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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 212

212 A Small Giant March


We got into another dispute by the castle gate. Our wagon got the kingdom's coat of arm on it and yet the guards stopped us.

"Halt. Please comply with an inspection. May I know who is riding on the wagon?"

Normally, the escort knights or the lady in waiting should answer him. But the princess herself replied it.

"I am Katrina. Can it be that you don't know your king's daughter? What an incompetent guard. Let me pass right this instance. Or else, you may as well quit this job."

She may be threatening that, but there's no way every single guards in this kingdom would know about a royalty who just came back to the capital after living in a rural village all her life.
Also, this princess shouldn't have the right to order that, and yet the guard still opened the gate. With a pale face.

(I guess she's been acting haughty all this time. Of course she's used to it. Pretty effective on some foot soldier.)

We're bringing the bound assailant with us. So here comes my turn.
The wagon stopped, the princess got off followed by me.
This is the first time I set sight on this country's castle and the entrance filled my entire vision. The building is just that huge. I can't even see it in its entirety from here.
It's outfitted with dazzling ornaments all over. The marble surface is reflecting blinding lights along with those ornaments.

"Hand over that assailant to this man. Right away! Didn't you hear me? Get to it right now!"

I approached the soldier guarding the assailant and grabbed him by his neck before dragging him with me.
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"I will now go see father. All of you can leave now. Go away."

All the soldiers besides Morf left afterward. The wounded and the uninjured went their separate ways. Must be to tend the wounds and reporting to their superiors.
Morf who remained advised the princess.

"Princess, I'm sure you must be tired. Please get some rest and tomorrow you can..."

"My, Morf. Didn't you hear what I said. I don't need you anymore if you keep objecting me. You're an eyesore. Could you please disappear from my sight at once and never show yourself before me again?"

Even if Morf was being sincere there, saying that now was akin to confessing himself as an enemy.
Morf who had no idea about the situation could only see the princess pityingly before leaving, 'If you'd excuse me.'

And just when we were about to go in the castle, somebody else spoke out to us. It's an old man with an exquisite standing posture, must be a butler.

"Princess, allow me to guide you."

Naturally, you'd for sure get lost in this huge architecture without a guide. I'm confident I would. Would be hilarious if we couldn't find our way to our destination.
But the princess rejected his offer. The butler seemed to find that surprising. He frowned.
She kept walking forward without caring about him. I could only follow her.

"I have been here before. I'm familiar with the insides. I don't need a guide. Understand?"

She must be talking about how she was living in this castle in her childhood.

(Really? She's not just saying it, is she? Just please don't let this turn into a wild goose chase.)

Or maybe she got to see the king when she got recalled here recently and she still remembers the path?
Perhaps, she used that chance to memorize it? Either way is fine as long as we won't get lost to me.




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