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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 286

286 Floor One


The first floor is a spacious cave, we're making our way inside smoothly.
Thanks to preceding adventurer parties taking care of the monsters already.

"The map says we should head right here. No hostile sighted ahead. I don't see any trap either on this floor. Let's press on."

Melgis led the way while consulting on a map he'd bought beforehand.
The map has records and marks by preceding parties. All of that is collected into intel that are sold for money.
Proof that previous parties have gone in and out of this dungeon. It's not that they've conquered the dungeon or anything. Their goal had always been mapping this place after weighing the risk and return.

"We should be close to the stairway leading to the floor below. Stay sharp guys. Goblin Warriors and Archers are lying in ambush around here."

Melgis who stayed on course in high alert told us intel on supposed monsters.
We ran into five goblins on our way here, they only got the usual clubs and knives as weapons.
But apparently warriors and archers are not your ordinary goblins.
Which is obvious when you see them.

(They've got a nice leather chest protector and a fine sword. Paired with goblins holding a short bow in the back huh.)

Once I confirmed them by sight, I 'Accelerated' and ran ahead.
I didn't need to draw my katana, I just slapped them around.
There were five warriors and three archers. I slapped them once each and searched for more lurking goblins. After checking behind covers and corners, I undid Acceleration.

(I expected more from an ambush. Anticlimactic? No, I guess any more than this would be too much for floor one.)

I ended all the previous goblins with one iai slash each without Acceleration. It was nothing.
Wasn't even worth a warm up. But from White Fang members' perspective, my impression is not normal.

"Oy, how... did he do that?"
"I could only see glints from the blade. But not the moment he drew his sword."
"How'd that even work... I sensed zilch..."
"Terrifying. You're scaring me for real..."
"What kind of sword school is that? Or perhaps it is thanks to that weapon?"

Every one of them spoke their mind about me. Even now after I got rid of Warriors and Archers.

"...Hey? How'd he get that far away in just one blink?"
"I didn't even notice him attempting to move..."
"Why can't I sense any mana flow even after he did all that feat!?"
"...I must be dreaming... No. This is reality. It'll be the end of me if I don't believe my own eyes."
"He just vanished... Indeed, it is as if a power that is no mere 'speed' was at work..."

And thus we got through floor one uneventfully.

I got down the stairway along 'White Fang' who took their time walking here.
The start of floor two. What we saw there would have normally prompted us to retreat.

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