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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.12


The appraisal result came as a huge surprise to Lecan.

(The name's changed?)

(Is that something that happens?)

This Grace Gear was for sure called <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

Lecan had appraised it twice until this point, so he couldn't be wrong.

Results of appraisals may and do change as the appraiser gets better.

The results could also differ with particular usages like appraising only the blade part of a sword.

But can the name even change.

(No clue.)

(I lack the fundamental knowledge to draw conclusion on this stuff.)

(Gonna just ask Shira the next time I see her.)

Then it hit Lecan.

He always believed that this Grace Gear was officially named <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

Hence he thought the <Guardian Jewel of Overlord> as Rubianafale's mother called it was just its known name in public.

(That might not be the case.)

It was previously <Overlord> then <Zana> then eventually changed to <Miko>. That might have been it.

Nevertheless, <Miko's Prayer> wasn't there before.

Master appraiser Termin mentioned how inexperienced appraisers sometimes miss a Grace or two, but Lecan is sure that this row was previously <Curse Void> or something. Meaning the Grace changed.

Can Grace Gear even have their Graces changed?

And what does <Tuner: Orie, Rubianafale> even mean. He's never seen this row in all his appraisals before.

No clue.

It's all complete unknown.

And the most puzzling passage is this, 'Only those who have been blessed by God Raikores can activate this Jewel's Graces.' Just what in the world is this.

Lecan doesn't worship God Raikores.

He's never visited Raikores Temple nor has he ever offered valuable objects to the god.

He doesn't even know what's the teaching like.

He should be completely detached from this God Raikores's Grace thing.



Lecan has no connection whatsoever with God Raikores.

However, Rubianafale does.

She comes from a lineage of Raikores Temple's maiden.

He forgot was it <Harvest Maiden> or <Blessing Maiden>, but she's supposedly bearing God Raikore's favor to the point it brings prosperity to the whole of Yufu.

And Lecan just saved Rubianafale.

He protected her from four assassins in Zaidmahl Household.

Then he recently saved her again from a crisis in Yufu.

There's nothing shocking about receiving God Raikores's blessing considering he is the savior of the favored human of God Raikores.

And that's not all.

He also saved Rubianafale from a magic beast's attack when he first came down to this world.

Despite it being a complete coincidence, God Raikores must be thankful for Lecan's assist.

Right as he thought that far, something tugged on his mind.

He pondered just what it was about.

And came to a conclusion.
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(Was that really a coincidence?)

Rubianafale was under attack by a magic beast.

Then Lecan who came from another world emerged somewhere very close to her.

He then defeated that magic beast, saving Rubianafale in the process.

Rubianafale wouldn't have been saved if it wasn't by someone on Lecan's level of strength.

Had he been transported someplace else, he would be blissfully unaware of Rubianafale's crisis nor would he come running to her.

Could such a convenient coincidence really happen?

(Could it be.)

It can't be that God Raikores was the one who summoned him here, can it.

No well, of course, Lecan jumped into the Black Hole on his own volition. No one influenced him on that.

But could God Raikores be the reason for that very rare, pretty much an object of legend, <Black Hole> appearing before Lecan at that timing.

No clue.

He's got no clue, but that explanation sounds more probable than calling it a coincidence out of sheer luck.

(Guess that means Boudo got mixed up in my mess huh?)

Nah, that can't be.

Boudo chose his own path. He must have fallen somewhere else, done what needs to be done and gained many things along the way.

He's sure to meet Boudo again one day. By that point, the strength Lecan has amassed will surely shock even Boudo.

Then he recalled Earth Dragon Toron.

Toron was originally lurking way westward. But just as Zack Zaikaz had made the resolve to defeat the thing, it vanished as if slipping through Zack's palm and showed up to the north of Zaidmahl Territory.

Lecan found that Toron and defeated it.

Hard to believe that he did.

He was made very much aware just what kind of beings are Divine Beasts after his struggle with Argent Flame Wolf.

That Toron got defeated all too easily by Lecan's hands.

As if the Guardian Jewel exhibited a special power only in that instance.

As if telling him to save Rubianafale from the crisis that would befall her with the power he gained from defeating Toron.

(Can it truly be true.)

(Was I able to defeat Toron due to the Blessing from God Raikores?)

(And was it God Raikores who moved Toron to the east?)

No clue.

And yet that sounds very much likely.




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