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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-41

14-41. Wyvern Kingdom (8) The Fake Apostle


Satou's here. I feel that I become unusually temperamental when I'm tired. Even though I know that it'll get better if I take a warm bath and enough sleep, it's hard to attain such luxurious chances.

A priest with white robe walks toward us in the open space which has been quieted down by Sera's magic. It's the fake apostle.
I cannot see the fake apostle's visage since their hood covers until the nose. The long hair spilling from the hood is blue colored.

--Is the fake apostle not a reincarnated person?

The fake apostle doesn't use healing magic at the injured people even while looking at them sorrowfully.

The fake apostle stops about 10 meter before us.
I think they want to be outside the range, but it's already within the range of Macho Warrior and the prince who have Flickering Movement.
<TLN: 'They' as in gender neutral they as it is on the raw.>

"--You're hurting soldiers and commoners."

The fake apostle said in shaking anger with a slightly husky voice.

Still angry even after getting the [Erase Evil Effect] and [Calm Field] huh, it seems the fake apostle needs more calcium.

"Huuh? Who the hell are you?"
"Be careful, he might have some plans."

Macho Warrior who heard the fake apostle's muttering scowled, the prince warned him while holding the Dragon Fang Spear.
Looks like the prince has regained his composure with Sera's magic earlier.
I'm glad that he's returned to his intellectual staff officer-type character.

"Military that doesn't perform civilian control is merely a violent organization."

The fake apostle arrogantly said words that sounded like some superficial knowledge.

I think civilian control is no different from violence.
Moreover, does this world even have the concept of civilian control?

Somehow, I have a bad feeling that we can't have a talk, let alone persuading the fake apostle.

"A mere violent organization is the same as Yakuza--"

The pair of eyes inside the hood are shining purple.

"Oy, I've a bad hunch."
"Are you telling the truth? Your hunch is something that can't be disregarded."

Macho Warrior muttered, the prince looked sour.

"Become salt with my 『Infinite Salt Maker』!"

--Oy oy.

I reacted late since I was distracted with the skill's name which sounded familiar.

White fog sprout out from below the fake apostle's feet that are shining purple painting the surrounding white.
The white Tsunami swallows weeds, bushes, and rocks while leaving white objects behind it--they're probably things that have turned into salt.

Apparently it's a skill that turn anything, regardless if it's organic or inorganic, into salt.
According to AR reading, the fake apostle's MP has decreased, so it's probably a type of skill that consumes MP.

"This is baad."
"We're withdrawing--Sir Pendragon too, quick!"

Macho Warrior and the prince quickly made the strategic decision of retreating.
The speed of salt-turning wave is accelerating, but they should be able to evade it with their physical ability.


I took out a small palm wood chip and threw it at the fake apostle's face. Of course I perfectly held back.
With a thud, the fake apostle's face was hit and they fainted.

The salt wave isn't stopping even after I've defeated the fake apostle.

".... ■■■ Divine Light Wall"

Sera invoked an advanced level magic, a glittering light wall appeared.
The salt wave that touches the wall scatter into light purple and blue sparks.

It seems she has [Chant Shortening] like her older sister, Lady Ringrande, her magic invocation is faster than I thought.

Even Arisa was surprised to see her learning advanced level magic of both [Holy Magic: Tenion Belief] and [Light Magic] despite being level 43.
The experiment to see whether skill given through [Gift Orb] could level up appears to be a success.

I thoroughly drain the fake apostle's MP with [Mana Drain].
In addition, I tied the fake apostle with [Thorn Foot] rope to prevent MP recovery.

"Viscount-sama, are you alright?"
"Yes, I'm okay."

Soldiers came running out of the checking station.
It seems Macho Warrior and the prince are staying in the station.

"Satou-san, I'd like to treat the injured people, may I?"

I check the positions of the agents on the map.
Other than the wounded one who got left behind, the agents have split into three groups in different locations with a pair in each group.

"Yes, no problem."

I consented Sera's request and asked the captain to guard her.
I also asked the soldiers to watch over the fake apostle.

Using nature's call as an excuse, I walk to a bush alone.
There's something that needs to be taken care of before interrogating the fake apostle.

"You called~?"

Bounce, ninja Tama in pink hood appeared from my shadow below.
I was just muttering alone, 'I'll call Tama with Unit Arrangement', but she appeared by herself instead....

Apparently Tama's Ninjutsu can do the same thing as shadow magic's [Shadow Portal].

I squat down in the bush and display a map with [Illusion] magic in front of Tama.

"This is our location, these ones over there with the red points are the suspects."
"Aye aye sir~"

I was still in the middle of my explanation, but Tama dived into the shadow and then screams occurred from among the refugees.

"Viscount-sama! Something seems to be happening over there."
"It's fine, it's just one of my subordinates."

