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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 302

302 Paying the Piper


(Ah, right, I've been hiding under a hood and a mantle, so of course he wouldn't know.)

Nevertheless, there's not a lot of people wielding a katana in this world, normally you would put the two together, no?
There's also a chance Barido never even recognized me being there back then.

"Jump at him altogether! Cut him up to pieces!"

Barido loudly lost his temper, yet none of his subordinates dared to make a move.
Who can blame them. They must all think, 'Am I gonna die next?'
After my show of strength, these mob wouldn't dare to throw their life down just like that.

But that's too naive of them. Why am I here? Why did I go out of my way to talk to Barido?
Why did I let myself get surrounded? Cause that's all part of the plan of course.

"Go ya in the back!"
"You're full of openings."
"Fleeting flash in the sky, roaring echo, scorching ruin! 『Grieving Thunder』!!"

Kidd mowed down horizontally and cut up two mob. Then he swung his sword back, slicing another one.
Danku swiftly stabbed at the vital points, ending two lives in one breath.
Mary's magic produced crackling lighting in the air and burned down four people at once.

Only six 'Ring of Light' members remain. Plus Barido. Their number has been quickly curtailed.
Didn't think my ambush plan would work this well.

This was the strategy White Fang and I came up to after discussing how to completely crush Barido.
They all decided to take the matter into their own hands.
I wouldn't mind taking all these mob myself, however, White Fang folk were fed up with his crap.

"You have gone too far. This is the end of the line. Twice you have attempted to take our lives, we cannot overlook it anymore. It's too late for regret."
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Firuna declared Barido's impending death. Which made him fly into rage.

"Damn! Damn! Damn! How dare you use dirty tricks! An ambush!? Men, what's holding you up! Go and kill 'em quick! Move! Quit getting cold feet now!"

Barido lost all his composure and showed his true color.
Getting mad at everything. Blind at his own scheme turned on him. Screaming and shouting at random.
Who's gonna follow someone this pitiful?
The rest of 'Ring of Light' could only look around restlessly, unable to run, having no resolve, worrying only about their life.

One of them ran off ahead of everybody else. He took the perfect opportunity when all of us was focused on Barido's mad ramble.
The man was heading straight to second floor, Wearing a leather chest protector and two knives, an agile type.
Must be the scout. Around five meter away with his back behind us, he suddenly fell down.

"Where do you think yer running off to by yourself huh. You all is gonna die here."

Melgis jumped on the running scout and slit his throat.

"We've made up our mind. What about you, Barido?"

Barido started making excuse as if Kidd's words never reached his ears.




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