast disturbance. You lot will surely be lambasted were you leave now. Wait a bit."

"We have always been aware of the danger of rampages. And similar rampages had occurred many times in the past. Blaming that on milord is simply preposterous! Allow us to chop those people's heads off ourselves!"

"Calm down now. That particular talking point should cool off in time. After all the birth of 'Goblin King' was already known before that. That is the main core of this issue."

"Then! Shouldn't you send an extermination force before the problem gets any bigger!? Why are you taking it easy?"

"Because it has far surpassed our limit. That thing had been hiding as it amassed its power. Very sly indeed. It has collected such power that us elves cannot hope to prevail now. We managed to repel the rampaging magic beasts by concentrating mana into the barrier before they hit it, but we used up all our mana in the process. The number of those who could fight have decreased remarkably. It is good that the barrier held up. We won without losing anyone after all. However, were it to launch an assault now, it would be an all out war. We have no manpower to stop it either. Let alone to bring it down."

"Could it be the Goblin King led the rampage here...? That cannot be..."

"According to our scouts, this Goblin King was gigantic beyond belief. It has the characteristic of a Goblin and definitely not Ogre. We believe it must be a mutant. As such the plan to move the settlement is already well in progress. The situation is dire enough to leave us with no other choice. That's why I won't stop you from leaving. In fact, I could only feel that it was fate you girls came back today. Including bringing the Black Clad here."

"...We will ask milord to lend us a hand. He might be willing to grace us with his help. No, it's a sure win if milord decides to go. Although well, we won't blame him if he refuses after getting shot at like that."

"What are you saying? Do you truly believe that human is capable of defeating Goblin King? I don't actually believe the legend, just so you know. I am simply upholding what must be upheld. From what I saw from afar, what could that frail little boy hope to accomplish, Black Clad he may be?"

"We shan't forgive anyone who insults milord, no matter if it's elder. We'll take our leave now."

"...Oy oy, what's happened to you all? I said, wait... There they go. What has that man done to them? I don't remember Serena with that attitude."





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