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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 287

287 Density


"Oy! Wait wait wait! What the hell was that!?"

Melgis let out a small surprised yelp.
We all paused our march after hearing that. We're currently in the stairway between floor 1 and 2.
Melgis who had gotten on floor 2 ahead of us to scout out the area came back in fluster.

"What's wrong? What did you see? But first, calm down."

Kidd told him. Melgis took a deep breath before talking gibberish.

"There's an entire damn block of meat shield... chokeful in the whole damn area. I counted way more than 100."

"I do not understand what is it you're trying to convey. Please be more specific."

Firuna calmly urged him.

"Ah yeah. I lost myself there. First of all, the kingdom musta put a gag order on this stuff. Otherwise, we would've heard about it."

Danku responded to that, 'What' as he shook his head.

"What do you mean? I still don't see what this is about."

"Bear with me. I'm piecing it together as I speak myself. How many adventurer parties that got in before us?"

"Think there were eight or so~? What about it?"

Mary replied cheerfully without any hint of tension.

"Ah, then why do you think this dungeon only have map for floor one? That's because none of them managed to get past floor two."

"Oy, yeah sure there's only map for the first floor. But isn't that cause none of those parties specialized in map making?"

"No adventurers would be willing to get in this dungeon if the news got out. That's how bad it is."

Melgis resumed as urged by Kidd, but he remained unspecific so I spoke here.

"Just tell us what you found on floor two. I still have no clue what the hell you're going on about."
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Melgis answered with an unimaginable situation.

"Orcs are lying in ambush near the entrance. Literally surrounding the entire area around the stairway exit. It's quite a spacious area too. I counted more than 100 orcs just from a glance and there were still more in the back."

All members of White Fang were flabbergasted. I remember Minya telling me how dangerous even a single orc is.
And there's more than 100 here. Despite all that, I didn't feel the slightest bit of danger.

"When pigs don't fly, they're just pigs."

Everybody present here had a 'Wha?' look on their face after I blurted that out.

"I'll get rid of them. Gimme a bit."

It was all getting too much of a pain. I'll end it with Acceleration. Without drawing my katana.
There's no point in getting yourself twisted over a bunch of small fry. Especially when it's a mystery just how deep this dungeon is and how long it's gonna take us to conquer.
We can't waste time here. I just wanna end this 'Event' quick and get back to breathing the air outside.

(The air inside dungeons is kinda suffocating. Let's get this conquering stuff over and done with. And then continue the Kingdom sightseeing tour.)

What came into my view when I went down the stairway matched Melgis's report.

"Walls of pigs as far as eyes can see. Oink oink, ew gross... this place's about as big as... a soccer stadium I guess?"

Due to the shining walls and ceilings found in dungeons, visibility is not an issue. But the sight of meat tightly packed together like this makes me want to vomit.

The orcs started yelling altogether when they saw me...

A moment after, I got in Accelerated state.

(Shut the hell up, I ain't got time to listen to your whimper...)

I unleashed a palm strike on every single orc in front of me. No, it's actually nothing that grand.
I just put my hand on the orc's belly and 'pushed' it.
Pushing all the first orcs in the rows while imagining them getting blown backward to the other orcs behind them.

Once I was done, I undid Acceleration.
The spectacle that then unfolded before me was quite a sight.

"Normally it would have looked like a fireworks of filth I guess? But not this one for sure."

The blown orcs flew backward crashing into the orcs behind them, turning them into blue particles of light.
The orcs I directly touched only flew for a bit before disappearing, but it seemed some sort of shock waves were generated in the process, every orcs in the vicinity behind them also died off into particles.
And thus all the orcs ceased into being in a domino-like effect.





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