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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 281

281 Distrust


"Now then, heal this guy but keep him barely alive."

The greatshield user big man, Danku said that. The priestess Firuna stepped forward, put her hand over the bandit leader's wound and chanted some sort of spell.

"May God have mercy upon this man's suffering."

Firuna's hand glowed white before the man's wound closed in real time.

(Uu~i... Healing even that gory wound... Way terrifying...)

I still can't deal with how rule breaking magic is.

(I'm not one to talk about breaking rules though...)

It's not like I forget how humans in this world are capable of feats I can't do, but witnessing a fatal wound getting healed instantaneously like that still leaves quite an impact.

Meanwhile, Melgis has tied up Barid who was toppled over by the Hellflame Spear's shockwave.
Despite getting hit by the shockwave, Barid himself is spared from the explosion.

"This was not in my plan!? I've never heard magic like that! Mary! What is the meaning of this!?"

"Ooh keep my name out of your filthy mouth! Shut it! And keep it like that! Of course it's because I never went all out! Are you a moron?"

Barid opened his eyes wide in shock and then hung his head.
Melgis had tied him and the bandit leader tight, allowing them no escape.

"But still... That man got caught up in that explosion. There is no saving him..."

"I shot that spell in reflex so... U~n..."

"Let us offer our prayers for his journey to the afterworld..."

"He can't have survived that..."
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"Oy oy oy, I can't imagine that guy's dead just from that..."

Just after Melgis gave an opposing opinion on my survival, I spoke.

"Hey? Do you guys mind not killing me off? And also, Mary was it? You're dangerous, I can't trust you."

I'm fearful how my first impression of her wasn't a mistake, also for the future.

'Eh?', all four turned to look at me at once and froze on the spot. The speed at which they did that scared me.
Only Melgis didn't follow them, saying 'See?'.

"You're... Since when...?"

Kidd seemingly spoke for them all, yet I'm not going to respond to him.
I mean, I should have been killed by Mary there in ordinary situations. How'd you expect me to just say, 'Oh yeah?'.
Doesn't matter how incredible the performance I showed them in the forest, it's not an excuse for Mary to cast such a powerful spell. I can say without a doubt that she didn't have an absolute confidence on my safety when she did it. I mean she even sounded surprised earlier.
It's the result of her prioritizing her and her friends' safety over everything else.
Proof that she sees my life, a temporary member of this party, way lower on priority list over the others.

(Ah man, distrust level max... I wanna leave right away...)

Then Firuna proceeded to make the most out of left field action.
She's prostrating.

"I beg your forgiveness for our friend's action that may have endangered you."

This took me aback. But she's got one thing wrong.
I'm not actually mad.




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