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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-18

15-18. Intermission


Satou's here. I've never been able to match a quick-witted person. There really are people who embody the saying, "to understand everything from only one part."

"M-Master! Y-you won't secretly go home will you?"
"Yea, of course."

Arisa tightly grasped my hand and asked, I replied her immediately.

"Even if I were to go back to my hometown, I'd bring everyone along to sightsee the earth when that happened."

I'm sure that they'll be delighted to see Tokyo's skyscrapers and the subculture-overflowing Akiharaba.

"Y-you will, won't you."
"Moreover, even though I know the coordinates thanks to Hayato and the letters, it's not like I can visit there with the advanced teleport magic immediately."

I tried to calculate it and it seemed, using normal magic, moving a few grams of object was the limit even after using the magic power contained in a divine gift holy sword.
Apparently, the distance between worlds is way too far.

Looks like it's difficult if it's not with Yuriko of Rumooku Kingdom's 『Power that Connects Worlds』 and God Parion's Hero summoning, unique skills--that is, God's power.

I have a feeling that my Unit Arrangement can do it, but unfortunately that's not possible since there is no base point in Hayato's world.
If I knew that this would happen, I would have asked him to carry a folding doghouse and build it there.

I've got some tricks up my sleeves if the problem is just the amount of magic power needed, so I'll be seriously going to research it once things have calmed down with the matters regarding Weasel Empire and Saga Empire.

I have a promise to visit the hero summoning magic circle in Saga Empire after all.

"Viscount Satou. Please come see me anytime you're in Saga Empire. I will fulfill the promise then."
"Yes, I'll be asking your help once I get back from Shiga Kingdom."

We're saying goodbyes to the hero's followers in front of the sub-dimensional ship Jules Verne.

Come to think of it, the other hero's followers besides Princess Maryest have also stopped calling me with my house name, Pendragon.
Did I do something to touch their heartstrings during the celebration the day before yesterday and the remembrance meeting of the hero yesterday?

"Satou-sama, please visit me if you have another good liquor okay."
"Yes, if I come across one that'll suit Loreiya-sama's taste, definitely."

I made such a promise with Miss Loreiya.

"Fifi and I will go on a journey to improve our skills once we get back to Saga Empire, have a match with us when we visit Shiga Kingdom 'kay."
"Un, have a match with me too. I never thought that there would be someone else besides Hayato and Rusus that could move like that against the demon lord."

Rusus and Fifi grinned and told me that.
I'll ask Tama and Pochi to be their sparring partners when that time comes.

"Satou, if you like to tour places, you should go to the earkin sanctuary in Saga Empire. It's possible for earkin to mate with humans so they surely will welcome the strong Satou."

Lady Wiyaryi appeared in front of me next.
I do have some interests in earkin but since it looks like I'll be treated like a breeding horse, I'm hesitating.

"See you Satou. I'll be visiting Shiga Kingdom as a secret agent."
"No no, please visit us normally. We'll welcome you."

Seina the scout made that disturbing remark.

"Satou-dono, we wish to express our gratitude for your cooperation. A letter from his majesty Saga Empire's Emperor should arrive at Shiga Kingdom at a later time. The content is probably in regard to medal conferment and honorary nobility ennoblement. Putting aside the ennoblement, the medal should be matching with us, so I'll be happy if you receive it."

And lastly, secretary Nono did a business-like report.
For some reason, her cheeks were flushed at the [Matching] part, so Arisa's and Mia's, the impregnable fortress combo, eyebrows were raised.
It was a complete misunderstanding, I'd love to plea for my innocence.

After seeing off the silver ship disappeared into the dimensional rift, our sailing ship left the Weasel Empire.

And then five days later, I visited Dejima Island.
As Kuro this time.

"I am Kuro, Hero Nanashi's follower. My gratitude for this chance to meet your excellency crown prince."

This place is the audience hall of the administrator building in Dejima Island.
The slender weaselkin crown prince is sitting on the throne in front of me.

"Level 50 huh. Your level is low for a hero's attendant."
"Please excuse me. My role is merely for transportation and negotiation."

I lightly brushed off the crown prince's provocation.

Originally, I had no plan to meet the crown prince as Kuro even thought I was going to make a courtesy visit as Satou.
Then why am doing this? that is because I'm asking the weaselkin merchant to plan a meeting between me and the weasel emperor through the crown prince, so I've to meet him once at least.


The crown prince muttered.

"Hmph, your complexion doesn't change even a bit huh. Do you know that anyone leaving the empire's mainland through Rete city will have to undergo memory deletion?"
"Memory deletion? Is it mind magic?"
"Nah, it's a Unique Skill by the purple hair fellows."

Purple hair--reincarnated people like Arisa huh.

"There's no meaning in meeting the emperor if your memory gets deleted right? I'll help you smuggle through the place to prevent the memory deletion if you help me."

