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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.13


After having his meal, Lecan lay down on his side and stopped thinking.

(So majestic.)

The greenery of the trees, the pouring sunlight and even the blue sky high above.

To think this world was such a majesty to behold.

The world as seen through a pair of eyes is such a vast and bountiful one.

He could hear sounds from a flock of flying birds afar.


(Looks like they're heading this way.)

Lecan got up and took a bow and arrows from <Storage>.

They're common bow and arrows made by human craftsman.

He nocked the arrow and waited for the flock to pass by him.

They flew slightly further to the side.

Lecan let the arrow loose.

It hit its target, a bird that then fell down the ground.

Lecan was surprised by this feat he just did.

He's never been good enough in archery to shoot down a bird flying in the sky accurately.

Yet he knew he'd hit the instance he let the arrow go.

(Is it thanks to me having two working eyes now?)

The shot bird is a beautiful turquoise-colored bird.

With a black head and plume tips. And a slight white color on its neck.

He couldn't remember the name but he's eaten a few of these before.

They taste really good.

He hung the body upside down on a tree branch, cut its neck and stomach before taking the entrails out.

Gonna take some time until it loses all its blood.

Lecan grabbed <Sword of Rusk> out and took a stance with his right hand.

It's different.

There's just something different about it.

It just fits and settles, as if his nerves have been connected to the tip of his sword.

He took one swing at empty air.


There really is something different.

Lecan came to a nearby tree and slashed with his sword.

One of the branches fell down.
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Lecan stared hard at his sword.

Then at his sword-gripping hand.

Neither the sword nor his grip have changed.

Yet it's different.

It's nothing like yesterday.

He swung the sword again.

A leaf flew off the branch into the air.

Lecan swung his sword twice before the leaf could hit the ground.

The leaf got split into three as it fell.


Lecan was shocked at this.

This feat was not possible for him until now.

Hitting falling leaves with a sword is not at all difficult but actually cutting them is another thing.

Besides, <Sword of Rusk> doesn't have the sharpest blade. A blade that's too sharp is also too brittle, unfit for real combat.

And yet he just cut down a falling leaf with one such sword.

And twice at that.

His precision with a sword has seen a remarkable improvement.

It's the eyes.

This is thanks to his regained vision on both eyes.

Lecan acquired <3D Perception> ability in the battle where he lost his left eye.

This ability allows him to detect what's going on all around him over a large area.

Lecan ceased to have blind spots after getting this ability. He can sense how his opponents are moving even beyond obstacles. This ability gives him an incredible advantage when he's fighting multiple opponents.

However, <3D Perception> gives him a sort of a bird's eye view as if he's overlooking himself from slightly above. He needed to retrain his senses in how to move his body right, swing his word and defeat his opponent while in this state. And Lecan's battle prowess became leaps and bounds better after he mastered this retrained sense.

Then does that mean his left eye is useless in battle, no, that's not the case.

Ultimately, some things can only be observed through bare eyes.

Even with <3D Perception>'s assistance, he still needed to combine it with information acquired from his right eye whenever he swings a sword. Against formidable opponents, information gained through his right eye plays a much bigger role.

And now, after having fought over countless battles over the years like that, his left eye got back its vision.

This enables him to precisely grasp where his blade is and which trajectory he should take to cut things as he willed.

This is the exact time where information gathered by his tempered <3D Perceptions> and both his eyes come together in the truest sense.

Lecan's swordsmanship has been sharpened to a new height.

Lecan lost himself in cutting branches and leaves.

He was laughing before he realized.

Cutting branches and leaves all the while.

The day grew darker.

And he found out how he could still see well even in dimly lit conditions compared to when he still only had his right eye.

That fact delighted him further as he kept swinging his sword.

Lecan finally sheathed his sword once the surroundings had gotten completely dark.

(I'm starving.)

He lowered the upside down hanged bird and processed it.

Then he recalled a dish Eda made using this bird as an ingredient.

That was good stuff.

He had just bought the same vegetables Eda used then at Tiren Village.

(Guess I'll give it a whirl.)

He cut off the fatty content, wrap it around the lean meat part and skewered them.

He peeled the vegetables, cut the inner part into chunks and slid them into skewers.

He repeated this process turning them into a meat and vegetable skewers.

However, the first and last parts are both meat.

Then he sprinkled a mix of shaved rock salt and earthy dried nuts on them.

And it's done.

He stabbed the completed meat skewer near the camp fire.

He made more of the same dish and stabbed them all around the campfire.

He sipped some booze as he waited for the cooking process.

Before long, he grabbed a nicely grilled meat skewer and chowed it down.


He reflexively spoke out loud.

He sipped more booze.

And munched on the meat skewers one after another while gulping down the booze every once in a while.

More and more booze.

Smoke rising from the campfire keeps going up into the night sky.

I'm gonna live as freely as this smoke, thought Lecan.

The starry sky high above glittered, giving its blessing to Lecan.

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