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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 163

163 Rough Welcome


We arrived before evening. There, a wall has been erected as far as eyes can see.
Stacks of thick logs piled up together with very little gaps in between.
As for why this doesn't get swallowed up by the forest, it's thanks to spirit magic.
A 'Tree' Spirit the village elder inherits has been protecting this settlement for as long as they could remember, so Serena told me.
I could see a gate as we got closer. There are two watchtowers each manned by two elves with their bows aimed at us.

"Stop right there! Do not move!"

By this point I had already perceived I wasn't welcome here.
Why? An arrow pierced the ground next to my foot. Naturally I dodged it with Acceleration since I knew I was being targeted. The elf who shot the arrow looked bewildered.

(He was going straight for my mobility huh. They sure hate outsiders, these elves.)

But the real reason wasn't that. Later I found out it was due to a 'Legend', or so the elder called it.

"Oy! Zenan! How dare you shoot an arrow at our savior, our lord! I don't care if you're a kinsman, I won't forgive you! I'll chop that head of yours off!"

Serena fumed as she shouted that. It's rare to see this side of hers, I immediately soothe her.

"Now now don't lose your temper now. You're gonna ruin your pretty face, calm down."

I was just joking around but Serena seemed to take the 'pretty' part seriously as she blushed.

"P-please forgive me... H-however, such treatment is..."

She mumbled on her own until I couldn't hear it anymore.

"You must know our circumstances from the two who arrived first right? I'm not here to harm or antagonize you guys. Can you let these four in at least?"

It would be pitiful for the elves to stay outside when their home is right there.
Also, I wanna offload the gifts and lighten my magic bags.
I spoke with that motive in mind, but I got yelled at instead.

"You shut up! We'll deal with you later! Open the gate. Serena, first I want to tell you how delighted I am to see your return. Go report to the elder first."

"Milord, allow us to leave your side for a little bit. I beg your pardon."

"Go ahead. Take your time."
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I saw Serena's group off. But it's not over yet.

"Aah, mind taking this load we brought here? They're gifts for the elves. Freshly picked yesterday. Can't exactly carry them with me forever you see. I'll leave once I put them down."

"...Fine. Put them there. Raise your arms and take ten steps back. Oy! Get some people to collect those!"

Around 15 people came out and carried the mats I brought inside the gate. But they started to whisper among each other once they got to the pig magic beast.

"Oy, how the heck they brought this thing whole?"
"Is this a spillage from 'that' yesterday...? But this size..."
"Maybe Serena's group got a new bag?"
"Nah, didn't you see yourself, that guy carried it with him."
"Who cares about that. No wait, we should. We're not gonna able to carry this thing inside."

They were done with all the transportable mats sans the pig.
They kept arguing what to do and finally decided to cut it into smaller pieces right there.
It's gonna take some time at that size. So I called out to them.

"Want me to help? I can get it done in a jiffy."

The moment I did, the elf Serena called 'Zenan' earlier yelled and shot another arrow at me.

"You keep out of this! ...I missed again!?"

He aimed for my leg again, so I dodged with acceleration.
Naturally, the elf couldn't catch me moving under Acceleration. I also moved away and then back to my original position so it must have looked like the arrow slipped past me. I did the same thing the first time, this Zenan guy must be at his wit's end now.

"My arrow is clad in wind spirit, it can never miss... and yet how? Is he capable of interfering with spirits? No that cannot be... But what other possibilities..."

The guy muttered something while glaring at me, but I paid him no mind.
To begin with, my goal is pretty much complete now.

After saving Serena's group, the goal of this journey was to send them back home.
They've gone and referred to me as 'Milord' and all, once I tell them to 'Stay in your homeland', this Elven Homecoming plan is complete.
And then I just gotta find somewhere far outside elven 'Barrier' to live my recluse life, fulfilling my life goal.

"Chimera's gone again. Well I guess it's fine? Hm~, I wonder if it's marking its territory? So free spirited."

As I was pondering what to do about Chimera, Serena and the other five elves came back and started getting ready to camp out.

"...What are you up to? What's going on, explain to me."




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