This dealing isn't particularly needed since I can get out instantly with Unit Arrangement, but I'm interested in the crown prince's objective for doing this.

"Let me hear your request."
"Dejima Island is going to secede from the empire. I want Shiga Kingdom to back us."

Independence huh--however.

"There is no meaning in having the backing of the far away Shiga Kingdom right? If the empire attacked, it'd be destroyed before reinforcements from Shiga Kingdom came."
"That worry is needless. The empire will be destroyed sooner or later. In order to not get destroyed ourselves by proxy when that happens, we're gaining independence. The parishes on the outer edges of the empire should be moving behind the scenes too, but there is no problem in leaving them alone because those guys are all pious believers."

It appears that the crown prince is aware that the Weasel Empire is in precarious situation where it could garner the Gods' wrath.
Looks like he wants Shiga Kingdom's backing for providing supply and a place for refugees to flee when Dejima Island becomes uninhabitable.

"You don't think that they will avoid destruction?"
"The emperor's will is firm. From the beginning, he's been boasting that the Gods' intervention is included in his plan."

The crown prince replied my question as if spitting out.

"Does the emperor have the mean to oppose the Gods?"
"I asked him the same question, but he just laughed it out without answering back."

The crown prince looks displeased, but then his expression seems like he remembers something and he opens his mouth.

"That reminds me, the bald tactician muttered arrogantly, 『It is something that anyone knows, therefore no one arrives at the answer.』. I don't want to show off a reckless remark of a guy who acted as if he was a sage, but I'll tell you that one thing at least."
"I see, thank you for your kindness."

For some reason he laughs scornfully even though I thanked him honestly.

"Show that gratitude with acts instead."
"The matter about backing huh. I do not mind, but your fall might come sooner than Weasel Empire's ruin you know?"

I have no intention to intervene in a war between Weasel Empire and Dejima Island's independence.

"If something were to fall, that's only going to be this head. This is something that needs to be done to preserve weaselkin blood and cultures."
"Very well, I will talk to Shiga King about it."

After I said that, the crown prince who was bending his body forwards lets himself sunk into the throne satisfyingly.

"Well then Hero Nanashi, I will be waiting for good news."
"You're mistaken, I'm--"
"Hmph, such a poor acting, if you're going to pretend to be a subordinate, don't give an immediate answer to a matter that exceeds your authority."

Oops, I didn't put too much thought on that part.

Now then, about the matter just now, I brought Hikaru with me to meet the king, but unexpectedly, he easily agreed to it even before Hikaru could support me.

Of course it's not unconditional.

We asked them to stop the production and research of forbidden medicines like the [Reborn Seed] used in the terror activities at Shiga Kingdom, and several other demands in order to silence the lineage nobles who don't like demi-humans.

At first we used pigeon carriers to fly about both countries, but since it was troublesome, I brought the crown prince to Shiga Capital to negotiate directly.

"Then let use enter the 『Yamato Treaty』 here."

Thus, one month after my meeting with the crown prince, Dejima Island gained Independence, and the treaty for Shiga Kingdom to be the backer was enacted.
During that period, a thank you letter and mountains of treasures from Saga Empire addressed to Viscount Pendragon who participated in the demon lord subjugation arrived, and the people in the royal castle were in uproar, but since as Satou himself was currently cruising in my airship, I didn't get involved in the uproar.
I pray that it'll be reduced into a lull before Satou arrives in Shiga Kingdom in half a month time.

Hikaru is attending every meeting while also serving as Shiga King's guard, so I can go far away at peace.

The destination is--.

"Satou-kun, is that Saga Empire's old capital!"
"Yes, that's right."

I'm visiting Saga Empire with Earl Muno.

The ones traveling with me this time are Earl Muno, Lady Karina, Lady Soruna, and Lady Soruna's fiancee who has just been elevated to peerage recently, Honorary Chevalier Hauto, and also Tama and Pochi whom are Earl Muno's favorites.

The next Earl Muno, Orion-kun was also eager to go, but Consul Nina stopped him saying that it wouldn't be good for both the earl and the next earl to leave the country at once, so he tearfully gave it up.
I'll buy him some souvenirs in the old capital.

In addition, I also invited Lady Ringrande and Sera whom I accidentally met, but she curtly declined.
Looks like it'll be a while before they can reconcile.

Further, the hero summoning magic circle is not located in the current capital, but this old capital that's governed by a duke.
Besides our airship, there are three large airships anchored in the airport of the old capital.

The number of populace is larger than Shiga Kingdom's Duchy Capital's but less than the Royal Capital's, the temperature is low all year round so there's a lot of people wearing warm clothing.
Many are black haired, and I see Japanese-like flat faces here and there.

"It's slightly chilly isn't it."
"Soruna, you should put this on."
"Thank you, Hauto."

