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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 226

226 Serious


Something didn't click right with me. After watching that, this PM seems to be a serious straitlaced individual.
This episode he had was just because his fuse was finally lit up. Even if it was a fuse to a huge bomb.

(The PM ordered to have the princess killed? No... What was it again? Earl Orc Rye? Solo offense huh.)

The one who sent assassins the princess's way was a noble belonging to the PM's 'faction'. The guy may be in his faction, but that doesn't mean he's been reporting everything he does to the PM.

"PM-san, you were after the princess's life weren't you?"

"...? Quit with that nonsense. She may be that scumbag's daughter, but such thoughts never even crossed my mind."

"But those five knights went in for the kill though."

"I never gave that order. I received a report of the princess heading for this audience chamber while blowing away guards, thus I ordered them to peacefully bring her here, or to detain her if that's not possible."

"...So PM-san, you absolutely have no intention to get the princess killed."

"Oy, what does that mean? What are you talking about?"

"The princess overheard a talk about replacing the throne y'see. I thought that was the reason you were after the princess. I mean the guy we captured let that name out, uh Earl Orc Rye?, of his mouth and all."

"...I have Oaklay gather all the good for nothing nobles under his wing and crush them in one go."
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"What if the princess saw him making an illicit deal or some sorta scheme....?"

"You're saying Oaklay realized that and made an attempt on princess's life."

The PM put his palm on his forehead as he muttered, 'Every single one of them...'

"So PM-san? Weren't you worried when you found out about the princess assaulting this castle? I mean she's known as this arrogant haughty princess."

I tried asking straight. I mean the first thing she uttered here was, 'Where's the king?' after all.

"Regardless of her personality or what forces she controls, there is simply no reasonable chance for the king to be rescued anymore. All the more for a lone powerless girl who has just been called to the capital recently."

"The princess has no chance of saving the king. As in zero. It's not even worth entertaining huh."

That was it. Everything finally clicked together.

"PM-san. This clinches it, that Oaklay guy's been distorting your orders."

"...Haa. Somebody, go and crush Oaklay right away. It is a blunder of mine. As it turned out he was one among the garbage himself. Forgive me."

Four ministers started walking and left the chamber after given that order.
I think the princess has finally gotten her 'guarantee' for real this time. I'm sure there's nothing more they missed nor will this turn into an armed uprising.

"Now then, let's get to the core of the matter."

I forcefully set us back on track after getting sidetracked so much.
The PM looked perplexed.

"Is there more? ...The empire's weapon of war, is it?"

"Sorry for getting off track before finishing that."

The PM looked quite refreshed after his outburst earlier.

(He must have it bottled up tightly. Was it really a good thing for him to let it all out here, or not.)

I feel a bit sorry to the PM knowing what I'm gonna say is putting more burden to him.

"The matter with that weapon of war at the empire has been dealt with. It's a non issue now."




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