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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-14

15-14. Hero VS Demon Lord


"Hero-sama, Seina-dono has returned."

The small Seina who went ahead during our short break runs up to me.
The excessive fat on her breasts seems obstructive. It's a shame, she has a childish face and all.

I think childish face looks better with super smooth flat line like of those little girl maids.

"He's there, he wasn't wearing the thin turtle shell like before, it's silver metal armor now."
"He 『Transform』ed again...."

I recalled how the demon lord was like the first time we met him.
The demon lord at that time looked like a ratkin person with purple fur you can see anywhere but with persecution complex.

The moment he saw us, he screamed, made a strange pose, wore an insect animal suit and [Transform]ed with a purple muffler on his neck.
His level was only 55 when we first met, but it rose every time we fought him and his level the last time we fought was 62.

It should've been far lower than my 71, but his [Transform]ed self was surprisingly strong.
We probably wouldn't have the advantage if he didn't have the limitation of quickly running out of gas and stopped moving.

We lost our companions due to that carelessness though.
I don't wanna feel like that ever again.

"But, is it alright to leave it to Satou-chi? Shouldn't I go instead?"
"It's alright, Satou should be able to do something about the Dungeon Master."

I told Seina with confidence that has no basis.
That guy will be absolutely fine--he's a mysterious guy who oozes such atmosphere.

It's frustrating, but I can entrust Honey to that guy.

"I think Satou can do it somehow."
"It's rare for Wi to be that believing."

The other girls don't seem to have any objection either.

It was only Rin who said some siscon remark, "But, I still won't hand over Sera."
I've advised her that minding it too much would produce the opposite result, but it seems she loves her little sister too much she can't control herself.

"We'll defeat the demon lord this time."

Declaring so to my companions, I head toward the hall where the demon lord is waiting.

There's only two demon lords left.
Nanashi reported that the demon lord on a different continent was destroyed by the Ancient Dragon's breath.
The only two left are the demon lord ahead and the demon lord in the ratkin country.

I'm sorry for Nanashi, but I'll let him to handle the demon lord in the ratkin country that hasn't showed any sign at all.

--Once I'm done with this fight and win against the demon lord, I'll go back to Japan. Japan where my little sister and my childhood friend are waiting.


The demon lord roared the moment we entered the hall, purple waves are running on top of his silver armor.

"Yeah, I know."

I nod at Mary who looks anxious.

"He's transforming! Let's stall for time until the effect expires."

His appearance remains the same even after the effect expires, but he won't be in the overwhelming reinforced state anymore.
We're aiming for the time when the purple aura disappears.

"It looks weak somehow."
"Doesn't that Unicorn-like horn look dangerous?"
"And he's hunching a bit, he probably attacks mainly by charging and stabbing with that horn."

The girls are looking at the demon lord who's wearing (tokusatsu) hero-like costume, analyzing him.
I'm familiar with that appearance.

"Rin, Wi, attack him with the Fire Bird Wand and arrows!"

The two quickly attack as per my instruction.

"Have you forgotten Hayato, attacks won't work on him during the transformation."
"Yeah, I know."

While assenting Mary, I watch over the outcome of the attacks.

"Ah, it was blocked."
"Is that the Flexible Shield of Force magic?"
"The shape looks strange."

Just as I thought--.

It's the worst kind among something with a unicorn-shaped horn that I know.

"That's an absolute defense. I'll be the vanguard and restrain him. Do only attacks with knockback until its effect expires!"
"I'm going too."
"It'll be dangerous with only Hayato."

Rusus and Fifi grinned and volunteered to help restrain the demon lord.
It's dangerous, but I'm honestly saved if the two are with me.

"Let's see which's stronger, my great 『Divine Power (Unique Skills)』 or your 『Transform』."

I activate my [Strongest Lance (Nothing cannot be Penetrated)], and [Invincible Shield (Nothing can Penetrate)], and close in the demon lord with Flickering Movement.
The assault rifle that the demon lord produced out of nowhere spouts fire.

"Tsk, explosive bullets huh!"