Lady Karina is enviously looking that exchange between Lady Soruna and Hauto.
Lady Karina's clothes are equipped with all-weather air conditioner, so she has no need of a jacket in this degree of coldness.

"This much is nothing nanodesu."
"Tama-kun and Pochi-kun are really strong against cold."

Earl Muno praised Tama and Pochi while trembling in cold.

"Earl-sama, please wear this coat."
"Ah, Satou-kun, thank you."

I saw Lady Karina biting her finger in frustration in the corner of my view.
What are you doing getting jealous of your own father.

"Satou, have I kept you waiting?"
"Not at all, we've just arrived just now."

We got on a luxurious carriage after Princess Maryest's who came to meet us, heading toward the [Hero's Hill] at the old capital's outskirts.
The other hero's followers are in great demands to attend parties with the nobles in the imperial capital.

There's a building made of white stones on top of the hill with unusually good views.
It looks like a Greek historic temple with only pillars ceiling and no wall.

"OOOOOOOOO! S-so this is the sacred place where heroes-sama are summoned for generations!"
"Y-yes, that's right."

Princess Maryest was taken aback by Earl Muno's high tension.
Both Lady Karina and Lady Soruna are also looking around the sacred place with glimmering eyes, though not as bad as Earl Muno.

The day will end if I wait for the three to calm down, so after a while I urge them to advance and enter building.

"Your Highness Maryest, are they Earl Muno and Viscount Pendragon?"
"Yes, they are. He contributed in the fight with demon lord so much I wouldn't be able to speak it all. Don't be rude with him alright."
"If that's what Hero-sama has promised, then it cannot be helped."

And elderly Parion Temple head spoke with Princess Maryest in business-like manners.

Both of them don't seem to get along well.

"Then, over here please."

Following after the temple head who released the barrier, we entered the temple.

--Ooh, this is amazing.

It looks like a common temple at a glance, but when I activate Magic Seer, complex engraved magic circles are laminated not only on the floors but also on the ceilings and pillars.
Each magic circles interact with one another, they're quite artistic and educative.

I've noticed after reading the magic circles that it seems the underground of [Hero's Hill] is a gigantic magic device that accumulates magic power.
The reason why the atmospheric temperature of the old capital is low must be because the magic power flowing in the earth's vein is absorbed by this magic device instead of the City Core.

"Are you satisfied now?"

I only noticed that I had been looking at the temple for quite a long time after the temple head call out.

"Yes, thank you very much. I had shamefully lost myself due to the mystical atmosphere."

I evaded the temple head's eyes that were full of suspicious with the help of Deception skill.
I've completely traced the magic circles here including the magic device hidden underground, so I can reproduce them as much as I like.

It would likely end up connecting with God Parion if I used it as is, so it needs several modifications it seems.

"Temple head! Meiko-sama is--"
"W-we have guests right now."

A miko rushed in when were about to leave the temple and made an obvious verbal slip.

After searching the obviously Japanese name, I see a new hero called [Meiko Kaname] is currently strolling the old capital.
She's carelessly not hiding her Unique Skills, her information is wide open to see.

She has four Unique Skills, [Strongest Katana (Nothing cannot be Cut)], [Unrivaled Mobility (Cannot be hit)], [Infinite Arsenal (Inexhaustible Swords)], and [Foresight].
I think she's just been summoned, yet her level is already 60, higher than Hero Hayato's initial level at 50.

"Satou, let's go."
"Your highness Princess--"
"I know."

Princess Maryest replied the temple head who was going to tell her to keep it a secret as if it was a matter of course and then she escorted us out of the temple.
The thing about Hero Meiko is probably a secret.

"I'm very sorry, but I have to go back to the Imperial Capital now."
"No no, we're sorry for troubling you in such a busy time."

I thanked Princess Maryest who really looked like she was sorry about it, and then we parted ways with her at the old capital's airport.

"Then, let's go tour the castle town."

I strolled the old capital with the Earl Muno family, and went around the ramen shop and Japanese sweets cafés that the heroes in the past visited.
Next, we purchased hero's temple models and hero figurines as souvenirs.

"Mou! Why are all of them Japanese sweets and preserved sweets that are too sickeningly sweet! There's no cute cakes or parfaits anywhere!"

When I turn around at the voice, there's a 14 year old girl with an impertinent look on her face.

There's a handsome bespectacled priest as her guard.
His disposition looks weak somehow.

"I'm sorry, Meiko-sama. It seems that there is this cake called 『Lulu's Cake』 in Shiga Kingdom however."
"Lulu? That sounds like a cold medicine. Well fine, go buy it."
"I'm saying that you go buy it. Don't make me say it twice."

She's quite unreasonable.

She's a girl from roughly the same hometown as me, but this time I shouldn't get involved and ignore her.
The girls should be able to live in this country splendidly.