I replied 'it's okay' to the soldier who call out from the opposite side of the bush.
It seems ninja Tama's acts ended before long, she jumped out of the shadow with five agents wrapped in bamboo mat.
Everyone is unconscious, maybe because they were being carried inside the shadow space.

"Secured bad people~?"
"Thank you Tama. Do you have any request for the dinner?"
"Yess, hambuurg~?"
"Alright. We're having a hamburg steak full course today."

After I said that, Tama disappeared into the shadow after happily dancing the [Rejoicing Dance] secret version.

"Th-these guys are?"
"The ringleaders of this case."

I drag one of the agents back, while leaving the rest for the soldiers to carry.

The captain asked how I caught them, but I answered, "It's a secret."
They must have interpreted that there were Shiga Kingdom's secret agents lurking.

"--Did I lose?"

The fake apostle seems to have woken up.

"This is a rope that absorbs magic power right?"

I affirm the fake apostle's question.
Since the soldiers are currently busy dealing with the agents and the male refugees, it's only Sera and me who are in front of the fake apostle.
The refugees who had been treated went back to their location.

"Why were you trying to kill the prince and me?"

I crouched down in front of the fake apostle and inquired about the reason.

The fake apostle who realized that they were trying to harm a royalty is panicking noticeably.
Looks like they're unexpectedly someone of lower middle class.

"In-injuring the populace, they can die out for all I care."

Apparently, they decided not to hear it and continue the talk.

"Those people were the ones who kidnapped Silga Kingdom's people and injured the hostages. The prince and his friend only helped their citizens and punished the criminals."
"H-however--th-there shouldn't be any need to kill them."

The fake apostle made a forced excuse to Sera's sound argument.
It seems the fake apostle is poor at debating.

Apparently, they didn't have any ulterior motive, they just jumped out without thinking when they saw militant men killing commoners.
Even if they have Unique Skills, I can't believe they survive this long with such a simplistic thinking.

"Those lizards were clearly stronger than humans."
"Therefore, they should catch the criminals who harmed their citizens without killing them?"
"Th-that's right!"

--Un? The fake apostle said some subtle racial discrimination just now.

The fake apostle agreed to Sera without noticing her cold tone, maybe because Sera looked like she was listening to them.
Sera is kind to the weak, but as a descendant of a Duke house, she's strict to people who disturb order.

"What's the point in that?"

Sera continued talking to the confused fake apostle.

"Do you know what would happen if they were arrested alive?"

Sera pauses, the fake apostle doesn't speak back.

"Bandits who surrender will end up becoming crime slaves and be forced to work in manual labors, they rarely get executed."
"Th-that's right!"

Sera shuts up the fake apostle who reflexively spoke during her speech with a cold glance.
Sera has completely taken the pace.

"That is only the case if the bandits injured a commoner."
"Just what are? ....Ah."

Apparently, the fake apostle realized what Sera wanted to say.

"People who meant harm toward royalty won't end up just by getting executed. Their whole families will be executed for the crime of treason. In this case, it probably would have applied to the refugees."

Sera might have slightly exaggerated it, but getting all the members executed is a possible discretion of the king.
If I had to say, the stone-throwing at that time would have likely be viewed as a problem, but we can just throw the whole responsibility to the mysterious group [Cannibal Snake] that was the heart of the problem.


Purple ripples develop on the fake apostle's body.

Oops, please don't rampage in this place.
I could do something about it even if it was a demon lordfication, but I'd like to refrain doing that in a place with this many witnesses.

"--People aren't segmented by class!"

The fake apostle who turned the Thorn Foot rope into salt stood up while saying so.
Objects that have been turned into salt drop down below the fake apostle.

The whirling salt crystals are reflecting the sunlight, glittering.

The too slender upper half of the body is hidden by the flowing purple hair, the lower half of the body is covered by the whirling salt smoke.
I took out a sample of mass-produced mantle from my bag and threw it to the fake apostle.

"--Wear your clothes, you exhibitionist."

It's a naked body of a beautiful girl who will likely drive a certain group of enthusiasts wild, but since it's out of my preferred range, I don't feel happy seeing that.
I'll gladly appreciate it if it's in five years time.

『Wha, who's an exhibitionist--ueee』

The fake apostle who finally noticed her situation holds her body and crouches down.
She hides herself in the mantle I gave while turnig bright red.
It looks like she was really flustered, she said the last line in Japanese.

Apparently she failed to control her skill well when she was cutting the rope, her wig and clothes turned into salt too.

I look at the fake apostle who's a reincarnated person, agents of a mysterious group, and the refugees who have humans supremacy doctrine, in turns.
Let me see, what will be a good middle ground.

I'd like to settle this and quickly get back to the pleasure trip.

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