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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 174

174 Disposal


A crystal that captivates you the more you stare at it. I mean no, Dungeon Core. Mana crystallization.
An object formed from convergences of mana in nature through some means.

"Milord, you must not get any closer, it's dangerous. The mana leaking out of that is out of this world. There is no telling how will it affect your body. Please get away."

Serena warned me. But I couldn't curb the impulse to touch it and walked up to it.

(Oh!? It's not cold? I thought it'd be chill to the touch.)

"M-milord? Are you feeling all right? Us elves cannot bear to get any closer..."

"Ah, right, you can't absorb more mana than your vessel can hold or something? I see, so elves can't touch this thing."

I thought up something. Elves would usually dispose of any dungeon cores they find.
That should apply to this one as well, but how.
Serena said they couldn't even get close. Apparently they can't attempt the disposal unless they could touch it or something.

"How do you usually get rid of these cores? I mean we're at a standstill here."

"It's normally done when the cores are still small. We do so by touching the core and keep casting magic. It's quite simple. The mana drained out of the core will be consumed and vanish."

"Ah, the smaller cores don't have a lot of mana inside huh. I see. Yet this one's gotten way too big for you to even approach. If the way magic beasts manifest applies to humans and elves the same way it does animals, I guess getting any closer would be bad huh. Though since even monsters mutate, I'm guessing elves would get a massive power up if they could absorb this much mana and gain control over it no?"

"Quit your jest. Do you mean to tell us to die? This is no joking matter."

Zenan has softened up a bit but still hostile toward me.
What was it again, you'd implode from mana overload if you absorb more mana than your body can handle?

"Milord, forgive us, but we simply cannot think of any way to deal with that dungeon core. We are truly at a loss."

"Will the cave collapse the instant this core get removed from this place? That's my greatest fear."
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"I do not believe so, this cave appears to have stabilized, therefore that seems unlikely. Milord? Do you perhaps have a good idea?"

"Nah, well, I thought of taking this outside for now since we can't exactly leave it here."

Before that, I told them to open up part of the wall enclosing the goblin to check it out.
Due to danger of backdraft, I made us all move far away before having a small hole bored through on the wall.
Serena's flame sword did nothing to the Goblin King at the beginning.
That may be because it only touched it for a bit, so how about inside a whirling blaze?
Wouldn't its eyes get seared down allowing the flame to roast it from the inside out?

Having brittle internal as a weakness is the classic weak point for living beings. Hence, I opted to chat about dungeon core to let it sit.
It's been a bit since the goblin got locked in. Should be about time.

After confirming flame didn't gush out of the opened hole, we removed the front wall.
There, a blackened object resides. Yep, it went as expected. Goblin King must have got knocked out from lack of oxygen before getting roasted, nay, burned to cinders.
The cave got filled with heat and the smell of burning flesh. Serena quickly cast wind magic to clear the smell but I thought to myself as I looked at the object before me.

(Ah dang... I won't be able to eat meat for a while again...)

Even though I only came up with the idea and didn't actually execute it myself, I still felt a tinge of pity at this cindered Goblin King.

"Alright. Kardia, I'd like you to bury this cave with your earth spirit magic. Can you do it? Start from the other half of this place, leave no gap. You can make use of the mana leaking out of this dungeon core. Any problem?"

"Milord! Leave it to me. It shall be done."

She's quite psyched up for some reason. I don't know why, but hey as long as she's motivated.

The ground rose up, gradually burying the space. Then it stopped at the center where the Dungeon Core stood.

"Alright then, I'll bring the Dungeon Core with me, keep a distance as you bury the rest of the cave."

"What is the point of all this? I do not get it. What are you scheming you bastard."

I replied to Zenan's random query.

"Won't it be bad if mana amassed here again? Might as well bury it all down."

'I see', I heard him whisper that and he went silence, so did I. I don't plan to get along with this guy.

The cave is gradually getting buried as we make our way out. We're bringing Goblin King's remain with us too. There's a possibility of it causing issues in the future if we leave it buried there.
It's a monster that had taken in a vast amount of mana. It could become an impetus for another mana convergence phenomenon.

(When did I sign up for a clean-up crew...)

The work went smoothly and we reached the surface. We came here early in the morning and it's past noon now.

"Aah, looks like a good time for lunch. There's no need to hurry anymore. I'm starving let's get to it."






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