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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 166

166 Getting a Rise On


The next not really nice morning.
I woke up from near suffocation. Chimera who had come back without my knowledge is blocking my airway.
I'm gonna get killed! I jumped out of my bed with that thought crossing my mind, and calmed down immediately when I saw Chimera rolling down my body.
The mystery of its frequent disappearance is also solved.

(It went out to hunt for food huh... Guess it's like a half stray.)

When I saw the red mark around Chimera's mouth, I recalled the time I visited my grandparent's house when I was little.

(That cat loved to vanish and then came back out of nowhere, rolled up in the veranda sleeping.)

Has Chimera decided on my face as its bed? that thought got me down for a bit but I pulled myself together for what we're about to do today.
But a loud voice wasted that.

"You lot! Why do you take command from that guy!? How long are you planning on keeping that! Come back! Serena, are you listening!?"

The voice of that elf called Zenan. Looks like he's disparaging Serena's group for camping outside the village wall with me.

"We are not obliged to answer you. Stop concerning yourself with us anymore if you don't like it. All you need to do is to stop talking to us."

"Are you out of your mind!? Didn't you hear elder's decision! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!"

"Look who's talking! You're the one who shot an arrow! How dare you do that to our lord! We'll never forgive you!"

"Aah, I'm starving. Let's have breakfast. Serena, who cares about him, let's just get ready."

I butted in the touchy air. Gotta nip this perilous mood in the bud.

(Well, I don't plan to forgive this Zenan guy though.)

Attacking me twice, never apologizing and acting all haughty on top of that. It's the type I hate. All elves are good looking. That doesn't exclude this guy. Another thing that adds to the fuel.
The image I had about elves in mind was, 'Eloquent', 'Dignity' and 'Reasonable', all of which had crumbled down.

It's absolutely not because I hate hot guys. Nope. I think.
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(Still, isn't he tired glaring at me all day since yesterday? What did I do to him anyway? I don't remember doing anything that warrants this resentment.)

I dressed up for today after meal like usual. Then a meeting with Serena's group.

"Alright, since I consider myself a philanthropist, I can't just turn a blind eye now or else it's gonna leave a bad taste, let's just get it done."

"We shall return this debt with our unending loyalty forevermore."

(Ah... Please don't tell me this is an event that will prompt these girls stay with me forever the moment I defeated Goblin King...)

Looking back at everything that happened thus far, I just can't think up a way to avoid that conclusion, leaving me dejected.

"Oy! What are you talking about!? Where do you think you're going?!"

Zenan butted in here. He's speaking from atop a faraway watchtower yet his voice is clear. He must be using wind spirit magic to deliver his voice from afar.

"Where? Ask these girls."

"You are currently under my watch! You're prohibited from acting on your own! Don't you dare take a step! I won't let you!"

There's no point in talking to him, or rather, I'm gonna get a headache if I keep responding to this Zenan guy.

"Trite. Aah this is all so trite. I don't recall ever agreeing to you, why should I comply with whatever you're saying? Your words hold no power over me. Oh wait, maybe you're just a dumbass."

My patient finally hit its limit, I talked shit before I realized and continued on.

"Why don't you try me if you hate my guts so much? You sound less menacing than chirping birds harping on and on from so far. Are all elves cowards? Or is it just you being an all talk no action dingus?"

I got a rise on him. Even though I was just going to quip back a bit. And this invited another trouble.

"Y-you bastard...! I'll make a mess of your face and feed them to birds! Stay where you are! I'll crush you mere dirty human once I get permission from elder!"

"Like hell I'd. Why the heck I gotta follow along?  Come at me if you wanna. Bye chump. I hope I don't hafta see your ugly mug again."

Even from this far, I could see Zenan's face obviously turning red in anger.
I paid that no mind and turned around before walking off toward our destination cave.





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