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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.4


After leaving Finkel, Lecan proceeded to the capital.

He headed for Wazrof's mansion where he had a meal and one night stay before leaving for Mashajain. He was worried about Norma. He gotta check up if Yacklubend messed with her during his absence.

He pondered on the things he witnessed as he walked in a crowd.

A boss-less dungeon.

The dungeon being in an odd state.

The meaning of <Name Jericho> inscription.

What is Name anyway.

Spy Nirfut once said this.

"Lecan-sama. In this world, you would either lose protection or incur Gods wrath if you change your name without a just cause. Changing one's name is not to be taken lightly at all."

The act of giving a Name in this world carries a serious weight behind it.

And one such event occurred there.

A certain hypothesis was getting formed within Lecan.

There's no denying that it's an absurd notion, but the being that carried it out is someone that cannot be measured up with common sense.

It's probably the correct assumption.

No doubt.

Lecan's intuition is pretty much convinced that he's arrived at the right conclusion.


He stopped walking when someone called his name.

Two hooded men were headed his way as they navigated their way around the crowd.

They look somewhat familiar.

"If it isn't Lecan-sama. I had no idea you were visiting the capital."


"It has been quite some time. I'm Apothecary Shizam."

"And I'm Apothecary Mashram."

"Oh, you guys Guide Skalabel's pupils?"

"Yes! I'm glad we could see each other again."

"Glad to see you guys doing well. Is Skalabel doing alright?"

"Yes. Guide-sama is doing really well. Lecan-sama. Pardon me, but your eye."

"Ah. Got a God Cure in a dungeon. I can see with both eyes now."




Mashram looked around before inching closer to Lecan and spoke in whisper.

"Were you aware that Shira-sama is currently staying at Guide-sama's place?"

"Nah, didn't know. Ah, but she did mention it. I see. She's still there now huh?"

"Yes. Since five days ago."

"Guide-sama is in a really good mood, he's been declining all the tasks he could afford to while immersing himself talking with Shira-sama. And also."

Shizam paused there and resumed in a very low volume.

"They have been casting <Purification> on one another every night."

"Haha. That's good. Yeah. That's real good."

"Would you like to come as well Lecan-sama. I'm sure Guide-sama would be ecstatic."

"Yea. Was just thinking of going to see Shira. Will you lead me there."

Mashram parted ways to resume his task, while Shizam led Lecan to Skalabel's mansion.

A warm smile surfaced on Skalabel's age-chiseled face as he welcomed Lecan.

His condition is looking really good. And younger. His skin has a healthy complexion and most importantly, he's moving around with supple forces. His head lacks hair same as always however.

Shira was there.

She seems somewhat more energetic than the last time he saw her.

No, she is for sure. Shira must have been casting <Purification> on herself after that point on.

The three chatted happily for a while. Several pupils behind them were listening to them, but Lecan didn't really care for some reason. The first topic was of course about Lecan's left eye. Lecan told them how he got a God Cure after defeating a dungeon boss while omitting which dungeon it was.

Skalabel had to leave for the royal palace. Shira thus spoke as he was about to depart.

"Skalabel. I will be heading out somewhere with Lecan. I likely won't be back tonight."

"Eh? That is a shame. O master, will you come back here tomorrow?"

"I can't make a promise. But I'll be sure to show myself up once before leaving the capital."

"It's a relief to hear that. Then, I shall be off. Ah, Senior Brother. Will you send me an invitation to your wedding ceremony?"
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"Stop using that title. Aren't you barred from leaving the capital?"

"I shall make it happen surmounting all difficulties."

"You don't need to force yourself, but I got it. I'll let Marquis of Mashajain know to send you an invitation. Just one's enough yeah?"

"It would be great if you could extend it to me and Amamir. And also a few other attendants."

"Got it. Should be no problem."

After seeing Skalabel off, Shira and Lecan left Skalabel's mansion.

Shira walked on.

Lecan followed her in silent.

Eventually, Shira passed through a gate of a mansion in a quiet residential area.

Lecan followed along while bending his head.

"Oh. Welcome back."

An elderly man cleaning the garden greeted Shira.

"Yep. I've got a guest today. Go ahead and eat some good food somewhere once you're done. And also, I'm sorry but could you stay at an inn or go back to your home just for tonight."

She gave the elderly man one big silver coin as she said that.

"Thank you very much. Then I suppose I'll go see my grandchildren after getting them some gifts."


Lecan followed Shira to the second floor.

They went in a room there, Shira offered a seat to Lecan before she took two goblets and a wine bottle from the shelves and poured it on Lecan's and her own goblets.

"Cheers for our reunion, Jo Jood."

"Jo Jood."

The wine slipped down his throat, revitalizing Lecan's whole body.

"Phew. Good stuff."

"Good to hear."

"Got heaps of things to ask you."

"Yeah, kinda got that sense."

As he wondered where to start, Lecan sipped the wine off his goblet. And asked for seconds.

"Skalabel looked so happy."

"Ah. Oh he was awfully excited alright."

"Same to you too."

"I can't recall how many years ago since the last time I could talk to other people while having fun."

"You mean hundreds of years."

"Shush now. I could say the same to you, you know, you had these gentle and gleeful looks in your eyes as you watched Skalabel talking."

"Yea. That's a good guy. A wonderful guy. I'm glad to see him getting better. And that extends to his heart this time around. Most welcome."

"Right right, I'm sure you're inviting me to your wedding too, aren't you."

Lecan's eyes popped wide open in surprise.

"You gonna come if I did?"

"How could you not invite me when you invited Skalabel. I'm going."

Lecan wanted to ask if she'd be alright coming, but it's Shira, she'll be fine.

"OK, I'll make sure an invitation letter get delivered to your hideout in Vouka. Nothing would make me happier than your presence in the ceremony."

"I see you've learned your way around words that please people. Very nice, very nice."




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