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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 157

157 Fire Extinguishing


Each groups head to the forest as they left the gate. These mainly magic beast hunters kept walking forward without any hesitation like they're used to it.
Only a lone group is walking in a different direction, the same group who called out to us. Looking natural like they knew a shortcut.
The elves' identity have been kept hidden since they're always hiding their ears. We're effortlessly tailing them since they completely disregard us. Didn't think it'd be this easy.

(Guess we don't have to hide in cardboard boxes like some Sn*ke...)

"Tracking them is a simple matter. Should we keep our distance for now, milord?"

"Yep, not like I've a grudge on these guys, but we gotta stop such an inhumane act like elf hunting."

For us to come across 'Elf Hunting' righ when we're on our way to the elven village like this, I just want to scream out loud, 'I hate you fantasy!' here.

Two hours since we've started tailing them. We've gone quite deep inside the forest and yet we've yet to meet a single animal let alone a magic beast.
That was when they made a movement. They took a white shining crystal ball from their rucksack. I bet that's the magic tool.
That also must be the reason for this weird silence with not even insect sounds heard.
We listened in to their conversation. Simple enough with the silence caused by the magic tool.

"This should be the spot yeah? How long and how many elves come out will be up to luck."

The situation must be identical to what befell Serena's group.
They couldn't find a game, so they strayed further from the barrier and then people suddenly showed up out of nowhere capturing them.
The elves' sense must have been thrown into disarray thanks to the magic tool.
I found it weird how easily these elves got caught by humans after watching their prowess in their battle against Chimera, I got it now. Without the magic tool, the elves would have easily turned the table on these kinds of guys.

This means that this issue is a highly critical matter. It could potentially spark the start of 'Elves vs Empire' War. But since we already sent the 'message' about this stuff to Reikana, I'm gonna leave it all to her.
I had Serena direct information regarding these guys to the princess using wind magic before we entered the forest. She'd surely make her move if she believes this matter is of importance.

"I'm not a super hero. But neither could I look away from an act of slavery thrust before my eyes. It's a human right violation, yep."
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I believe that what makes people people aren't how they look or their race. It's something more foundational, their heart.

And what lies before us are people who aren't 'people', scumbags. But I'm planning to refrain from meddling in here.
To begin with, judging people through your own criteria is a selfish act of hubris, crime even. That isn't saying I'm still not indifferent about values in this world.
If laws exist here, they can be judged under those laws here. But this world itself prefers harsh actions toward villainy, especially when it takes place far from public eyes, pretty much do it at your own discretion.

Since we have victims of slavery present here, I'm leaving it all to them to deliver the judgment. They have all the right to.

"We shall be off, milord."

All six elves have this really scary look on their eyes. There's nothing that can stop their emotions now.

"Ah~, lord have mercy~ have mercy~."

I watched over them while feeling the tiniest bit of pity toward those guys.

By the way, Chimera who was on my shoulder is gone before I realized.

"Hm? Welp, guess that's that. Maybe it's gone back to the wild? It's gonna be a bit lonely, but not like I kept it bound to me, so long as Chimera is fine with it then all's fine."




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