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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission

15-Intermission: Hero's Break


"N-no way! It's curry riceeeeeee!"

The moment the hero saw the curry set lined up on the table, he stood up and shouted out loud.
He vigorously turned around toward me, so I nodded and told him, "It's the real thing."

We're in the annex of the inn reserved for the hero so there's no problem, but I wish he turns down the voice a bit.

"Let's eat!"

The hero put the spoon with curry rice into his mouth while choking full with tears of gratitude.
He's too overenthusiastic I was afraid that he'd scatter the curry rice everywhere but it appears to be an imaginary fear.

"So goooooooooooooooood"

The hero shouted once and then he gulped down the curry rice sloppily.

"Curry really is a drink."
"No no, that's wrong."

I objected Arisa's remark, and offered the dishes to the hero's followers.

"The stew has some peculiar smell doesn't it?"
"It's spicy, but tasty y'know."
"I'm not good with spicy things."
"Ara? Even though it's this good."

Miss Wiyaryi the longearkin (booch) archer and Rusus the tiger ear-kin were happily eating the curry, but Fifi the wolf ear-kin sniffed the scent and backed away from the plate.
Loreiya the priestess is elegantly eating the curry while combing her hair upward.

"Give it to me if you're not eating them."

The hero moved Fifi aside and quickly snatched her plate.
Wait now, stop that, you can have seconds all you want.

"Ah, so this is the legendary curry!"
"It's the phantom dish of which the founder hero sought all his life."

Sera's big sister, Lady Ringrande the [Sky-tearing Witch] and Princess Maryest the [Witch] are trembling from being deeply moved, they don't seem to be able to put the curry on the spoon.
Come to think of it, Hikaru and Lady Karina also reacted similarly when I served them curry.

"Fifi-san, please try this one if you don't like spicy food."
"Oh, that smells nice."

When I offered her a normal omelette rice, Fifi's wolf ears twitch and then she peeks at the plate.

"Hee? An egg dish? It looks like the omelette in Saga Empire."
"Omelette! I-is this red sauce carrot?"

Seina the scout and Nono the secretary who were eating the curry behind the hero came and peered at Fifi's plate from both sides with great speed.

"T-this is mine!"

Fifi, worried about the two's enthusiasm, hides the omelette rice like she's hugging it.

"Fifi, let me have a bite."
"I want to eat it too!"

Nono and Seina pestered Fifi.

"I can't trust your 'a bite'"
"How rude! Unlike Seina, my mouthful is cute."
"Hey, mine is cute too!"

"Thank you for waiting~?"
"Additional dishes nanodesu."

I wanted to see the three's bargaining a bit more, but since Tama and Pochi showed bringing additional dishes, I decided to put an end to the dispute.

"It seems more omelette rice have come, would you two like to taste it?"
"Sir Pendragon is a bully."

Seina immediately got into the omellete rice, Nono put the omellette rice into his mouth while glaring at me.

"It's not, carrot? What sauce is this?"
"Kechup nanodesu!"
"Tomato kechup sauce is it?"

Nono combined Tama's strangely good pronunciation and Pochi's Japanese pronunciation together.

"The sauce is ketchup made from tomato. It's a product from Ringrande-sama's hometown, Oyugock Dukedom."

Lady Ringrande reacted to my explanation.

"Satou? I've never seen that sauce though?"
"Nn, Satou."
"Master developed it, so I refer."
"Hee, as one would expect from the 『Miracle Chef』."

Explained by Mia and Nana, Lady Ringrande called me with a nostlagic title.

Then, Lulu and Liza come into the room pushing a trolley with a big sukiyaki pot on it.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. This is Oumi beef sukiyaki."

The hero who had asked for his fifth helping turned toward Lulu while having his yellowed mouth wiped by Priestess Loreiya.

"Yes, it's a dish from Hero-sama's country."

Lulu doesn't act differently even though the other party is the hero.
She probably thinks people who eat her dishes with relish are the same as our girls.

"Would you like to have raw eggs?"
"Ou, I do!"

On the contrary Liza who's acting unusually tense handed a plate with raw eggs.
I'm praying that her trembling hands aren't because of warrior's excitement.

"Meat nanodesu. But Pochi has to wait since right now it's 『Wait』 nodesu."

Tama and Pochi are staring at the beef inside sukiyaki while drooling.

--Huh? I never ordered them as such though?

