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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 306

306 Gimmick


"It's a mithril knife. So-so I guess? I don't see anything else inside."

Melgis stood up and showed us the knife.
Once she knew it was safe, Mary walked up to him and fell dejected.

"Aah, is that really gonna be the first treasure we found? Not a good outlook for sure~."

I peered inside the chest. There's really nothing else. But something doesn't feel right.
As I was ruminating what could that be, Kidd spoke to Melgis.

"That knife is for Melgis. I'm sure it's gonna be more useful in our arsenal than exchanged for money. Any objection, guys?"

Nobody objected it seemed as they all remained silent.
Except Melgis.

"This mithril knife's been enchanted with a mana increment effect. It's better on Mary's or Firuna's hands than me, y'know?"

Mary let out a surprised yelp.

"No way!? For real!? Hey! Gimme that!"

Mary lunged to snatch the knife from Melgis who casually dodged her.

"Hey, why did you dodge!? That thing's pretty much made for me, right!?"

"This one's for Firuna. Our survival rate will go up with more heals, meaning we can be more reckless. And besides Mary, is there even a point in you hoarding any more mana increasing gear?"

Mary begrudgingly backed out while pouting. Looks like there's an upper limit to that effect thing.
I was still fixated on the treasure chests while all that took place.

"Then allow me to take the knife, it should serve as a tool for self-defense as well. Come now, let us hurry along and... Is something the matter?"

As I kept staring intently at the treasure chest, Firuna seemed to find my behavior strange and called out to me.
I gave to her straight.
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"...Hey? Isn't there something off with this chest? Specifically Melgis, what do you think?"

Danku doesn't seem to get what I'm getting at.

"No, I don't see anything off... it's just a common treasure chest, ain't it?"

"...You're sensing something is off, I take it? Got it. I'll have another look."

For some reason, Melgis seemed to harbor a weird sense of trust toward me, he started checking the chest in every nook and cranny once again.

"Oy oy, what's going on? What's so odd about that ordinary chest."

Kidd watched us in puzzlement. He must think that the mithril knife is good enough loot.

"Weird. It's true, the center of gravity is... Hm? Yet I can't find any contraption... it is weird."

His words confirmed my suspicion so I told him.

"I got it now. Step aside."

I check the position of the chest's bottom.
Then I took iai stance and sliced just below that bottom line.

"Double-bottomed huh... This must be the real deal."

It's a pile of platinum coins.

"Whoaa! We're rich! One two... 50 pieces... I-I'm getting dizzy."

Kidd looked giddy to see all the coins.

"Has it been enchanted with a lightweight spell? So that's the reason for the weird center of gravity..."

Melgis peered into the chest once again as he said that.
There were geometrical patterns drawn on the real bottom. Must be the so called magic circles.

"Oh I see. A gigantic flow of mana circulates inside a dungeon so it's making use of a mix of lightweight magic circle and mana absorption magic circle to keep the effect permanently on. Pretty well done!"

Mary gave an explanation. Nothing less to expect from our resident magic expert.

"I am impressed you managed to see through that."

Danku praised me. I just found it weird that the bottom, where the lone mithril knife was, didn't match with the total height of the chest.
Ordinarily, Melgis should have noticed it. But due to all the irregularities we encountered along the way, his mental state must not be in a good place right now.
The stuff with orcs, the vast field on floor three, Barido. I'm guessing that it's been quite unlike any of the adventures they've gone through up until this point.

"Traps included, we must pay attention for such gimmicks on all the chests we find from here on out. Let's keep our focus. Be sure to voice your finding no matter how inconsequential it may seem."

After a word of wisdom from Firuna, we made our way out of the treasure chest room.






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