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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 305

305 Finally Funtime


"How could you so nonchalantly get within such a precarious range? And all while bathed in Goblin General's pressure..."

Kidd seemed surprised at my undertaking. But it was really nothing to me.
All you need to do is strike where the 'opportunity' and 'range' converges.
A wide open bosom and a moment it paused for a bit.
Goblin General had those both exposed just like that.
All I did was attack there. It's nothing difficult. You do need some courage and power of observation to put that into practice however. Also a bit of experience.

"Come on now, let's head to floor four. No point wasting time idling here."

I urged Melgis. Gotta have him scout for traps and such ahead.

"Phew. Got it. Let's go."

Melgis sighed once before pulling himself together. Looks like he's gotten his focus back.

We went down the stairs for a while. It was quite long, we were yet to arrive on floor four.
But then, Melgis who had gone on ahead to check for traps came back.

"Floor four is a straight passageway. There's rows of prison cells on both sides. It's like some sort of narrow gaol."

"Engaging foes would prove difficult there. Sensed presences of enemy in there?"

Danku raised his alertness level. In contrast, Mary replied optimistically.

"My magic's gonna work wonder in a straight passage. Nothing to worry about, is there?"

We finally got on floor four and Mary immediately searched the surroundings with mana.

"Huh? There's no mana reactions... on this floor? I don't get a single reading on enemy..."
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"We should take caution of traps then."

Surprisingly, it seems there's no monsters inside this dimly lit prison floor.
Apparently they put a lot of trust in Mary's judgment, Firuna shifted the focus to traps.
And here I was sure we were gonna encounter zombie type monsters. I mean the mood fits and all.

(I'm bad with disgusting stuff though, kind conflicted if I should be glad or disappointed here.)

The fact that the most cliched development didn't happen in such an apt setting disappointed me a bit as I breathed a sigh of relief.

And then, as we slowly and carefully advanced, our eyes came across a cellar on the left.
There, a huge treasure chest sits. A treasure chest of simple design anybody would have an image of in their head when they heard the word.

"Hell yeah! A treasure chest! Open it up quick Melgis!"

Kidd yelled out loudly as he started bumbling like a kid. His voice echoed deep into the passage.

"Hey! I can't believe you! Just because we didn't find any trap in the initial search, don't mean there's no voice activated trap around!"

Mary scolded Kidd with a surprisingly sound logic. Feeling guilty, Kidd shrunk down as he mumbled, 'My bad'.

"You never change huh, always get excited whenever you see a treasure chest. I lost count how many times we warned you."

Melgis sounded tired.

"I don't sense any trap activating. It seems fine? Monster presence... none as well."

Danku glared hard into the passage's depth before loosening up a bit.

"Have you all composed yourselves? Well then, Melgis, if you'd please."

Everybody took a deep breath and calmed down after hearing Firuna's soothing voice.
Melgis slowly approached the treasure chest, being careful not to set off any trap.
We're watching him from a distance. It's to ensure Melgis's safety as none of us could predict what's gonna happen when he opens the lid.

Melgis took some sort of tools from his inner pocket. Then click clack, he started fiddling with the lock.
After a bit, 'Kerclack', the lock came undone and the lid of that treasure chest slowly opened.





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