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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 208

208 Light a Fire Under Your Rear!


Looks like she finally got it, but then she started pondering.

"I do not wish to be a monarch. Nor will I stand becoming a tool. What do I want to accomplish..."

It wasn't something she couldn't answer, it seemed more like this was the first time anyone asked her that.

"I wish to save our citizens. That was the reason I studied as much as I could. Flood control, public works, budget management, all kinds of things. I would like to find an employment somewhere I could make use of my knowledge."

"Aren't you a royalty? Normally you're the one giving orders to people who can do all those. Where's the need to take it up yourself? It's way too inefficient."

"This kingdom is rotten to the core. So much so I witnessed an act of bribery soon after I arrived here. And it was done in the middle of a hallway anybody could pass by."

I'm done with polite speech. Yet the princess didn't get angry. She really doesn't seem to mind at all.
Thus I threw away all decorum in my words.

"That's not something you can change by yourself. If everybody around you is in it, forget making a change, you alone is just gonna get crushed. People like those hate the honest type. They'd go straight for your jugular. You've put exactly zero thought behind that wish of yours."

The princess's apparently pretty smart but not street smart.

"I have been adopting a false persona all my life. Nobody is willing to listen to me."

"Man, you sure are quick to give up yet love to cling on particulars. Just start now then. Lay out the groundwork. It's not too late. Besides don't you have an achievement already. Just quit with the act and have a direct talk with the king."

"...What are you talking about? Achievement?"

"Go straight to the king and tell him everything you've been hiding. Won't most of your problems go away just by doing that? You just gotta lead the conversation right."

"I am completely lost as to what you are referring to. Could you please explain to me concretely."

And she doesn't think about it. She might have studied too much her way of thinking is unbalanced.
By giving advice like this, I'm prepared to go all in on this issue.
Even if it meant getting dragged into the jumbled mess of the kingdom.
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"Drag the earlier raid's perpetrator to the king and tell him the truth. That includes how you successfully revitalized that village. How it's all thanks to your commands. Sell him how capable you are."

"I cannot possibly commit to that! What are you thinking?!"

Thus the princess who still hasn't grasped the situation she's in protested.

"Going at it piecemeal by piecemeal after being incognito all your life ain't gonna do jack shit. Now that you've been cornered to this point, you ain't gonna get out of this if you don't aim for a clean sweep. Your hard work won't bring you to your wish until you grab the nation's top brass by the scruff of their necks. Go ahead and struggle all you want, best you get is still gonna be far from finish line. You don't have the leisure to slowly find more allies while being on your best behavior either. You've gotta make a huge reversal. Not a sink or swim. This is simply your best chance to drive the biggest stake down. There's no more leeway to even wait a bit. Bum rush it to the end or else it's your end. You've no time to hesitate either. Push through with your ego and haughtiness here. Make it your last performance. Otherwise that's that for you. Simple as."

I only know a bit of the princess's situation, but it's crystal clear that she's at a critical juncture.
She's got no future if she doesn't take the plunge now. They've sent assassins her way already. She'd have died for sure if I did nothing back then.
And that would leave me feeling like crap every time I got up in the morning.

What I said is akin to a threat. But it's not in jest.
Doing nothing after this would only result in more assassins coming.
And dead would be this princess's fate sooner or later.
She doesn't seem to understand the gravity of her situation if I didn't say all that.
She's gonna misunderstand again if I don't say it outright.
Thus I did. Here.

"If you wanna die without accomplishing anything, feel free to. But if you're gonna go for a kamikaze, gun blazing and all... I'mma lend you a hand. In for an inch and all."

"...Kamikaze, gun blazing... What are those?"

Yeah, I'm not gonna see eye to eye with this princess.





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