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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 204

204 Unforeseen!


Unforeseen situations could arise anytime. That's just how it works in this world.
Exactly like my situation now.

"Oy, you there and you. Also, that man over there! Lend a hand. We'll pay you."

The mercenaries called for help from the men inside the stagecoach.
Those men are ordinary people. They don't take well to dead bodies, nobody proactively steps forward.

"Oy. Tch! Damn. Fine, go help those knights move the tree then."

The asking mercenary changed his approach.
Their work wouldn't go smoothly either if it took too long to move the tree, and there's also the danger of beasts coming over.
Those knights also seemed exhausted from the fighting, they were having trouble with the tree.
And if these mercenaries managed to get these passengers to help, the knights would have a better opinion on them.

The male passengers took to it and stepped out of the stagecoach one by one to assist with the tree moving work.
I alone went to help the mercenaries with the bodies.
Since I knew it'd take too long for these mercenaries alone to deal with all those.

"Hm? You wanna help us? Go ahead and line up those bodies on the roadside."

I nodded silently and started doing as asked.
All while praying for them in the afterlife.

(Blame your bad luck if you wanna blame something okay.)

"Ou! This one's a damn fine sword! It's my main now!"
"This fella's got lotsa cash on him. The hell, we're makin' a huge killin'!"
"Thought this job was getting old. And lookatit, massive profit. The armor's done for, but their swords' are all good stuff."
"But y'know? Why'd all of 'em got done in all of a sudden?"
"Fer' sure, the heck was that. But who cares? Think 'bout all the cash we're gonna drown in selling these."

I overheard the mercenaries talking.
Someone was peeking on them. From inside a wagon. The royal wagon.
I didn't notice. I couldn't possibly notice.
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The royal family side was done treating the wounded. Fortunately, nobody died.
Once the tree was moved out of the way and the mercenaries were done taking care of the bodies, just as we were about to set out, a lone girl came out of the wagon. The royal wagon.
From what seems to be the escort knights' leader, I could hear, "Princess, you mustn't come out!"

(...I've got a bad feeling about this... No, no way, can it?)

I'm already on board the stagecoach but my alertness level went to maximum when I heard the word 'princess'.
Sounds of footsteps coming closer to this stagecoach.
Her voice was sonorous yet had a tinge of arrogance and selfishness to it.

"You over there... I'm not talking to you! The man hiding his face in hood next to you, yes you!"

Other passengers leaned back while making a stir as the so called princess pointed her slender fair finger at me.

"You! Come and entertain me! I will hear no objection!"




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