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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 210

210 Charging Ahead In the End


They will choose an idiot who has no ear on people opinions yet they can push around at will.
They'll back him and garner support to instate the guy as king. As a convenient puppet. His will is completely irrelevant.
The more cowardly that king is, the better. A quickwitted king would realize that he's nothing but a disposable spare that can be replaced anytime.
And once he's replaced, he'd be disposed of later in secret to prevent leakage.
Bum rushing into this group of dregs and their puppet king alone would only end with her receiving a life of confinement.

"No... Isn't there anything we can do at all!?"

"Wha? Anything what, nothing of course? To begin with, let me ask you this, do you even have the whole picture of this kingdom's situation when you just moved to the capital recently? This is my first day here too, I'm pretty much clueless about this kingdom, y'know? Can't you at least consider your surroundings before relying on others? Only an idiot would ask someone who has no clue on a topic about for help. Are you an idiot?"

I went past being prickly and name called a royalty. Normally, I would be off with my head after that. But the princess told me to drop the formal speech and all. If she deemed that me being rude, I'd just get off the carriage and disappear. An escape path from this mess without hurting my conscience. All's well.

(I'd get to see this princess's caliber, I can just flee if things go south anyway, might as well go all out on the insults.)

I waited for the princess's reaction while scheming that inwardly.

"...Indeed, I should have composed myself better. My resolve was empty on the insides. I must show with actions, more than words. That's it."

Looks like her 'caliber' isn't shallow at all. But her next words were foolhardy.

"I shall keep the act of a selfish and haughty princess for the sake of exposing the injustice in this kingdom. Let us run amok in a game of make believe in the name of justice to gather evidence."
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I'm getting flustered hearing her. I mean what follows that would be...

"I appoint you as my bodyguard. I accept no objection. The crime of lese majeste is nontrivial just so you know? Make sure to follow my order if you do not wish to become a wanted man, okay?"

For better or worse, she's turned it on me. I tried to mount a resistance as she shut down my escape path.

"Eeh, don't you have these royal guards with you? Why should it be me?"

A futile attempt. But I gotta cling to the end.

"To be frank with you, I do not trust Morf. He was posted as my personal bodyguard after my arrival at the kingdom. We never had a personal bodyguard in our rural life beforehand. Not even a maid. I can only believe in myself. Thus what my mother always reminded me. 'You must only believe in yourself.'"

The princess started narrating how much she went through.

(Heavy... Way heavy... I guess I can't get this weight off until I see this to the end...)

I wouldn't be able to stay in the kingdom if she really made me a wanted man. Making my journey here a complete waste.
I'm gonna keep my last resort, 'escape' until the very end. Since I don't have information on other nations.
For now, the only thing I could do is make her promise me.

"I'm quitting once this is all over and done with. That's the term of condition. Afterward, you must not make any further contact with me. You must not make me a wanted man. Is that fine with you?"

"...Very well. I am counting on you."

The princess stared straight at my eyes before dropping another bombshell.

"We will be arriving at the capital at the end of the day. Let us charge ahead into the royal palace and make a mess out of it."

I could only open my mouth in agape, trying to process what the hell she's even saying.





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