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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 309

309 Hide-and-Seek


"This cannot beeeeeeee! I! I am the greaaaaat!"

The pitiful skeleton has been cut in two.

He didn't even realize I was walking around behind him.

All it took was one slash. Wraith King, Rydas XII got cleanly split in two.

"Oh, that went off spectacularly~. I mean, why the heck are you people so quick to forget me?"

Clatter, the skeleton fell down the ground not even even twitching. It cast off a pale blue light for a while as it gradually turned transparent before vanishing for good.

"A, a, aah? Hey! You! That Wraith King!? Just? Just like that!?"

Mary looked like she got something to say while the other members forgot to shut their gaping mouths. They were frozen in 'Ah' state like they couldn't believe what they just witnessed.
I cut the crown and mantle along with Wraith King so they seemingly disappeared together. Only the bishop staff remained.
I took that staff in my hand.

"Hey? Is this thing any good? Guess it's our loot. I don't need it though, here you go."

I threw the staff at Melgis who can probably appraise it like he did the mithril knife.

"Y-yea... We'll take it off you... Oy, t-this thing's crazy?!"

He let out a surprised yelp from the instant appraisal result.

"It's got an enchant that doubles your mana... I've never seen... this enchant in my life before."

I don't really get this appraisal ability.
Is that something you can learn just like that in this world? Or do you need a special permit? Or is it a superpower?
Being able to immediately find out what kind of magic enchant that staff has, is Melgis a highly skilled appraiser?

"That's simply incredible... I don't believe you can find a mana enchanter capable of granting an enchant like that no matter where you look in this world..."

Firuna came to her sense and sighed at the result.
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"Guys, now's not the time to space out. We gotta look for the core in this room."

Kidd reminded us our goal. Yep, a dungeon is conquered only once you have retrieved or destroyed the core.
The issue of Wraith King has come off their mind it seems.
We took a breather before starting our search but we couldn't find any path or stair that connects to the next part.

"Guessing it must be some sort of hidden passage. Kinda interesting."

My young boy's heart got excited at this prospect, but Mary got mad at me.

"What's interesting about it! We're stuck here if we don't find it you know? You've been complaining about wanting to leave this dungeon all this time haven't you! You go find it!"

Mary yelled at me like she was venting her anger. I don't get it.

"Let's split up the work. First look for anything suspicious on the wall."

Danku proposed a most logical solution here. Of course. This chamber is very big after all. It's gonna take quite some time.
That's if there is a hidden passage here. If that passage to the dungeon core is located in the path we took to get here, finding it would be troublesome.

And yet, one possible place for a hidden spot immediately came up in my mind. That is.

(Somewhere around the throne. That's just definitive. It's not in the test though.)

As the entire 'White Fang' desperately searched around the wall for anything out of place, I went straight to the throne.





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