My Invincible Shield blocked the small explosions, but the shock still hit my body.
He must know the way to fight against someone with absolute defense too.

"Heee~n, here here~"


Provoked by Rusus, the demon lord averts his attention away from me.
The demon lord's stout arm grazed Rusus.


Even though it only grazed her, Rusus's arm guard was blown off, fresh blood scattered in the air.
The demon lord shot Rusus to finish her, but she dodged the attack by using the terrain.

"Rusus, get back."
"I'll leave it to you Fifi!"

In Rusus's place who's fallen back to recover, this time it's Fifi's turn to restrain the demon lord while waiting for me.

"Kept you waiting, Fifi."
"Ehen, I still can go on."

I smile back at Fifi's fearless words and fling words filled with provocation skill at the demon lord.

"Let's test who's stronger between you and the great me--<<Shining Strike Rush>>"

My holy sword Arondight clad in blue light stabs at his octagonal shield.
Metallic and heavy sounds echo, blue and purple light are intensely scattering in the surroundings.

The light splinters that went around the back of my shield burn my back, but I can't use the [Limitless Recovery] here yet.
Believing in Loreiya and the others healing magic, I concentrate at the demon lord in front of me.



Not losing to my yell filled with fighting spirit, the demon lord roared deafeningly.
Responding to our shouts, intense light of blue and purple dyed the surroundings.

The magic power and after-waves that fill the place is warping the surrounding air and floors.

With a boom sound, my body fell down about 10 centimeters.
The ground below us probably sunk.

Without getting distracted by unnecessary things, I devote myself to strike the demon lord with all my power.

"....A draw huh."

Our strength-on-strength competition was never settled as I endured the 180 seconds until the time-out.
The purple aura covering the demon lord's body has disappeared.

Judging from the terrible sights of the floors and the walls, my companions seem to have prepared various support attacks to stop the demon lord from fleeing.

"But, now's our great turn."

I declared as such to the unmoving demon lord.


The demon lord roared lightly.

"Dunno what you're trying to pull, but don't think it'll let you do that easily."

The slashing attack of the holy sword Arondight swings down on the demon lord.
Without being able to guard with his arms or weapons, the demon lord received the holy sword with his purple costume.

I can feel the sensation of magic defense destruction from the holy sword.
However, the costume that's not protected by Unique Skill can't possibly defend against the holy sword clad with the effect of [Strongest Lance (Nothing Cannot be Penetrated)].


The demon lord's costume split open, purple blood scatter, the demon lord falls down behind.

The blood spilled on the ground cause white smoke.
The acid blood is dangerous enough to break through mid level defensive magic, but my [Invincible Shield (Nothing can Penetrate)] and Loreiya's advanced defensive magic block it all.

I stop thinking needless things and ready the next technique.
The blue light draws a perfect circle, matching the holy sword's movement.

"--<<Shining Blade>>"

Blue light assaults the demon lord crawling on the ground.


The demon lord roared while emitting purple right before my finisher hit it.

He might be going to use the directional anti-personnel mine like before.
I jump back while still maintaining the stance of the technique.

"There's no change in equipment, only his appearance that's changed a bit. Purple light seem to be leaking from his joints somehow."

Don't tell me--.

I appraise him, his state's changed to [Berserker].
He's way too faithful to the original. I can feel yer love y'know.


Together with the roar, the demon lord jumps up into the air.
With a woosh, dark purple wings of light appear on the demon lord's back.


A bit later after Wi's muttering, Mary and the others who have finished their chanting releases the forbidden spell.

""".... ■■■■■■■■■■ <<Divine Plasma Pole>>"""

The blinding pillar of light appears in the center of the hall, swallowing the demon lord.


"We did it!"
"Yeah, with such a powerful magic, even a demon lord shouldn't get out of it unscathed."

I could hear the black knights' cheers.


And, as if ridiculing them, the demon lord roared to signify his well being.

"I-Impossible! How could one who belongs to evil be unhurt inside the forbidden spell of light magic!"
"Oh, God Parion, please bestow upon us your protection."

