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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.7


<Name: Sword of Lecan>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: Medium>

<Hardness: Medium>

<Firmness: Large>

<Sharpness: Medium>

<Wear Rate: Minimum>

<Durability: Maximum>

<Maker: Marquevas>

<Tuner: Mikisuzu>

<Depth: 80>

<Graces: Auto Repair (Large)>

※Auto Repair: Repair damage, reduce wear rate.

Not bad at all.

No. It might be even way too good.

Did this sword have this much Offense back then.

After his experience getting all kinds of swords in Dungeon Tsubolt, Lecan felt that the appraisal result came out a bit too good.

And the Depth being 80. Which is weird.

This sword was not a dungeon item. It was forged by a human blacksmith, Marquevas.

According to Appraiser Termin, swords forged by humans only have Depths that range from 1 to 10. It cannot hope to match the Depths of swords obtained in dungeon depths. However, he also mentioned how swords forged by master blacksmiths could exhibit outstanding performance and handling not made evident through Appraisal alone.

Lecan's trusty sword had an overwhelmingly nice handling. It was the best sword ever to Lecan. But its depth being 80 seems off.

(Hold it.)

(<Auto Repair> turned into a Grace.)

(Right, of course.)
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(Must be it.)

Abilities granted by Enchanters in his original world are appraised as Graces granted by this world's Gods.

Mikisuzu was the Enchanter who enhanced his trusty sword. That was displayed as a <Tuner> in the appraisal result.

Items brought from his world go through some changes in this world.

Depth must be one of such changes. This sword's existential rank or robustness or whatever, Lecan doesn't really get it, must be appraised as <Depth> in this world. That's the only explanation that fits.

"My trusty sword's been repaired. It had been broken into two pieces. And it even got <Auto Repair> function back. Could this be."

"Yep, it's Yacklubend's handiwork. She analyzed the <Auto Repair> jewel embedded on this sword, reforged the broken sword, and re-embedded the jewel back to restore the <Auto Repair> function, see."

"She managed to analyze it huh."

"Yeah. Seems like so. I had her tell me the result later on of course. However, she can't seem to reproduce that jewel. So she can't grant more <Auto Repair> to this world's items. At least not yet."

Lecan was impressed.

He's just happy he got his trusty sword back. And now that he's got it as a failsafe, he can use <Sword of Rusk> without any reservation from now on.

Lecan put his trusty sword in <Storage>.

"I'm grateful for this. Oh yeah Shira, gotta ask you something."

"What is it."

"Can Names read through <Appraisal> change?"

"Names, like whose Name?"

"Say, a sword."

"A sword's name eh. Swords forged by humans ordinarily don't have names. Swords forged by master blacksmiths sometimes get those blacksmiths' names shown in appraisal result. It's called <Signed>. Even an originally nameless sword sometimes gets the name of its wielder if it has been in use for many years by a skilled swordsman. Some call call this <Signed> while some refer to it as <Named>. I think it depends on the school of appraisal. I believe it's to distinguish it with <Signed>, names acquired from master blacksmiths."

"Have there been a <Signed> sword whose name changed into its wielder?"

"There have."

"I see. What about dungeon-dropped swords?"

"You're asking whether this phenomenon occurs with them huh. Dungeon swords never change their names. A dungeon sword with a name means that it's a Grace Gear. Grace Gear's names don't change."

"Don't change eh. Then what's up with this."

Lecan took the <Guardian Jewel of Miko> and put it on the table.

"Well I'll be. So that was with you all this time."

"You know this jewel?"

"Oh I do. Where'd you get it?"

"I stayed at Zaidmahl Territory during my first year in this world."

"Where is that again."

"Way north of Vouka."

"Ah, I see. The land where you beat Earth Dragon Toron, is it. That Zaidmahl Household was the noble house who sold Toron thorns to Chaney Company. It's the land adjacent to the Great Forest."

"That's right. A lady of Zaidmahl House, now known as a maiden of something, got it from her mother and then exchanged the jewel for something I had."

"I see now. So that was where Orie's descendants went to."

"You knew Orie huh."

"I did."

"Go on and appraise this Guardian Jewel."

Shira produced a wand out of thin air, calmly concentrated and appraised the guardian jewel.

Her expression turned into a shock.

"Well I'll be. This thing was definitely <Guardian Jewel of Overlord> back then. And now it's <Guardian Jewel of Miko>. The name's changed. It's a Grace Gear yet it underwent a name change. No wait. Come to think of it, there were cases where Grace Gear change names. Slipped my mind, but it's actually a pretty well known anecdote."

"Hou. Do tell me this anecdote."




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