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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 171

171 That's Bad News


The entire space is completely filled with nothing but goblins. And in the center is a conspicuously larger goblin than the rest. I could see its back from here.
Think it's about 2.5 meter tall? It's got bulking muscles that far outstrip ordinary bodybuilders. That's probably the 'King'.
Its body is pulsing a blue light. Its skin is colored dirty green yet it periodically pulses blue.

(Considering my conjecture, I guess it's still absorbing mana even now? Or perhaps it's just resonating with the mana?)

I don't have enough info to make a conclusion. It's probably got to do with the Dungeon Core but I don't see the thing anywhere.

"My eyes must be belying me... This may be past the point of no return..."

Zenan was dumbfounded at this scenery. But I had a different reaction, 'Eh, looks manageable no?'
Against ordinary goblins, the hardest thing would be keeping them in one spot as you massacre them.
Elves are just that strong. Their battle in front of the cave showed that.

"This might prove difficult indeed. Not even us likely can hope to compete against that abnormally grown goblin in the center. There is just so much mana overflowing out of it."

Serena got cold feet as well. Yeah, I can see that thing's abnormality.
But my mental state right now is such that I don't really process it.
You may ask what are you saying after coming this far, but I just can't with all these goblins.

(I mean it's goblins? I can let elves slide and all, but this, am I dreaming, hallucinating? It's finally gotten to a point where I can't deny myself living in a fantasy otherworld.)
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I can't calm down from this buoyant feeling like I've stumbled inside an illusion.
Adventuring inside a cave, classic goblins. And then there's dungeons and mana crystallization.
I'm walking down the path of a protagonist in a story. Where did I go astray anyway? And shouldn't this supposed to have come up in early chapter?
Just where, or perhaps this way of thinking was a mistake to begin with.

While that completely unrelated matter occupied my mind, the goblin in the center moved a bit.
And what came into view afterward perturbed me so much.

(Oy oy oy! You can't have that here! That thing is a complete copy no matter how you look at it! Out!)

Something that looks identical to the crystals featured in 'Last Illusion' game developed by a famous game maker is floating there.
It's about a meter tall, around 50 centimeters in diameter. You'd yell out, 'That thing's huge!' if you saw that in person.
Apparently the elves also never saw a dungeon core that big, each spoke their minds.

"That's just...", "How did it get that big...", "This is already far beyond bad news.", "How are we even supposed to destroy a core that enormous...", "Even just getting close to that would be dangerous..."

The crystal is regularly pulsing beautiful blue lights. The goblin's body pulsed the same blue light matching that.
I finally snapped back to reality and spoke out.

"Err, listen up guys. First thing first, a little clean up is in order. Are you ready?"

Strategy meeting began.




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