The black knights and Parion priests who have just been added to this party have begun to panic hearing the demon lord's roar.


His hands pierce through the light pillar, and then he shows up behind the hands that bend the light.

--He's truly unhurt.

Even the yellow demon whose level was higher than this demon lord shouldn't be fine after receiving such a forbidden spell.
Just why--.

"It's like the time when the demon lord was about to transform."

--That's it.

I understand after hearing Rin's muttering.
That berserker state was a second transformation huh.... I've made a huge mistake.

Purple light is flickering in the demon lord's mouth.

"Loreiya, block it!"

I shot <<Shining Blade>> toward the demon lord's mouth at the same time I gave the order.  I couldn't even afford to shout out the technique's name.

"O Divine Talisman! 『Protection』!"

The Talisman that Loreiya holds high up produces blue light that protects my companions.
We shouldn't abuse it considering the compensation, but any other method would not make it in time.

The defensive wall created by the Talisman and the dark purple breath are scattering intense sparks and light on the surrounding.
The shocking thunderous sound is really making my stomach queasy.
My ears have been buzzing for a while, I can't hear well.


After he had done emitting the breath, the demon lord roared at the ceiling.

Responding to that, oozing shadows beside the demon lord are--.

『Arrived as ordered. Brown Third, obtruding here.』
『The same, Brown First, obtruding.』

Two greater demons gushed out of the space.
Both of them are level 60.

Greater demons that we had never encountered so far, appearing at such timing....

"Hmph, greater demons are no match for me no matter how many they are!"

Even while feeling the absurdity, I rouse up my fighting spirit by feeding on that indignation.

However, the bad news continue--.

"Hero-sama, there's a big crowd of monsters behind."
"Please look above! So many slimes they're touching the ceiling!"

The black knights reported.

"Hayato, leave the greater demons to us."
"Yea, that's right. Having no moment to show up feels lonely."

Rusus and Fifi glare at the greater demons with their beloved swords in their hands.

"Wi and I will support Rusus and Fifi. Seina, please help the black knights to deal with the small fries and the slimes, Rin and Loreiya, fight the demon lord with Hayato!"

Mary gave orders to our companions without hesitation.
I feel we're at a bit of disadvantage, but we should be able to manage somehow.

In short, we can turn things around if the great me just defeat the demon lord.

"Hayato! Dodge!"

Crisis Perception skill reacted at the same time as Rin's warning.
I evaded the black sword right before it touched me, but I still got a shallow wound.

"Fumu, good reaction. Brown Zero, pleased to make you an acquaintance."

A brown greater demon whose upper body appeared from the shadow sinks back into it.
My counterattack didn't reach it, as the shadow I hit was merely a shadow.

"You shouldn't look away, Hero. Brown Seventh obtruding."
"Hoohoo, where are you looking at Hero. Brown Sixth obtruding--"

I couldn't even crack jokes while fighting against the despair of the appearing greater demons.
Compared to the school of the Great Monstrous Fish Tovkezeera the yellow demon summoned back then, there's still a hope to turn this situation around.


The demon lord's roar echoed, its wings increased to six with the third transformation.
The halo on his back makes him look like a transcendental being here.

--However, that's merely a look.

He's still way off from being transcendent.
Ya can't be one if you're not at least as senseless as Nanashi.

"T-The monsters spurted out!"

While hearing the black knights' and Seina's screamd behind, my mind has made up to defeat the demon lord even if we both end up dying.
It's sad that I won't be able to meet my little sister and my childhood friend in the former world anymore, but My Honey who's in the same labyrinth will be in danger if I don't defeat him here.

"《SING》 Arondight, 《PLAY》 Tunas"

I recited the Scriptures of the Holy Sword and the Holy Armor that had lost its effect once again, activated my trump card, the [Limitless Recovery], and drank the [Acceleration] magic potion last resort.

--Let's do this, demon lord.

I'll put some intense get-well gifts in your face.

Hero's life ain't that cheap y'know!

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