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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 203

203 Kingdom Arc (lol)


And then, on noon of the fifth day, we ran into 'that'.
A luxurious looking wagon is being surrounded by about 50 men in filthy looking attires who are weirdly well commandeered.
Around 30 knights are guarding the wagon, but some are on the ground, some look wounded while still holding on to their swords and some are frantically trying to keep the wagon safe.
There's a fallen tree ahead of the wagon preventing its escape, and only around 15 knights look fit to still be fighting.

(Oh crap... This is heading in the worst direction. This must be...)

Our coachman has stopped our stagecoach far away from the scene of attack. Safer this way.
The mercenaries aren't moving out either. Yep, their job is to escort this coach, not that wagon.
That's not why I think this is bad. It's because I've noticed this being a 'flag' that sets off an 'event'.

"...That's a wagon belonging to the Kingdom. Being 'made to look' like it's been attacked by bandits eh."

I overheard the mercenaries mentioning 'that', meaning I really should not give it a hand here.

"Another assassination in the succession war huh. Those royal family bunch sure are wild."

I heard 'Another'. I couldn't help having my mood worsening.
Disgusting. I feel restless. Even though I tried to convince myself that it's not for me to butt in nor do I have a reason to, I just couldn't contain it.

By the time I heard sounds of clashing swords, I jumped out of the stagecoach, abandoning 'Ordinary'.

(This is just a one time thing. I only need to end it in an instant and get back without anyone realizing. Then I'm back to ordinary.)

===  ===  ===

I picked up a sword of a fallen knight and ran around in Accelerated state.
Swinging my sword at every single bandit lookalikes. I feel no resistance under Accelerated state. Which is terribly dreadful. But now's not the time to think about that.
Dealing with around 50 men was annoying, but I kept at it leaving only a man who had no sword out.

(This guy looks to be the one in charge, guess it's better to have him arrested? Like to find which faction and all... nothing to do with me though.)

I rushed here in a hurry and yet got to be this calm now.
I returned the sword to the knight and ran back to my stagecoach.

===  ===  ===
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Thud thud thud, sounds of something falling in succession. I turned my face in the exact opposite direction.
I already know the end result. Gotta act like it's got nothing to do with me. Also, I don't wanna see the harrowing spectacle.

"What in the hell going ooooon!?"

I could hazard a guess as to the owner of this yell.
Not a second later, another voice could be heard, 'Arrest him!'

(Yup, that's one matter taken care of. I'm back to ordinary now. Yep, 'Ordinary'.)

Before long, smell of blood drifted here. There were about 50 of them. All now headless. The cut arteries must gush out lot of blood.
It's easy to imagine that carnivorous beasts from the forest would gather here sooner or later.

The escort knights also realized that as they kept yelling in an attempt remove the fallen tree.
That tree must have been the bandits' handiwork. And this must be a plan to assault a royalty high on the succession right.
It's also easy to guess that information about their route must have been leaked.

(Let's forget about all this once I reached the Kingdom. I'm not going to stick my nose in.)

I just know. Getting involved in this mess will thrust me into the so called 'Kingdom Arc'.
The problem is how to avoid it. Thinking about it, I'm already an actor in it.
It all stems from how easily I'm spurred to action. Though I'm confident I'll be staying incognito this time around.

However, that thought process never accounted for unlikely scenarios.
One of the knights came over and gave an order.
The order itself wasn't necessarily odd.

"Oy! You lot are travelers heading to Kingdom are you not? You are to help us dispose of the bodies."

Despite the word help being there, this is compulsory. You cannot object to this.
The mercenaries replied back. Shrewdly at that. Negotiating for rewards.

"We'd love to if those bandits' belongings and money get to be ours."

"Permission granted. Do as you wish."

The knight looked at the mercenaries in derision before quickly going back to the royalty wagon.





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