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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 153

153 Conclusion



Oh my goodness!?
That was the only reaction I could have had. The thing crying cutely before me is of course, the Chimera from before.
I was at a loss for words. No well, it was me who told it to get smaller yeah. But my mind went blank when it actually happened for real.


It cried once again and rubbed its face on my legs.

(It's a cat... A tabby cat... Complete with bat wings and a snake for a tail in deformed shapes...)

The wings are flapping and the snake has its tongue in and out. I don't even know where to begin to retort.
I realized that I had decided to add it as my traveling companion.

(That was just a joke... no, not a joke... no a joke... but who could have imagined this would be the conclusion.)

I pet the cute kitty-like Chimera's head. It started purring contently.

(What to do... this development...)

The venue has turned deafeningly silent since a while ago.

(Can't take this... I wanna cry... Let's go with the last resort...)

I gave the prepared hand signal to the elves.
I had consulted with the elves to decide a signal to get away from this place once everything is over.
I just can't come up with the right 'excuse' here.
So I'm clinging. To these wise words.

(He who flights live to see another day.)

I carry the small Chimera in my arms and walk toward the elves like it's the most natural thing.
And said this.

"Fall back!"

The elves cast wind spirit magic on themselves as well as me before gracefully jumping over the wall. I followed after them jumping over the wall myself.


Only the cry of a kitten was left echoing in the venue.

~=~=  ~=~=  ~=~=
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Like an incarnation of storm itself. Thought the emperor.

"This world is truly full of wonders beyond human comprehension."

Yet his face was grim.

"This problem pertaining royalty, this empire must be curtailed by our own hands."

After steeling his resolve, the emperor spoke thus.

"This decision does not come easy. But it is a burden I must carry as the emperor, as a father."

Then he apologized.

"Forgive me Goldeuro. I had wished for you to support Alvart in military affairs, but I was far too late. And Lervi, I'm sorry for always leaving the dirty work in your hands."

~=~=  ~=~=  ~=~=

"Easy now, I'm not doing this for you. It's for my sake."

Blood spurted on the wall afterward. Thud, a body fell down, Goldeuro turned his attention toward the sound, away from the unthinkable spectacle he just witnessed.
A man completely covered in a black attire stood with Dagzas lying below. Blood is forming a pool on the ground closing in on Goldeuro.

"You're! Lervi! Who do you think you are! Have you come for my life, a prince I am!"

"You're no longer a member of imperial family. Didn't you hear the emperor, Bardos stating as much before the citizens? You shall be executed by my hands for the crime of rebellion. No trial will be held. We have more than enough proof after your declaration in front of so many witnesses. Plenty of people who know the truth as well."

"Hmph! A mere peon like you shan't take my life! My soldiers await outside! All I need to do here is kill you! Then I'll bring them here and kill my father, the emperor! I may lose my secret weapon but I still have other hands! Move aside!"

Goldeuro stepped forward and slashed down diagonally with his sword, but Lervi easily flicked it away.

"You're quick on the uptake, and while it's probably hard to swallow, you do not divert your eyes from reality. Yet all you amount to is this childish revolt. What a waste. But that too is a thing of the past."

"You bastaaaaaaard! How dare you look down on meeeee!"

Goldeuro continued slashing furiously but none managed to hit Lervi. He easily dodged them all.

"I really thought it was 'over' when that magic beast showed up. But even that was superseded by something of a terrifyingly far more unknown quality. I'm still shellshocked even now. But I've got a job to do so here I am."

By now, Goldeuro had focused fully into swinging his sword. But it was all in vain.

"Let me tell you one thing, your soldiers outside have been routed. You are now left with nothing."

Goldeuro stopped moving once he heard that and squeezed out his next words.

"S-stop bluffing! There's no way the troops I amassed would go down, it's nothing but a bluff!"

"No, it's the truth. Ah, just for your information. The emperor's personal guards stand far above the bunch of ragtag you so diligently gathered. There is simply no comparison."

Goldeuro stopped for a moment when he heard Lervi saying personal guards, not imperial knights.
Lervi wouldn't miss this opening. A moment is enough to settle the fight with the huge gap in skills between the two.

A fatal slash to the stomach, deep enough to cut entrails. Blood spurted out of Goldeuro's mouth.
But as he desperately tried to stay alive, Lervi coldly spoke.

"Your entire assets will be seized. Everything including rank and honor. From henceforth, you will be known as a foolish traitor. Forever recorded in this empire's history."

"D-don't screw with me... I, I'm... gonna leave my name in this world! A name so great it's known to... all..."

"It's too late to ask when did you lose your way. But I would have liked to hear a word of repentance to all the people you wronged in this little time you have left."

"I-I'm, the, great, emperor... who cares... lowly peons..."

Lervi sent a look of pity at the lifeless body. Then he resumed speaking indifferently.

"I'm heading back to report. Clean up the rest."

It looked like there was nobody else in the surroundings, but suddenly three men wrapped in black came out of nowhere.
Lervi vanished in their place.
Those people sprinkled red liquid from vials over the two bodies and then chanted some sort of hex. Then the bodies gradually disappeared as white smokes rose.
The men in black took the clothes, armor and swords lying on the ground before disappearing once again. Leaving no trace behind.
Thus the curtain for 'Ceremony' was dropped.




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