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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.3


Lecan recited the spell to activate <Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

Argent Flame Wolf shouldn't be able to move for a while with this Grace Gear active.

While Lecan can freely.

But then, Argent Flame Wolf vanished a moment before he finished reciting.


It just warped away.

Lecan sensed the peculiar mana wave emanating from it when he was reciting the spell earlier.

He was already done with the recitation by the time he realized what was going on.

However, the wolf would always without fail warped next to Lecan whenever it initiated the jump, until now.

Lecan focused on <Life Detection> to look for Argent Flame Wolf's location.

It's nowhere.

The wolf is nowhere within the search range of <Life Detection>.

That's how far away it has run off to.

Even if the Grace took effect, Lecan had no way to locate the wolf thus no way to attack it. The Grace time limit kept ticking on meanwhile.

He went out of his way to save using the Grace Gear until this point since he was afraid the wolf would be wary of it on the second usage, and that was all for nothing.

"Tch. No choice."

Lecan switched gear instead of dwelling on it.

(I've got this precious time for myself.)

(Gonna make full use of it.)

Lecan refilled <Necklace of Intuador>'s mana.

It was almost empty.

Then he ate bread, jerky and drank water.

He also took Stamina and Mana Restoratives.

They're not quite as effective as he's been taking them all this time.


(That was some fleet-footed fleeing.)

(Hold it.)

(Could it be.)

Could it be Argent Flame Wolf has had experience fighting someone with <Talisman of Darkness Demon> beforehand.

That possibility hit him.

<Talisman of Darkness Demon> has about 28 steps radius effective range. His opponent would hear the spell at that distance. And the wolf was likely familiar with it.

Otherwise, there's no explaining why it suddenly opted to run away at that point.

This was when Argent Flame Wolf suddenly emerged 50 steps ahead of Lecan.

Lecan charged at the wolf.

And recited a spell.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>."

Argent Flame Wolf intensely stared at Lecan as he charged at it in <Invincible> state granted by <Ring of Undying King>.

Its gaze is oddly fierce.

And just as Lecan got within 20 steps to it, the wolf vanished once again.

It's still inside <Life Detection>'s range this time around. But that's still 2000 steps away.


(Wasted two of my trump cards.)

Lecan ran up the gigantic crater slope.
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And ran into the forest.

The Argent Flame Wolf started its pursuit slowly from quite far away.

(Is it still suffering the wound from earlier?)

(No, that's not it.)

(It must have suffered a great deal of damage.)

(But this guy's still got some strength left.)

(No that's not why, it's being cautious.)

Argent Flame Wolf was shocked to witness the magic it shot with all its might reflected in its fullness.

The same wolf isn't aware that <Magic Mirror of Ryin> is unusable for three days after each usage. Hence its only choice is to be on guard.

Lecan doesn't even consider the option to get away from Argent Flame Wolf. Even if he did, the wolf could just warp back right to him regardless of distance. In fact, staying close to it makes the fight easier as he could then observe it.

Lecan jogged slowly to converse stamina at first, but then the wolf suddenly raised its speed, forcing Lecan to do the same.

On the third day, <Necklace of Intuador> used up all of its mana. He can only rely on <Sword of Toron> now. But the sword is incapable of completely nullifying magic attack, so some residuals will inevitably hit Lecan. Queen Spider's armor gradually tore apart until only its remnants left on him. His <Thousands Rock Spider Vest> and his favorite trousers were also completely tattered.

Argent Flame Wolf favors spewing magic out of its mouth, but it would also sometimes let out a barrage of magic circles, and sometimes it would even attempt to burn or freeze Lecan.

Lecan kept casting <Recovery> on himself while taking Mana Restorative. Red potions as well. And water.

After innumerable exchanges of magic and evasive maneuvers, Lecan has grasped the knack to anticipate Argent Flame Wolf's magic. Though the same could be said to the wolf as it's gotten quite good at predicting Lecan's movement. Hence the ebbs and flows haven't actually changed. Lecan would employ <Leg Bands of White Devil> and <Gust> to evade powerful magic.

By the end of the third day, Lecan's speed has obviously fallen.

However, so did Argent Flame Wolf's attacks as they lost its fierceness.

The effect of <Recovery> has dulled after repeated usage, Lecan's body is full of magically induced wounds. He can't heal himself well anymore with <Recovery>. Naturally, Red Potions are useless too by now.

The flight continued on even now.

He had used <Ring of Undying King> and <Talisman of Darkness Demon> again, but the Argent Flame Wolf warped away whenever he did. Nevertheless they afforded him break times.

And then on afternoon of the fourth day, the moment he had been waiting for finally arrived.

As Argent Flame Wolf tried to shoot magic, it let out a feeble 'phew' sound and a puny fireball came out.


(It's out of mana!)

Lecan ceased his flight and savagely ran head on toward the Argent Flame Wolf.


(My legs' shaky.)

Even Lecan is nearing his limit. Stamina Restorative is no longer effective. Due to him taking them for days.

Lecan was gripping Sword of Toron in his right hand and <Wand of Cordyshie> in his left.

The Argent Flame Wolf bent its body down before propelling itself forward toward Lecan.

Just as its razor-sharp fangs were about to crunch on Lecan, a spell echoed.

"<Barrier (Ogdim)>!"

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