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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 216

216 Suddenly Appearing Memory Lapse


The five lunged at the princess altogether. A highly coordinated formation with no opening to dodge or counter.

And just when they all brandished their weapons aloft ahead of the princess, that happened.

BOOM! I believe that would be the correct sound effect?
A forepaw, a gigantic forepaw swiped at the strongest five (lol) at the most exquisite timing, downing them all.

(Oops. I completely forgot about Chimera... But... Oh well.)

Chimera had turned into its gigantic lion mode filling the entire corridor.
As it slowly lifted its forepaw, a bundle of groaning could be found below. I peered at them.

"They're all... alive. Doesn't seem like they're... gonna die. Guess it's cause they're trained soldiers? Or is it thanks to those armor?"

This world's armor must be enchanted with reinforcement magic or something. They're commander class too, so that should goes without saying.
As I sighed in relief, I recalled something.

"Ah, hey. You know that empire weapon you guys talked about? That matter's been settled already."

'By me', I would never blurt that out. No telling what's gonna happen later if I did. I said this after confirming that one of them was still hanging by.

"What do you mean... gufu..."

Kurosu was the only one not passed out. He asked back in doubt. Doing that while still in pain with all the groans shows how much my words bothered him. I can tell he's looking at me even behind the helmet.

"It's a long story, and I don't want to talk about it so not telling. Give it up for now. Not like we have time anyway."

That may be cruel but I'm not obliged to divulge further to these guys.
Still in lion mode, Chimera glared at Kurosu who proceeded to scream quietly and fainted.

The princess managed to still keep her expression despite the sudden development. No wait, something's not right.
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(...Ah, she passed out standing up... Welp...)

I can't blame the princess to break through her tolerance limit after witnessing Chimera without prior explanation. It even showed up out of nowhere without any warning or sign.
Even before that she was about to get hit by those five's weapons.
I was wondering how to deal with this and decided to lightly clap her cheek to wake her up.

(Wonder if this is another classic development too? At any rate, this is awkward. How do I even begin to explain...)

I kept clapping but she wouldn't come back to reality, so I pinched her cheek.
She's out cold with her eyes wide open, must have been quite the shock.

(She's... not dead from shock so this isn't the worst outcome... were it come to that...)

If it comes to that, I would keep regretting it to my grave, heck not sure if I could go on.
The cause of this kingdom princess's death was from a shock due to a sudden appearance of a magic beast I forgot to mention.
It's no joking matter, heck if it's known to public, the shame would be carved in history.

Then, the first line the princess uttered when she finally got back to her sense was.

"Ha! Where am I? Who am I? I must be dreaming, yes. Haha, hahaha..."

Of course the punchline was the classic.




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