"Hey! The black hair over there!"

Yet, somehow the girl is in front of me.
Looks like she used Flickering Movement.

"Yes, you! You're a local person right? Guide me to sweets shops. I'm starving for fresh cream!"

The girl is taking a threatening attitude, saying to guide her quickly.

"Me-Meiko-sama, you must not."
"Shut it!"

On the other hand, the attendant priest seemed to have inferred that we were nobles of a foreign country and desperately tried to change the girl's mind.

"Freesh creaam?"
"Pochi wants to eat sweets nodesu."
"Come to think of it, the cake we ate earlier was really delicious."

Lady Soruna mixed in with Tama and Pochi.

Not only the three, Earl Muno also said, "It's about time for having tea isn't it."
The good-natured Earl Muno seemed to sympathize with the girl who sought fresh cream.

"Is there one?!"
"Yes, there is. Let's go to that café over there."
"Meiko-sama, you mustn't be tricked! That café does serve blue tea but it has exactly the same kind of sweets as the ones we saw before."

The girl glared at me as if saying that she wouldn't forgive me if I was lying.

"The shop doesn't have one, but we have cakes in this bag. We can just pay the shop for bringing it inside."
"Really? Then let's go."

With the girl's quick decision, we enter the café with the calm atmosphere.
The bespectacled priest appeared to be a regular here, he immediately asked for a private room.

"Hee, that looks really good."

The girl said that arrogantly in front of the cut Lulu Cake.
However, contrary to her tone, her eyes are sparkling brightly.

"Wha! What's this it's way too tasty."
"Lulu's cake is delicious alright nodesu."

While watching over the children joyfully eating the cake, I slowly drink the blue tea.
Not only Lady Soruna and Lady Karina, Earl Muno is also fond of sweets, they've been savoring the cake absentmindedly.

"That was delicious~ Was that Lulu Cake?"
"Master made it nodesu."

Tama and Pochi boastfully replied the girl who praised the cake she had eaten.

"You're a hero's follower from now on! Follow me as a chief."
"I'm sorry but--"

A silver haired man wearing important-looking priest clothes rushed in before I could answer.

"Lawrence! Get Meiko-sama back to the temple! Didn't I tell you not to let her out since that Sir Pendragon was coming today!"

Well now? Why do they want to prevent me from meeting the new hero?
Seeing me, Priest Warren's face becomes pale.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Viscount Satou Pendragon."
"S-sir Pendragon?! W-why is the Demon Lord Slayer with Meiko-sama?!"

What an awful alias.
Perhaps [Demon Lord Slayer] is a praise in this world?

"Demon Lord Slayer? That Shiga Hero who defeated the demon lord together with the previous hero?"
"Me, a Hero? Perhaps, you're mistaking me with Hero Nanashi-sama of Shiga Kingdom?"

I replied Meiko's question with another question to dodge it.

"Meiko-sama, this Sir Pendragon is--"

The silver haired priest is whispering into Hero's Meiko ear.
The content of his talk was generally not wrong, but by no means could I agree with it.

Thus, I try to talk to her in order to reach a mutual understanding before the misunderstanding goes deeper.

"D-don't come close! You sexual fiend!"

The frightened Hero Meiko jumped to the corner of the room.
Still, sexual fiend is cruel.

I could see the bespectacled priest desperately apologizing in the corner of my view, but such a thing can't heal my wounded heart.

"It's a misunderstanding--"
"You're served by more than 10 women, and sleep together with women from primary school age to adults everyday right!"
"That's the truth, however--"
"I don't want to hear it, I don't want to hear it!"

She closed both her ears and shook her head.

"Sir Pendragon, since Meiko-sama doesn't feel too well, please excuse us."
"P-please wait, Head Miko-sama!"

The silver haired priest held Hero Meiko's shoulder and rushed out.

The bespectacled priest called him Head Miko, but the silver haired priest's gender is undoubtedly male.
It's questionably strange, but let's ignore it since I'm not particularly interested.


The chief of this shop asked to sample the cake with a desperate expression on his face.

"You don't want the recipe instead?"

The chef shook his head with a quiet expression.

"That will be too shameless of me. I am also walking the path of a cook. Once I eat it, I will arrive at that taste someday."

This person said some amazing things.

"Alright then, then I'll put out several kinds of sweets that will likely suit her taste."

Since it sounded a bit fun, I put out several cakes and Castella on the table.
Even Tama and Pochi's eyes are glittering.
I'm going to treat you two to Saga Empire's meat full course after this so right now, bear with it okay.

After encouraging the chef, we went on a meat dishes tour.
Of course, it goes without saying that I reproduced the meat dishes we ate in the tour for the girls who were staying behind.

Now then, now that I've recharged my batteries, it's about time to depart to Weasel Empire's Capital as Kuro.

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