"I thought of letting Hayato and the others to eat first."
"You did huh. However, there's no need to worry, I've prepared enough for us all."

It seems Arisa is the culprit.

This time, I obtained the meat by imitating Weasel Empire way to increase meat production.
Since I harvested the transformation of Oumi cow when it reached level 50, the <<Great Mad Buffalo>>, I was able to get more than 100 ton beef.

It doesn't taste as good as the highest grade Oumi beef, but it should not taste that different for the part used in Sukiyaki.

"I've also asked Lulu to make another dish, it should be here soon I think?"

As if matching Arisa's words, brownie maids open the door and carry hamburg steaks and karaage inside.

"It is the time for the hamburg steak sensei to appear nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi turn their, "Can I eat it?", faces at me so I nod to give them the permission.

"Pochi's battle has just begun nanodesu!"

Not only Tama and Pochi, the other girls also begin to eat.

"Is that good?"
"Of coursee~?"
"Gimme one too."
"Of course nanodesu! Hamburg-sensei is big hearted nodesuyo!"

Fifi and Rusus who had finished eating omelette rice and curry joined the subjugation quest for the mountain of hamburg steaks.
It seems the yakitori battlefield which Liza is challenging are joined by Miss Wiyaryi and Miss Loreiya who has secured a bottle of Dragon Spring Liquor.

While watching the peaceful exchange of the girls and hero's followers, I accept a wine cup that Lady Ringrande offered.
It seems there's Saga Empire whiskey inside.

"Satou, thank you. I didn't think that Hayato would be able to laugh that cheerfully until we defeated the demon lord."
"Yes, the atmosphere of torment around him has disappeared neatly. You're the best reinforcement we can ever hope."

I replied Lady Ringrande and Maryest who were awfully flattering with, "It's an honor", toasted and drank the whiskey.


I immediately regret once I drank it.
I should have tasted it more.

"This is a nice whiskey."
"Yes, it's a special whiskey bestowed with the name 『Saga』 that can only be drunk by the imperial family."
"Is it alright to give such a precious whiskey to me?"
"Yes, it's nothing compared to the Dragon Spring Liquor which Loreiya monopolizes."

It's true that you can't get ahold of Dragon Spring Liquor no matter how much money you throw.

"I also have various others--"

Saying that, I took out three small bottles with different kinds of Dragon Spring Liquor inside.
In addition to the Ancient Dragon's and the Black Dragon's liquor, there's also one created with my Dragon Language Magic.

"I smelled some delicious liquor."

Soft mass and sexy drunk voice descend upon my back.

When I turn around, there's Miss Loreiya with flushed face at close proximity.
Her arms are reaching the liquor bottles over my shoulders so my back feels really blissful.

"Loreiya, calm down a bit."
"Look, Satou is troubled."

Princess Maryest reproved, Lady Ringrande pulled my hand to save me from Miss Loreiya's assault.


Perhaps it's a blessing from Lucky Lewd God, I ended up diving into Lady Ringrande's lap together with Miss Loreiya.
Of course it was possible for me to evade it with all my might, but this time I decided to respect the god's will and enjoyed the softness. The impregnable fortress pair is busy treating the hero after all.

Now then, right at this time the hero is--.

"So many loli maids?! I-Is this heaven!"

Staring at the brownie maids with the best smile he's ever had, choke full of tears of gratitude.
I think his reaction is even greater than the time with the curry, but pointing that out would be boorish of me.

"P-Princess Arisa, this is a misunderstanding."

The hero was shaken by Arisa's word.

After this, as to what he would do after knowing that the loli maids are [Legal Loli], there is no way of knowing that for I am not a god.
I'm certain that his soul is surely the embodiment of [YES! Lolita, NO! Touch.]

Thus the night grows late, and the party transitions to drinking time, I let the girls to go back to their room and switch to adult social time.

"Satou, you think we can win?"
"I have no doubt that Hayato-sama will win."

Tomorrow is going to be the end of the demon lord, so I'll make him win no matter what.

Moreover, judging from the demon lord's level, he should have been able to win easily if there was no intervention from the [Dungeon Master].

"That so! I feel like I will certainly win when you said so!"
"Yes, that's what it means to be the 『Hero of Saga Empire』."
"Yea, damn right!"

The hero's cheerful laughter echoes in the party hall, his friends who see him like that seem to have relaxed too.

Subjugating the demon lord should be easy now.

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