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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 284

284 'White Fang' Meeting


Us 'White Fang' had our usual meeting once we were back in our inn.
This triple room is for me, Danku and Melgis.
Mary and Firuna are in another double room. We all gather in a room whenever it's time for our meeting however.
It's to discuss on things before delving in a dungeon. Though we've got an even bigger topic we need to talk first thing first.

"May I assume the role of facilitator for our agenda like usual?"

I have no objection to Firuna. She's the mediator of us 'White Fang' after all.

"Then, first please enumerate the matter with the sold materials."

Danku solemnly nodded before talking.

"To sum up the earning this time, it's 'no clue'. Just the meat and bones netted this much."

He dropped a swelled up pouch on the table.

"You can ask Melgis for the break down later. The pelt and fangs are scheduled to be put up on an auction. Frankly, I have no idea how much they're gonna go for. We likely won't know until after we're done with the dungeon. The auction is in three month time."

"Ooh, I can't wait! It'll shoot us straight to the rank of elite adventurers for sure~!"

Mary was elated but she's putting the cart before the horse. All that money would belong to the store if we didn't return safely from the dungeon.

"Is there a risk of the store sending assassins our way?"

That was one question that must be thrown out here, but Firuna herself wasn't really seriously asking. It was merely a confirmation.
Stores that resort to criminal activities like that do exist in sketchy places. Only on the underside of society though.
The store we went to this time is one that only deals on the front face of society. We only go to underside stores for complicated stuff.
Can't stay in this line of work if you only deal with legal sides of things. You gotta have the guts to walk around on the underside if you're aiming high.

"Far as I checked, that store's squeaky clean. It's the kind of store eager to cough up cash if it gains their customers' trust."
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I trust that store if Melgis is willing to give such a rave review. All of us got that so nobody objected.

"Then, on to the next topic. This is the main one. Regarding what to do with 'him'."

I gave my opinion right away.

"I'm in agreement of adding his power to our force. You just don't see that kind of strength often. With him around, we'll be done with the conquering in two, three days I'm sure."

"Oy, Kidd, what got into you huh? Well I don't agree. Having that terrifying dude around is like lugging around our own death."

Melgis gave a dissenting opinion. But that's because he has his reason it seems.

"Mary hasn't apologized to him even now. Yet that guy said he's not angry. Heck if I'd just believe that. It may be fine now, but what if he got angry for real? We ain't even gonna last a blink. You saw it too with that magic beast right? I don't wanna get anywhere near someone that can go critical when you least expect it."

The place was wrapped in silence as we all turned our sights at Mary.

"...I'm not going to apologize, okay? I mean, he said himself he doesn't care so long as I stop asking, or something."

"Mary, this isn't about the matter of your apology but whether you agree to take him with us into the dungeon or not."

Firuna spoke a bit harsher than usual. With Firuna as the facilitator, our meetings never gets derailed.
Melgis was 'nay' then expounded on his reason. We're simply deciding whether to have his cooperation or not right now. Not about Mary's apology.

"Uu~. Uu~. Uu~... I don't really care either way. With me around, dungeon monsters are a cinch anyway. Chop-chop like always, no?"

She took on the opposite stance than the first time she spoke to the man. Mary was the one who invited him first.
I feel like she's acting a bit different than usual.

"I welcome his cooperation. Having someone with power beyond our comprehension as a companion is reassuring. He seems like a rational man who does not abuse his power after all."

"I support the notion as well. He has given his consent to yield all the reward. That means everything we obtain in the dungeon is ours to take. There is no reason to reject his cooperation."

Danku sought the peace of mind from having the power, while Firuna was on the scheming calculating side of opinion.
But it's decided now, we're taking the guy with us to the dungeon.

"We will depart to the dungeon site tomorrow morning. Please make sure you're fully prepared, starting now."

Once Firuna said that, we began inspecting our luggage.




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