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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 205

205 Mask


I'm inside a wagon. A royal wagon complete with its luxurious interior and fluffy chairs.

(But how! My disguise was perfect and they couldn't have known it was me who took care of those bandits. And yet this 'princess' made a beeline straight toward me with pinpoint accuracy!?)

I was considering my options when told no objection.
How to deal with that as someone who aims for ordinary.
Yes, an ordinary man would rarely have the chance to talk to high class people. Let's go from that.
Thus, the 'ordinary' me should say this while looking flustered.

"Your royal highness, I am but a humble birth. I beg your pardon. I am afraid my lack of decorum would only slight my lady. Please have mercy on me."

"Did you not hear me. Just be quiet and come."

She countered with another egoistical princess's remark, and now I'm stumped.
I could physically get away from this place. But that's not 'ordinary'. I won't pick that option.
The princess's guards all had varying reactions, from looking flustered to having bitter faces.
After thinking a bit, avoiding this event as an 'ordinary' man is simply impossible.

"Understood. It is as you wish, my lady."

That was the only thing I could say to break the silence. And thus I got in her wagon.

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Just as the escort knights were done preparing and about to depart, what seemed to be the leader voiced his opinion.

"Princess, as the one in charge of your protection I cannot allow someone of unknown origin to stay with you right after that attack."

"Morf, I said it's fine. Or are you saying I have no 'eyes'?"

"...I have nothing more to add if you would go that far. But please know that I shall cut that person down if I deem him a danger."

"That will not happen. Hear me? Such things will not happen."

The group departed after the princess said that twice.
The wagon ran so smoothly with minimal shocks. The insides were quite spacious. Yet it felt cramped to me.
I'm the only other person besides the princess here. There's not even a maid or an attendant.

(This is mentally draining. Just what's gonna happen to me...)

This event of princess personally invited me over to her wagon will definitely develop into another pain in the rear.
As I was thinking that, the princess spoke. In an entirely unexpected way.

"I understand that this sudden invitation must have come as a shock. First allow me to apologize for that. Please forgive me."

Wha? I could only let that out before freezing.
I mean this is a completely different person than the princess who pointed her finger at me earlier. Anyone would be surprised.

(...Tsundere? Not! This is... a bluff? This is her original personality and the other one was superficial huh.)

As I remained silent unable to process what's going on, the princess resumed.

"Pardon me for my late introduction. My name is Katrina. I could never thank you enough for saving me from that predicament. Please just call me Rina."

And now she's thanking me, I don't get it. She even told me to call her by a nickname. I can't find a word to say.

(Where should I even start? Gotta be careful or I'd dig myself a hole here. Is this princess convinced that it was my doing? How come?)

I haven't given up here. It's my chance to get back to 'Ordinary Route'.
At the rate this is going, I'm definitely heading to 'Kingdom Arc' if I go with the flow. That's no joke. But my instinct is telling me.

(I'm already at a point of no return... wonder why? Can I really not stay in 'Ordinary Route'?)

I grumbled inwardly. Princess Katrina still intends to keep talking despite my silence.

"I have a favor to ask of you. I realize it's impudent of me, but could you please save me?"

And thus the princess said the words I feared most.




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